17 June 2010

Just released

The funniest part is Ryan. lol


J-14 is releasing screen shots of the SOMEBODY TO LOVE music video every 3 hours. To see the pics out so far go here.



awww so cute



Sean Kingston excited to join Justin Bieber on tour

Sean Kingston, who next week kicks off a tour with ‘tween idol Justin Bieber that Sept. 4 brings them to a sold-out show at Allentown Fair, says he met the sensation before he was famous, and they clicked right away.

Kingston, in a telephone interview Tuesday, said he met Bieber a year ago, before the release of his first album “My World,” through his manager. Kingston already had hits with “Beautiful Girls,” “Take You There” and “Me Love.”

“It was just that type of relationship where you knew we had a connection from the jump,” Kingston says. “I met him, we vibed, we just talked for a long time. … He was like, ‘Yo, I look up to you; I like your music and we definitely should do something .‘ And we put it into action.

“We actually did it on a personal note -- switched numbers and stuff like that,” Kingston says. He says Bieber came to his hometown of Miami in February for the Super Bowl and called him.

“He’s like, ‘Yo, man, bro, I’m down here, man … Let’s work, man, I’m here,’ ” Kingston said. “And he came over – I have a studio in my house – and we did a couple records.”

Among them was the duo’s hit “Eeenie Meenie,” which, released in March, was a Top 15 song – the second-highest charting song of Bieber’s short career. It appears on his album “2.0,” also released in March.

Of writing with Bieber, Kingstons says, “The energy’s bananas, man, ‘cause he’s young and I’m still young. [Kingston is 20]. So it definitely was a great vibe. “

Three other songs the two did together may also see the light of day later, Kingston said.

Kingston said the idea for him and Bieber to tour together, “really and truly … was just so brilliant – as far as the management side. My and his managers are like close friends, so they talked about it – ‘The record is doing good, it‘d be great to have Sean on the tour.’

“It’s definitely going to be great,” Kingston says. “I’m definitely looking forward to it. It was a great idea.”



Cops in Maryland hit a local bar this weekend after receiving a call from someone claiming 16-year-old Justin Bieber was inside boozing -- but what they found ... was a woman who looked just like him.

TMZ spoke with multiple people inside the "Mug and Mallet" bar in Ocean City who confirm that cops entered on Saturday night looking for an underage drinker with a bowl haircut and a tiny frame.

But the only person who fit that description was a 27-year-old woman named Katie.

Katie tells us she had to whip out ... her ID and prove she wasn't JB -- though she says she gets mistaken for the singer, "all the time!"

If only the cops would've checked the real Bieber's Twitter page -- they would have known he was in The Bahamas with Kim Kardashian.


Are you for real? Someone called the cops for this?

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