11 November 2010

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10. Justin Bieber - Pray Lyrics with Music

i just can’t sleep tonight
knowing the things ain’t right
it’s in the papers, it’s on the tv
it’s everywhere that i go
children are crying
soldiers are dying
some people don’t have a home

but i know there’s sunshine behind that rain
i know there’s good times behind that pain, hey.
can you tell me how i can make a change?

i close my eyes, and i can see a better day
i close my eyes, and pray
i close my eyes and i could see a better day
i close my eyes, and pray

i lose my appetite
no way could start tonight
am i a sinner?
cause of my dinner
still laying on my plate
oohh i got a vision, to make a difference
and i start it today

cause i know there’s sunshine behind that rain
i know there’s good times behind that pain
can you tell me how i can make a change?

i close my eyes, and i can see a better day
i close my eyes, and pray
i close my eyes and i could see a better day
i close my eyes, and ..

i pray for the broken hearted
i pray for the life not started
i pray for all amongst not breathing
i pray for all the souls in needing,
pray, can you give ‘em one a day

i just can’t sleep tonight
can someone tell me how to make a change

i close my eyes, and i can see a better day
i close my eyes, and pray
i close my eyes and i could see a better day
i close my eyes, and, i pray….


Rumors have been swirling about the possibility of Young Money rapper Lil Twist and pop star Justin Bieber joining forces for a joint mixtape ever since YM head Mack Maine spilled a few deets to Vibe Magazine.

Well, get excited, Team Twist and Beliebers. It’s really happening.

“It’s in the works,” Twist confirmed to NeonLimelight.com in a phone interview yesterday (November 9). “We got a few records done, and every time we talk, we actually talk about this mixtape.”

The 17-year-old mohawk-sporting rap star says he’ll be meeting up with Bieber on the second leg of his My World tour to get a few more tracks done before releasing it “maybe next year.”

The move is similar to what fellow Young Money rapper Tyga pulled with his Fan of a Fan mixtape with R&B star Chris Brown. And like Breezy did on FOAF, the Biebs will apparently be getting his rap on, too.

“We recently did ‘Billionaire’ by Travis McCoy and Bruno Mars,” Twist told us. “We did that over with our own words, like a remix. That’s how we’re gonna do the majority of the mixtape, with other people’s records and just me freestyling over it. And Justin’s a rapper now, so he’s gonna be goin’ in.”

Bieber is also one of the featured guests on Twist’s debut album, Don’t Get It Twisted, scheduled for an early 2011 release. Others include Bow Wow, Sean Kingston, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne.

In the meantime, fans can check out Lil Twist’s new mixtape, The Takeover: Carte Blanche Edition, available for download now.



justin bieber shirtless tourbus picture

justin bieber shirtless football picture

These pictures were taken by Robert Caplin, Justin's official tour photographer. He just launched his own site Bieberpix.com for charity. Go check it out.

Here's a bonus hot (half?) shirtless tour pic I think you'll enjoy:

justin bieber shirtless in concert


lol. You have to admit the "baby baby baby ooooo" part is pretty hilarious.

Justin Bieber Gets Killed In South Park by Eric Cartman

(Click below to watch the full South Park episode)


Remember that Retarded Justin Bieber Contest (with a great prize) held by a Louisiana radio station which forced Justin Bieber fans to smash his face in order to win a meet and greet?

Kinsey Dean was the lucky winner at Wednesday morning's “Bieber Fever” celebration at Fourth Street Live.

Kinsey competed against four other fans for an acoustic guitar autographed by pop star Justin Bieber during the event sponsored by 99.7 WDJX's Ben Davis and Kelly K. The contestants swung bats at a piƱata sporting a photo of Bieber's face.

The grand prize also included meet-and-greet passes to Bieber's concert Wednesday night.



Jeremy Bieber exclusive interview with Inside Edition
Teen idol Justin Bieber stirs up a frenzy wherever he goes.

It's hard to believe that just two years ago Justin was a regular kid growing up in a town in Canada, but there's one guy who says he always knew Justin would be a star.

"I'm not surprised at all; once he went at this, I knew he was going to be great," says Jeremy Bieber, Justin's dad.

The proud father is speaking for the first time, only on INSIDE EDITION. He gave our Megan Alexander a personal tour of Justin's old haunts.

Justin came from humble beginnings. His parents were high school sweethearts. His dad was just 22 years old when Justin was born, and he works as a carpenter.

As early as age 8, Justin would perform on steps with his guitar and drums playing his original songs for anyone who would listen. The tips were pretty good; one year he made enough money to take his mom on vacation!

But it wasn't those performances that would launch his career. Justin was discovered via YouTube! He had posted videos he made for his grandmother, and they were seen by a talent scout and singer Usher. The rest is history.

"I never thought anything of it, in fact I wasn't even so much aware of it, it was something he just did in his spare time," says Jeremy.

The small town boy with the mop-top haircut became an overnight sensation.

"In two short years, from YouTube video to superstardom, does that just amaze you?" INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asks him.

"It seems so normal because he's just been so good at everything he's done, he's been such a good boy all around, I mean it sounds like a fairytale and I may be biased because I'm his dad but he's just been so amazing," Jeremy says.

But there are downsides to fame too. Earlier this year, police were called after a 12-year-old boy claimed Justin shoved him during a laser tag game near Vancouver.

Jeremy was there. "Right away everybody noticed him and knew who he was"

Justin was never charged, and Jeremy says the incident was blown out of proportion. But now they are more careful where they go.

He says, "We just can't do that anymore, unfortunately, unless we rent out the whole place out and just invite his friends."

Do you miss the old days, when Justin was just a regular kid?" Alexander asks.

"I definitely miss that," says Jeremy.


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