22 July 2010

You know you've officially caught it. Bieber Fever. In the midst of his industry takeover, VIBE catches up with Justin Bieber, the young heartthrob / Usher mentee who's bodied the industry and has every crazed teenie bopper armed with an autograph pen in tears.

VIBE: Are you used to the fame now or are there still moments when you think to yourself, Wow, this is my life?

Justin Bieber: It’s been pretty crazy traveling the world and living my dream. Not many people get to do what I’m doing. It’s amazing. My favorite thing is being able to travel around the world and perform for my fans. I think I’ve lost 80 percent of my hearing. I definitely have very loud fans.

When did you realize that you had officially become a phenomenon?

I got to meet the President [Barack Obama] a few times. I got a tour of the White House. He’s really cool and down to earth. I thought he was going to be really reserved, but he was cool. I met [the First Daughters, Sasha and Malia] when I went to the White House and they were nice.

What was cooler: Meeting the president or meeting Oprah?

That’s a tough one. Oprah was really cool. She came in the dressing room afterwards, met my parents and grandparents.

The Internet has been very good to you. Did you have any idea that posting your videos on YouTube would make you a star?

I posted the videos on YouTube for fun, just messing around. I never was a kid who wanted to be famous. I’m from Stratford, Ontario, a very small town, 30,000 people. I didn’t have money for a manager. We didn’t have a lot of money [period].


We all know that Justin Bieber is known for his hit singles and famous “soft” hair, but did you know that Bieber can skate?

Bieber was taking some time off from his tour to visit the Street League Training Facility and managed to pull off a frontside 180 over pro skaters Rob Dyrdek, Greg Lutzka, and Terry Kennedy. After completing the move, Bieber tweeted, “epic video coming soon hint = I humped the floor in excitement…haha…u shall see soon. @streetleague are great people. havin a good time”



What better way for Justin Bieber to begin his transition from floppy-haired pop star to Serious Grown-up™ than by appearing on a CBS crime procedural that dispatches with its guest stars in the most graphic ways imaginable?

On Thursday, CBS said that Mr. Bieber has been cast in the season premiere of “C.S.I.”, which is scheduled for Sept. 23. According to a news release, the 16-year-old singer will play Jason McCann, “a troubled teen who is faced with a terrible decision regarding his only brother—a decision that leads him into an explosive confrontation with the CSIs.”

The release added that this appearance is “the beginning of an emotional story that will conclude later in the season,” suggesting that Mr. Bieber will return to induce further squeals from Laurence Fishburne, Jerry Bruckheimer and the whole “C.S.I.” gang in subsequent episodes.



HAPPY BDAY to my amazing friend @selenagomez who not only turned 18 but has her movie Ramona & Beezus coming out THIS WEEKEND! Proud of U!!



Justin Bieber cell-phone number scam warning main
Justin Bieber fans are being lured in by Facebook scammers falsely promising the pop star's mobile phone number.

Security experts are warning Justin Bieber fans against joining a Facebook group which promises the pop star's mobile phone number but instead redirects them to scam sites.

The group, called OMG!! Justin Biebers Ex GIRLFRIEND just RELEASED his new CELL PHONE NUMBER!! promises to hand over Bieber's phone number once they have shared the link with their friends.

Instead of then being directed to a site with his number on it - or any number on it for that matter - fans are being sent to survey sites designed to get hold of personal information.

Because the link has been shared the scam then spreads through the social-networking site virally.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos said: "I'm afraid that you never will get Justin Bieber's real phone number. The page has been created to redirect your browser to surveys that ask you umpteen questions (gathering your personal information for the companies behind the survey, and earning the scammers some affiliate cash)."

"If you did make the mistake of passing the link onto your friends, you should clean-up your newsfeed and profile to remove references to the link," he continued.

Whereas naked photos used to be popular ways for scammers to lure people in - Zombieland star Emma Stone and Paramore singer Hayley Williams both fell victim to this - celebrities such as Justin Bieber are now leading the way.

Last month he had his YouTube videos hacked and links to details about his death in a car crash were poisoned with malware.

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga fans are currently battling on YouTube to make their respective videos the most-watched on the video-sharing site.



Twitter played a huge part in Justin's instinct rise to fame in a very short time period but is Justin the only person behind his tweets?

I have long suspected for a while now that Justin, like other celebrities, is not the only person behind his tweets despite Scooter's claim that he forces Justin to spend 2 hours on Twitter each day in order to stay connected with his fans. That might have been true early on in his career when he had plenty of free time but I personally do not believe this is completely true anymore.

Justin is now one of the biggest celebrities who is extremely busy with appearances, rehearsals, concerts, and a million other things that we (the stalkerish fansite blog that we are) are not even aware of (recording new music, time with family and friends, etc) that I find it extremely hard to believe that he himself makes all those tweets, which if you closely look at the time of the tweets, must mean he has no real sleeping schedule as the tweets occur at all times of the day.

So after seeing this sound check video taken in LA, I'm now absolutely convinced that JB is not the only person behind his tweets. At 2:46 into the video, a fan asked him "What is your favorite part about the party on wheels?" to which he replied "Party on wheels? What's that? I've never heard of that expression."

Well, if JB never heard of that expression, and if he was the only one tweeting from his twitter account, then how does he explain, not just one, but the two following tweets:
And the party on wheels keeps Rollin...  via Twitterrific

City of Angels...I will see u soon...and the party on wheels continues.  via web

Ok the second tweet might have happened after the sound check question but the first tweet happened on July 2. A person who has not heard of an expression before will not use it in their tweets, and if he did use it there is no way he would have had absolutely no clue what it meant when the question was asked.

There you have it my friends, Justin is not the only person behind his tweets. Doesn't make him any less of the sexy and talented Canuck that I know and love. <3

You heard it here first.




From Susana:

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