30 September 2010



JustBeats by Dr Dre: Justin Bieber's new headphones

The Justin Bieber headphones (aka JustBeats by Dr Dre) come in in-ear and on-ear versions. Monster says they’re specifically designed to teach young music fans to appreciate good quality sound. They also might just be about getting those young music fans on pricey headphones but hey, call us cynical.

While his the JustBeats come with the Justin Bieber seal of approval, the Biebz himself didn’t have a hand in their design (this isn’t a Lady Gaga Polaroid situation). Instead he’s just helping with the “messaging”. Translation: “Attention, Justin Bieber fans! Your tiny faced god wants you to buy these headphones. This will make him happy and encourage him to marry you.”

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a Justin Bieber fan in your family, JustBeats will be on sale in time for Christmas. JustBeats by Dr Dre will set you back £169.95 for the purple on-ear version and £89.95 for the purple and chrome finish in-ear style.

JustBeats by Dr Dre: Justin Bieber's new headphones



Btw, did you know there are going to be 2 versions of the video?

29 September 2010


Omg, imagine?


Is Justin Bieber in a secret relationship with Jasmine Villegas
In the world of entertainment, a celebrity's image is everything. So are Justin's managements trying to control his image to appeal more to his fans?

Remember way back when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake both kept denying they were in a relationship? They were later exposed and had to admit to the public that they were dating. This was later confirmed by her mother Lynn in a book where she revealed that Britney's managers wanted to keep the relationship secret so that Britney would be more appealing to her fans. It was also later revealed that Britney also falsely claimed that she was a virgin and wanted to wait until marriage to lose her virginity.

Does this all sound too familiar?

Justin has a scheduled concert in Hawaii coming up on October 8th and 9th. The original plan was not to take Jasmine along but now both US Magazine and Celebrity Gossip are reporting that inside sources have revealed that Justin wanted her to be with him so bad that he personally demanded his management to take her along to Hawaii so that they could be together.

"She was supposed to be left off the upcoming Hawaii concerts," says an insider. "But Justin wanted her there, so he made it happen."

Which now begs the question: Is Justin really hiding his relationship with Jasmine because he and his managers are afraid it would upset his fans? How many times total have they made out and was not caught by a camera? And is Justin really still a virgin?

What do you think Beliebers?


Russell Brand and Justin Bieber voted worst dressed

Beside agreeing that Katy Perry is hot, Russell Brand and Justin Bieber have another thing they share in common. The "Get Him to the Greek" actor and the "Baby" hitmaker were recently voted the Worst Dressed Men in Showbiz in WENN's online poll.

35-year-old Brand, who occasionally dons chest-revealing outfits, topped the poll with 31 per cent of votes. Meanwhile, although he is known for his legion of devotees, baseball cap-loving Bieber landed the second spot after earning 26 per cent of votes.

TV mogul Simon Cowell secured the third place with 21 per cent of votes, followed by "American Idol" alum Adam Lambert in fourth place after earning 16 per cent of votes. Rounding out the top five was "Love Lockdown" rapper Kanye West, who is known for his overly style.

The Worst Dressed Men in Showbiz poll came after the site released its Worst Dressed Females list on September 20. For her daring outfits, Lady GaGa earned 55 per cent of all votes, followed by Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani.


28 September 2010

Justin Bieber grabs lunch on South African vacation
Justin Bieber looked a little surprised to be photographed while he was vacationing in South Africa this week.

The 16-year-old teen idol was spotted enjoying lunch at a restaurant in Cape Town. While Baby Biebs is taking a well-deserved vacation, he tells fans that he is already itching to get back to work. "I miss performing," Justin tweeted earlier today, proving that he isn't your average lazy teen.



Justin Bieber is Rich Rich Rich

The true measure of any artist is the fee they command for a show, and on that scale the 5ft 5-inch Justin Bieber is close to a giant.

