26 November 2010

Justin Bieber - PRAY [Official Music Video]


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Kendall Sherry's life may have its tough moments but on Tuesday night, one of her dreams came true.

Originally from Ottawa, the 12-year-old suffers from spina bifida - a birth defect affecting the spinal column - and moves around using a wheelchair. She now lives with her adoptive family in Kelowna, B.C.

In October, she was being taped for a feature spot on Global's Show of Hearts Telethon, a children's charity which had helped her family by installing a new elevator in their home. Organizers noticed she had a crush on teen pop star Justin Bieber.

Global and Entertainment Tonight Canada sent a note to Bieber's management team to get a recorded message from the teen idol sent back to Kendall. Instead, Bieber's team decided to invite Kendall and her mom, Susan, to fly out to Toronto to meet Bieber in person and attend the concert at the Air Canada Centre on Tuesday.

"She was in terrible shock," said Susan, of Kendall's reaction. "I don't think she came out of shock until (Wednesday) morning. I think it took her all night to realize that this was real because she actually asked if she was being 'punked.' "

Kendall, who is naturally shy, tends to obsess over things due to a mental disability associated with her spina bifida.

"The trick was that we didn't actually tell her (in advance)," said her father Jay. "She didn't know. It's just her nature, so we kept the information from the whole family."

Susan and Jay have seven adopted children, including Kendall, five of whom are Haitian, ranging in age from 12 to 20 years old.

"One of the other girls was very jealous," Jay said with a laugh.

"Kendall really deserves it," added Susan. "She doesn't ask for much. She goes about life like, 'That's the way my life is and I'm just going to do the best I can.' She just has that kind of personality.

"She will always remember this. It will be a big deal for her for a long time."



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Justin Bieber spent Thanksgiving with a day off to spend time with his family and friends, but today he was back in full force. He had a book signing in New York City, and showed his fans how much they really mean to him.

As you can imagine, thousands showed up to get a glimpse of the sixteen-year-old kid, and if they were lucky enough, get his autograph. Bieber decided to stir things up and show them that they’re what drives his inspiration and so he decided to stay longer. His manager, Scooter Braun, tweeted, “its kinda funny watching all this go down. but the good news is he decided to let an extra 1000 kids into his signing. Way 2 Step UP lil man.”

Bieber then tweeted after the signing, “finished the signing in the NYC. had to show love. we let 1000 more people in. Love yall. wish i could let the whole world in.”

Did you get Bieber’s autograph today?


What an appropriate question considering what happened yesterday. Just want to take a moment out and apologize to anyone who got screwed over because of the cancellation notice. Sorry guys. But we don't make things up here. We only report what we know as soon as we know it. <3


Justin Bieber spent Thanksgiving with Selena Gomez's family

gomezbieber Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Thanksgiving

Wow they are really good friends huh?
Looks like she's really happy to have Justin spend Thanksgiving with her family.

I would be too :\


Justin Bieber "The Today Show" appearance Nov 26, 2010

OMG!! This is the first time he refused to answer the girlfriend question. Why?

If he didn't have someone (cough Jasmine V) then he would have said "no"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What happened to "single and ready to mingle"?? Mingle damnit! Mingle!


From now on I think he should do all his promotions shirtless in bed. Don't you?

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