20 February 2010

Listen now:

Have I got a treat for you guys. I came across a site with an awesome remix of ONE TIME featuring D-Pryde. This remix is better than the previous remix featuring City Boy. I really like the piano background.

To download the mp3 follow this link, click download, and wait util the clock goes to zero and then click again to download the file.

Stayed tuned for some more cool remixes.


Justin Bieber

This is major news! Justin Bieber will become the youngest musical artist to ever perform on the show.

It has just been announced that JB will be performing on Saturday Night Live on Saturday April 10th. I can't believe this. In less than a year his fame has skyrocketed to this level. You don't understand how huge this will be for Justin in terms of his career. It's seriously going to catapult his fame. Trust me, in the entertainment news next week you'll hear Justin's name mentioned everywhere for landing a such a big gig on such a well respected and high regarded show as SNL. And this is at the age of 15 especially given that SNL is an adult oriented late night show.

Omg. First he sings for Obama. Then he does the first line of WE ARE THE WORLD and now Saturday Night Live. Justin is on his way to super stardom!!

I wonder if he can handle all this level of fame at such a young age. Look what it did to Michael Jackson and Britney Spears.


Jusitn Bieber wearing fake glasses

Some of you might wonder if Justin wears glasses or not as we have seen him during several outings where he sported spectacles, most recently on Feb 13 at the Nokia Plaza. Sometimes black. Sometimes white. Always thick.

This might lead to some confusion. And of course, knowing more true facts about Justin never hurt since we already know his shoe size, favorite color, favorite shows, favorite fruit....

Now you can add another fact to your memory bank. Justin does not need to wear glasses. He wears them purely for the look during appearances. (Hey, I've done the same thing. The only difference was that I didn't make any appearances. lol )

Anyways, I think he looks rather cute with those glasses on. Should wear them more often.

If you are trying to find these types of glasses, there are some cheap ones at amazon.com


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