Records obtained by the Smoking Gun prove the 16-year old Canadian crooner earns a minimum of $300,000 a show, placing him sixth in the list of top earners behind country stars Sugarland, Brooks & Dunn, Rascal Flats and Keith Urban, and the glam-rock band Kiss.

But Justin still earns far more per gig than stars who have been singing for years – Sheryl Crow earns roughly half Justin’s fee, and Bret Michaels and ‘American Idol’s Jordin Sparks earn less than a quarter.

He also earns twice as much for each show as Drake [who was a surprise guest at his August 12 gig,] and three times as much as Disney star Selena Gomez.

His company. ‘Bieber Time Touring, LLC’ can collect as much as $380,000 for a single performance. And to make the deal even sweeter the entire cost of the lights, sound gear and staging has to be met by each venue.

Justin’s agency, the entertainment goliath ‘Creative Artists Agency,’ also makes the venues pay for any opening act. They must also give him ‘100% headline billing’ and guarantee that he will close all his shows – with no follow-on act.

So let’s do the math — Justin’s current ‘My World’ tour ends on December 23 after 75 shows. At $300,000 per show that means he should earn $22.5-million. Enough to never need to go near a microphone ever again.

See the earnings chart here.



Watch their original funny interview here.


Justin Bieber Dolls & Toys are coming soon

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 28, 2010

Bravado, the world's leading global music merchandising company, and The Bridge Direct, Inc, a global children’s consumer products sourcing and supply chain management company led by toy industry veteran Jay Foreman, announced today that they have entered into a partnership to launch an exclusive line of collectible dolls, singing dolls, toys and plush based on the music, concerts and personal style of the critically-acclaimed, chart-topping recording artist, songwriter and teenage superstar, Justin Bieber. The announcement was made by Tom Bennett, Chief Executive Officer of Bravado, and Jay Foreman, President and CEO of The Bridge Direct.

The new Justin Bieber toy line will debut holiday 2010 with the JB Style Collection Figures (SRP $17.99), Justin Bieber Music Video Collection Singing Figures (SRP $27.99) that each “sing” a portion of one of Justin’s most popular hit songs and come with fun accessories, In Concert Microphones (SRP $14.99) that play two of Justin’s hit songs with cool sound effects, and the cuddly and collectible Signature Plush (SRP $7.99).

“We are delighted to be working with Jay and his team at The Bridge Direct,” stated Tom Bennett, Chief Executive Officer of Bravado.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Bravado to create authentic products that Justin’s millions of fans will surely love,” said Jay Foreman, President and CEO of The Bridge. “My experience with celebrity-themed toys based on hugely popular musical artists like the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Disney’s Hannah Montana has given me the ability to bring these must-have products to market for fans just in time for the holiday gift giving season.”

Members of the media will be given a first look at the Justin Bieber toys today at the annual Time to Play Holiday Showcase in New York City. The products are expected to be available in major mass retailers on or before December 4, 2010 and will begin to be available for pre-sale orders online starting this week, so fans can reserve their dolls early. For more information on the Justin Bieber toy line, please visit www.justinbiebertoys.com.

To receive the most up-to-date news on the Justin Bieber toys, be sure to follow them on Twitter @JBieberToys and “Like” the Justin Bieber Toys page on Facebook.


Justin Bieber Dolls & Toys are coming soonJustin Bieber Dolls & Toys are coming soonJustin Bieber Dolls & Toys are coming soonJustin Bieber Dolls & Toys are coming soon


27 September 2010

JUSTIN BIEBER U Smile music video to premiere on E

More good news for Justin Bieber fans waiting anxiously for "U Smile" to debut on September 30 -- it now officially has a TV home. E! News is reporting that the video will premiere on their network at 7:00 p.m. Eastern (6:00 Central), and it will also be available on their website.

