23 September 2010

Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas spotted at Venice Beach Dairy Queen

VENICE BEACH, California - One of the most popular young teen singers in the world Justin Bieber and his new BFF Jasmine Villegas were spotted having ice cream cones at a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Parlor in Venice Beach.

The two teens could be seen having a great time as they took turns licking each others ice cream scoops.

Justin was eating a pralines and cream ice cream cone and Jasmine was eating a strawberry pistachio mixed with walnuts, Brazil nuts, and Frosted Flakes ice cream cone.

A young married couple who was sitting in the next booth, Chucky and Penelope Flappingwood of Reno, Nevada, said that they could overhear everything that the young couple was saying.

Chucky, who owns a skateboard repair shop in Reno, said that he heard Justin tell Jasmine that she is one of the prettiest girls that he has seen in about five weeks.

Penelope added that she saw Jasmine reach over and give Justin a kiss and as she did one of her three scoops fell off the cone and landed on Justin's lap.

He kind of screamed, but not in a girlish way. It was more like a guy would do when taking a real hard swing at a baseball.

Jasmine quickly reached over and picked up the ice cream scoop and put it back on the cone but in the process one of Justin's scoops fell off its cone and landed inside of Jasmine's halter top.

The 17 people that were watching suddenly heaved a collective "Ahhhhh."

Justin, being the gentleman that he is reached in and retrieved the wayward scoop and put it back on top of his ice cream cone.

The manager, Robin "The Snowman" Fillapenski, walked over and asked if they would like to get two brand new, cleaner ice cream cones and scoops.

Justin smiled and said, "Nah, I think that we both better quit while we're ahead." As Fillapenski left, Penelope said she heard Justin tell Jasmine that little does anyone know that she is the only girl who has ever kissed his belly's bird tattoo...three times.

In a related story. Justin says that he and Jasmine have been asked to recreate their DQ incident in a commercial for Dairy Queen.



Justin Bieber might be one of a handful of pop stars to make a cameo on "CSI," but he has certainly left his mark on the cast and the crew of the hit CBS crime drama. When Bieber hits the small screen Thursday night (September 23) for his performance as Jason McCann, he will certainly leave fans stunned by his acting chops, one of the show's producers told MTV News

"I thought that he did a really good job. We only had Justin for a day, for 10 and a half hours, and he had a lot of work crammed into those 10 and a half hours," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn said about the first of Bieber's two appearances on the show. "And he had one super big scene, and the scene was an interrogation scene in the police department with [actor] George Eads, and George actually took Justin under his wing."

Why did the veteran "CSI" actor feel that Biebs was worthy of his mentorship? "George said that when he was just starting out, Tom Selleck took him under his wing, so I think he tried to return that kindness, and he really had some time to work the material," she explained. "We built in some time, and I thought that scene was really good, and Justin had a couple of scenes where he didn't have a lot of dialogue or no dialogue and then two pretty heavy scenes."

Noting that Bieber did a "really good job" with the heavier work, Mendelsohn added that Bieber has some acting chops. "It's hard for any accomplished, mature actor to come on the set and fall right into character and do your work, so kudos to Justin," she said.


What the full original interview with Alan Carr here. It's probably the best and funniest interview JB has ever done.

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