So how is Justin describing his newest creation? He describes it in a post on his Twitter account:

"In 3 days U SMILE video comes, and I took the opportunity 2 make a video 4 the fans, about a fan, and how we could fall IN LOVE. Love Grows"

Part of the reason for this description is due to a recent interview Justin gave that suggested some sort slight against his fans -- however, Bieber is saying the words were taken out of context and that his fans are definitely among the most important people in his life.



new justin bieber pictures
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26 September 2010

This video was made by a visitor of the site. Watching it definitely made me smile. :) Great job Shan!

shanmalaika1 | September 21, 2010
i posted a video 2 weeks back asking people to submit videos of them singing along to U Smile by Justin Bieber! this is the result - a video featuring so many beautiful people from across the world! thank you for participating in my video!

shoutout to Johnny Jang for hooking me up with the instrumental!

if you like this, PLEASE SHARE IT. i worked really hard on it and want the world to see it! and tweet it to justin bieber, would be awesome if he saw it :)



Justin Bieber is a teen phenom who's only getting more popular with time. But will his hectic work schedule, isolation from same-age peers and his adult responsibilities at the age of 16 make him end up like other tragic child stars such as Michael Jackson, Corey Haim and Lindsay Lohan?


Not a chance, says his manager, Scotter Braun. "I won’t let that happen," Braun, 28, tells Daily Mail.

Scooter, who calls Bieber "a great kid who is caring, smart, and works his *ss off harder than any adult I have ever worked with," is certain Justin is destined for greatness and won't fall prey to drug abuse, alcoholism or depression as other child superstars before him have.

Bieber, whose mom Pattie Mallette travels with him, has said he takes one day a week off to play sports, relax, catch up on sleep, and hang out with friends.


When he's on the road, Justin travels with a tutor and does four hours of studying every day. It's a hectic, exhausting lifestyle, but one Bieber seems to take in stride.

Bieber, who was raised by his single teenage mom in poverty in a housing project in Ontario, Canada, became an overnight sensation in 2008 when his YouTube music videos were noticed by music executives.

Since being signed by Usher's label, Justin has grossed almost $200 million worldwide, sung for President Obama and topped the music charts with his debut album, My World, making him the youngest star to top the charts since Stevie Wonder in 1963.

But despite his legions of fans around the world, Bieber remains modest and level-headed about the fan adulation.

"It is not real love,’ he says. "You can say it is, but it’s not. [My fans] do not know who I am."



Justin Bieber says his fans do not have real love for him

Justin says the love his fans have for him ‘is not real love’ and admits to being lonely!

It looks like things may be getting pretty lonely at the top for Justin Bieber as he is even dissing his fans in his latest interview! Justin sat down with the Daily Mail and when the reporter noted how much his fans love him Justin responded, “It is not real love. You can say it is, but it’s not. They do not know who I am.” Ouch!

Justin, who the reporter notes had been having a tough day due to vocal problems, also says he is getting “lonely” on tour. “I want to hang out with my friends, but I need security,” he explains. He does however have a temporary solution; “I’m going to get my dog to come on the road in a couple of weeks.”

When asked later if there are any singers he admires, or if he wants to be like that other famous Justin (Timberlake), the Biebs replies, “I am going to do a Justin Bieber.”




25 September 2010

Did anyone send her any death threats?


justin bieber comforter bedding and bathA couple of days ago we posted an article about Justin's new bedding and bath collection but there were no pictures available to show us what we should expect. Well here is the first picture to come out of that collection.

"We have the ‘rock star’ Justin, the ‘laid back’ Justin, and the ‘dreamy’ Justin – all while keeping his image true to his fans. The core color for most of the products is purple. Why? Simply because it is Justin Bieber’s favorite color."

By the way, notice the color of the new site design?


Justin Bieber helps CSI ratings stay afloat
Back in the hey-days, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" could absorb more than 20 million viewers at its season premieres. But since its spin-offs have taken over and several original and beloved cast have departed, the show has been experiencing a declining rating that not even singing phenomenon Justin Bieber could lift.

Heavily promoted, Bieber's first foray into acting on the show could only pull 14.6 million viewers on Thursday, September 23 night. For comparison, the previous season finale was watched by 14.3 million viewers, meaning there is no significant increase in the rating.

Nevertheless, Bieber's cameo as a troubled kid can also be presumed as a life-saving boat for "CSI". Since the competition is heavy on the time slot, "CSI" could triumph over the season premieres of "Grey's Anatomy" and "The Big Bang Theory" which got 14 million each. However, the winner of the timelot surprisingly is "The Mentalist" which took in 15.3 million.

According to E! Online, "CSI" and "Grey's" have lost a lot of viewers in the 18 to 49 year-old demographic which start to turn their heads to shows like "Jersey Shore". But thanks to Bieber, the season premiere episode of "CSI" drew 2.3 rating among teen girls. The 16-year-old would be back for a February 2011 episode which will be shot early next year.


24 September 2010

Whose tunes will be filling the Top 40 during the coming year? If Billboard is right, it'll be a bunch of pretty young things. The magazine just released their "21 Under 21: Music's Hottest Minors," list, and it's a mishmash of radio staples (Sean Kingston), fresh faces (Willow Smith) and a few we've never even heard of (Never Shout Never).

Country sweetheart Taylor Swift, 20, took the top spot on the list, with 16-year-old Justin Bieber hot on her heels at No. 2. With Bieber Fever sweeping the nation, we're a bit surprised JBiebs didn't claim No. 1. Though, we guess it's good to leave a little room for growth, right? Keep reading after the jump to see whose ranking surprised us the most!

Coming in at No. 4 (she beat out Miley!) is "Glee" newcomer Charice Pempengco, 18. Charice just started her run as Sunshine Corazon on the FOX series, but she's been singing her little heart out for a while. She was featured on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" two years ago, and her career has been full speed ahead ever since, especially with the success of her first album, Charice.

Gleeks definitely have a lot to look forward to this season with Charice guest-starring, but she isn't the only "Glee" star on the list: Chris Colfer, 20, placed at No. 13.

To see the entire list of young artists, including Taylor Momsen, Miranda Cosgrove and Nick Jonas, check out Billboard.com.




First we had Michael Buble and now Jimmy Fallon dresses up as Justin Bieber. Anyone have any idea on what the most popular costume for Halloween is this year?

Jimmy Fallon dressed up as Justin Bieber


23 September 2010

Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas spotted at Venice Beach Dairy Queen

VENICE BEACH, California - One of the most popular young teen singers in the world Justin Bieber and his new BFF Jasmine Villegas were spotted having ice cream cones at a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Parlor in Venice Beach.

The two teens could be seen having a great time as they took turns licking each others ice cream scoops.

Justin was eating a pralines and cream ice cream cone and Jasmine was eating a strawberry pistachio mixed with walnuts, Brazil nuts, and Frosted Flakes ice cream cone.

A young married couple who was sitting in the next booth, Chucky and Penelope Flappingwood of Reno, Nevada, said that they could overhear everything that the young couple was saying.

Chucky, who owns a skateboard repair shop in Reno, said that he heard Justin tell Jasmine that she is one of the prettiest girls that he has seen in about five weeks.

Penelope added that she saw Jasmine reach over and give Justin a kiss and as she did one of her three scoops fell off the cone and landed on Justin's lap.

He kind of screamed, but not in a girlish way. It was more like a guy would do when taking a real hard swing at a baseball.

Jasmine quickly reached over and picked up the ice cream scoop and put it back on the cone but in the process one of Justin's scoops fell off its cone and landed inside of Jasmine's halter top.

The 17 people that were watching suddenly heaved a collective "Ahhhhh."

Justin, being the gentleman that he is reached in and retrieved the wayward scoop and put it back on top of his ice cream cone.

The manager, Robin "The Snowman" Fillapenski, walked over and asked if they would like to get two brand new, cleaner ice cream cones and scoops.

Justin smiled and said, "Nah, I think that we both better quit while we're ahead." As Fillapenski left, Penelope said she heard Justin tell Jasmine that little does anyone know that she is the only girl who has ever kissed his belly's bird tattoo...three times.

In a related story. Justin says that he and Jasmine have been asked to recreate their DQ incident in a commercial for Dairy Queen.



Justin Bieber might be one of a handful of pop stars to make a cameo on "CSI," but he has certainly left his mark on the cast and the crew of the hit CBS crime drama. When Bieber hits the small screen Thursday night (September 23) for his performance as Jason McCann, he will certainly leave fans stunned by his acting chops, one of the show's producers told MTV News

"I thought that he did a really good job. We only had Justin for a day, for 10 and a half hours, and he had a lot of work crammed into those 10 and a half hours," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn said about the first of Bieber's two appearances on the show. "And he had one super big scene, and the scene was an interrogation scene in the police department with [actor] George Eads, and George actually took Justin under his wing."

Why did the veteran "CSI" actor feel that Biebs was worthy of his mentorship? "George said that when he was just starting out, Tom Selleck took him under his wing, so I think he tried to return that kindness, and he really had some time to work the material," she explained. "We built in some time, and I thought that scene was really good, and Justin had a couple of scenes where he didn't have a lot of dialogue or no dialogue and then two pretty heavy scenes."

Noting that Bieber did a "really good job" with the heavier work, Mendelsohn added that Bieber has some acting chops. "It's hard for any accomplished, mature actor to come on the set and fall right into character and do your work, so kudos to Justin," she said.


What the full original interview with Alan Carr here. It's probably the best and funniest interview JB has ever done.

22 September 2010


Michael Buble dresses as Justin Bieber

Michael Buble dresses up as various celebrities in the new version of his "Hollywood" music video. He made sure not to spare fellow Canadian Justin Bieber.

UPDATE: Here is the music video...


Justin Bieber in CSI Season Premier Sept 23 2010
The 2010 CSI season premiere is nearly here, and it will star Justin Bieber. Having Justin Bieber on the 2010 CSI season premiere will certainly help bring in some viewers who might not typically watch the show, and as long as he doesn't have a central role for very long, it should be fine with regular viewers.

The 2010 CSI season premiere is on Thursday, Sept. 23, as the CBS begins its fall schedule for Thursday nights. Again the 9 p.m. timeslot will be a tough one, with Grey's Anatomy returning on ABC at the same time. Right there is a reason to bring Justin on to the premiere.

In the spring 2010 season finale of CSI, Dr. Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne) had been stabbed by serial killer Nate Haskell after the team had finished taking out another killer that they had dubbed "Dr. Jekyll." The case was ready to be closed, when Langston went down to the holding cells at the CSI office to talk with Haskell one last time. It was at that time that we find out that the officer guarding the cells has been killed, and that Langston is at serious risk. He gets too close to the cells, and Haskell attacks him. Now we will find out if Langston survives, and if Haskell uses this diversion as a way to escape.

The previews for the CSI season premiere don't seem to indicate that the opening episode will deal with what took place last season for very long. Instead, it looks like CBS will open the show with a bang, as someone is planting bombs around the funeral of the officer who was killed. Will this killer claim new victims in the premiere? And what tie does Justin Bieber's character have to this criminal? If we have to guess just from the early previews, it could possibly be his dad who is involved somehow in this new case. Hopefully Justin can bring some energy to the premiere, and that the show starts off strong.



On Tuesday, photos of Justin Bieber kissing Jasmine Villegas hit the Internet causing a flurry of rumors, Twitter action and tons of hype. Beliebers around the world were buzzing about the spark between the two 'My World' tourmates, most of whom were not happy about the situation.

With so many JB fans tweeting about the kiss, Jasmine quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. Beliebers were tweeting at both the Canadian pop star and the California native asking about the incident, and even starting rumors about Justin's other rumored love interest Caitlin Beadles unfollowing Jasmine on the site.

For the most part, Justin's devotees were pretty upset about the photos of him and Jasmine kissing in Venice, Calif. "They dont match at all that should be me with him," JSYK reader KMSHAMU wrote in the comments of our original post.

Many fans made reference to the Bieb's song, 'That Should Be Me,' but others tried to put a more positive spin on the news by sending this message around on Twitter: "RT this if you are not jealous on Jasmine Villegas cause you know u'll marry Justin in the end."

Neither Justin nor Jasmine has made a statement about the incident, and Justin, who is usually super active on his Twitter account, has been relatively quiet on the micro-blogging site since the pics surfaced.



The book comes out in a couple of weeks. You can pre-order your copy from Amazon today. They usually have free shipping if your total purchase is over $25 so save up your money, look through the MERCHANDISE PAGE to see what other JB books and stuff you can add to get the total over $25 and get your parents to order it for you.


Justin Bieber arrives in South Africa for a vacation

Yes it’s true! Sweet sixteen heartthrob Justin Bieber landed at OR Tambo this morning at 9.20, and heat was there to welcome the teen superstar.

Dressed casually and hiding his trademark mop of hair under a beanie, Justin was so low-key that he almost made it through the airport unrecognised… but your trusty heat sleuths made sure you get the pictures first!

We were expecting him to be surrounded by burly bodyguards, but the Canadian pop hero was accompanied by only a small entourage of friends – no other teens though… Bad news for fans is that he is not going to perform – this is purely a holiday.

heat spoke exclusively to Justin’s neighbour on the plane, an American tourist, who described him as a “very friendly, chatty kid”. Delfino Martinez, a 47-year-old nurse from California, had no idea who his famous, chatty neighbour was until Justin eventually told him!

“The rest of his party was back in economy, due to some mix-up, and in the middle of the night, Justin got up to let his manager sleep in his seat for about three hours. He went back to the manager’s seat in economy and sat there for that time,” said Martinez. Awwww, what a sweetie!

Have a great holiday, Justin!

21 September 2010

OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas

OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas

OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas

OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas

OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas

OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas

OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas

Wowsers!! I'm happy for him but WOWSERS!!

These pictures were taken Sunday, Sept 9 in Venice, California by a Canadian tourist who just happened to drive by and noticed that in the next car was none other than JB. Supposedly the two weren't just kissing but it was reported that they were groping each other too! And what is she doing in the fifth picture? It just doesn't look right! They were being driven around by Alfredo in his Honda Accord.

This must be serious because these two have known each other for a long time and this isn't the first time they made out. The fact that they are this into each other long after their first kiss must mean it is serious.

And they are gonna get even more serious as she will be spending a lot more time with him. Jasmine has signed on to be Justin's opening act for the rest of the tour. Here she is in Saskatoon singing Overboard....

So? What do you think? Will they last? Are you happy for him or are you a little upset about this news?

One person that's definitely gonna be upset is Madison.

UPDATE: Caitlin Beadles has just unfollowed Jasmine on Twitter.

Btw, if this is your first time here then check out the rest of our awesome site here.

And follow @JBShrine to get our updates on Twitter.



Millions of girls will now have the chance to sleep in Justin Bieber's sheets. The teenage pop star has just partnered with Canadian firm Lady Sandra Home Fashions to launch bedding, bath items and beach towels according to Home Textiles Today.

"We have created different looks based on these images--we have the ‘rock star' Justin, the ‘laid back' Justin, and the ‘dreamy' Justin--all while keeping his image true to his fans," explained Maria De Stefano, art director of Lady Sandra Home Fashions. Expect lots of purple, of course, since that's the Bieber's favorite color.

The line, which supposedly will be plastered with the 16-year-old's mug, will be hitting U.S. and Canadian stores this November, just in time for the holidays.



Justin Bieber spotted at JFK airport in New York

Justin was spotted departing JFK airport in New York this morning.
Wow. I am so tired.. Good thing this flight is going on a 30 hours.. That's right I'm going to be the youngest person to go to the moon

Wonder what he's thinking now that he knows he's been caught red handed tongue dancing with Jasmine. Can't wait for his next tweet. Will he deny any relationship or will he come out and finally profess his love for Jasmine?

Justin Bieber spotted at JFK airport in New York


20 September 2010

Since the dawn of hip-hop, rappers have battled for respect and street cred. From Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., to Nas and Jay-Z, feuds like these have fueled the rap game. Now, two new contenders have stepped into the ring: 50 Cent and Justin Bieber fans.

The Queens rapper had some harsh words for Beliebers when he found out that many of his own Twitter followers were also Bieber lovers. 50 Cent decided to provoke Beliebers and try to bully them away from his Twitter page.

“I'm a take my belt off and beat one of you little motherf**kers were your mama and daddy at anyway bad ass kids," tweeted the rapper. 50 Cent’s main beef with Bieber fans: he thinks they’re too young to follow him on Twitter. He warned, “I told you little motherf**kers don't be on my twitter you gotta be 18 and over this is the adult entertainment section.” But his concern for the well being of underage Twitter users didn’t stop him from repeatedly calling them a word we wont repeat here, but which loosely translates to “friend from the neighborhood.”

What’s with 50 Cent and bizarre web beefs? After Youtube star Sexman insulted 50 Cent, the rapper flew the teen all the way to New York for a combined video blog. Now he’s going after Justin Bieber fans? Most celebrities have an assistant manage their social media needs, maybe it’s time someone did the same for 50 Cent.

Despite all his enraged twittering, 50 Cent never actually insulted Justin Bieber. Smart move 50. That’s a line you don’t want to cross. In response to 50 Cent’s nasty tweets, Beliebers struck back in full force with an unprecedented amount of loathing replies. The loyal fan base stood up for themselves, making it clear to the rapper that even he can’t stand in between their love of the Biebs.

50 Cent survived a hard knock life, but can he make it past his latest feud with the Beliebers?

Oh fiddy fiddy fiddy. I think he's gone insane. What's the worst thing about 50 Cent? No not his music. It's his name. First off why just 50 Cent? Why not A Whole Dollar? And shouldn't it be Cents and not Cent? He's become a has-been and his popularity has gone down so much that I think he deserves a new name: "One Quarter" ahahahah.

Read the "10 MOST THREATENING TWEETS" from Beliebers. They are pretty funny.


A few months ago while hanging out in the chat room I received a private message from a visitor of the site. The person asked me if I was the owner of the site and I said yes. We started chatting and she told me that she was a huge Justin Bieber fan and how she loved this site.

After a while she then told me that she had a secret. I asked her what it was and she told me she was Snooki from MTV's Jersey Shore. At that time I have never seen Jersey Shore before but I did know who Snooki was but of course I didn't believe her. I asked her to prove it by taking a picture with a sign that said "I love Justin Bieber" and send it to me. She said she couldn't do that because she was afraid that the picture will go around and that people would make fun of her. So I left it at that telling her that I don't believe her but she assured me she was the real Snooki.

Well guess what I found today? A video of Snooki lip-syncing to "Somebody To Love" which really has me wondering.....

Snooki if that really was you please email me (jb-shrine[at]hotmail.com) or find me in the chat room next time you visit. Would love to chat with you again because I watch Jersey Shore now and I love you!!

It is quite possible that it really could have been Snooki that I was chatting with as this is not the first celebrity who has visited JBShrine. Can you guess which celebrity has been to JBShrine? Here's a hint. If you've been coming here for a while then you might already know the answer because I have mentioned it twice. Here's another hint. That celebrity is following @JBShrine on Twitter.


storyofautumn1307 | September 18, 2010
My 4yd old daughter Madison LOVES Justin Bieber, and this was shot when I went over to my mom's where she had stayed the night & she was having a break down (it was even worse) because she seen a video on youtube that showed Justin Bieber kissing a girl..
Wow too cute. This is the reason why if JB ever did have a girlfriend he would probably keep it a secret in order to not break 5+ million hearts.

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