31 August 2010


There is a scheduled attack on Justin's BABY music video on YouTube tomorrow, Sept 1. The haters have planned to push the number of dislikes on the video above the number of likes and also leave nasty comments. If they manage to push the dislikes over the likes then this will make headlines because BABY is the most viewed video ever on Youtube.

Not only would this look bad for Justin himself but it looks bad for us too as Beliebers. This is something we can do something about so please go on the BABY video page and click on the Like button, reload and click it again. Do it now and do it often to prevent the haters from achieving their goal. And please, if you own a JB fansite, help spread the word and get your visitors to do the same.

They are already so close. They only need another 20, 000 clicks.

Go now to the BABY music video and click on the like button.
And tweet this to your followers.

Thanks to Peta Marie for the heads up.


Justin Bieber NYC PURPLE DAY!

Justin Bieber leaving his hotel in New York City. Justin, who canceled a show at the New York State Fair due to an illness, was all smiles as he bounced out of his hotel the day before his rescheduled show. Photos: PacificCoastNews.

Justin Bieber NYC PURPLE DAY! Justin Bieber NYC PURPLE DAY! Justin Bieber NYC PURPLE DAY! Justin Bieber NYC PURPLE DAY! Justin Bieber NYC PURPLE DAY! Justin Bieber NYC PURPLE DAY! Justin Bieber NYC PURPLE DAY! Justin Bieber NYC PURPLE DAY! Justin Bieber NYC PURPLE DAY!


Demi Lovato told us recently that the littlest Jonas brother, Frankie, has swag like Justin Bieber. And as it turns out, the elder Jonas Brothers, namely Joe, Kevin and Nick, and Justin Bieber are all known for something they have in common, and we're not talking about their bustling careers. We're referring to their incredibly famous and all-important heads of hair. While Bieber is known for his signature swoop, the brothers Jonas are recognized for their curly mops.

This fascinating paralell raised a question: Who has better hair, the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber? Their "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" co-stars weighed in on this battle for the ages.

Hello? Are you kidding me? This?....

Images: Snapper Media 



Compared to this beauty?

No Way!!

I know it's biased but....



ahahahaha. This video is so hot and cheesy at the same time.

He's so cute!!

30 August 2010

Kind of a weird remix but Kanye killed it. Thumbs up.


Justin Bieber wants to star in Grease remake with Miley Cyrus
The titan teen is keen for a film company to revive the 1950s throwback musical with him as Danny, made famous by JOHN TRAVOLTA in the movie.

He said: "It would be a lot of fun. It's been talked about a lot over the years but it would be awesome to play Danny."

And he knows just who he'd pick as his leading lady Sandy in the love story set in US school Rydell High, run by the harassed Principal McGee.

He said: "I would go for MILEY CYRUS without hesitation. She can sing, dance and act."

He added: "I'd want some great people to star in it. Wouldn't SUSAN BOYLE make an amazing Principal McGee? We'd just need to write it into the script that she broke into song.

"I am obsessed with Susan. When I look at her original audition it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I would love to include CHERYL COLE as well. She would look great in the Rydell High cheerleading uniform."

But one person who may not be interested in a revival is SuBo's mentor SIMON COWELL. He produced ITV1 reality contest Grease Is The Word three years ago and it flopped.

Even so, Justin - who last night pulled out of a gig at the New York State Fair in Syracuse because of illness - would need to tap him up for his version if he wants SuBo on board.

For now Bieber fans can look forward to his debut movie - a 3D biopic of his life - due in February.

With Summer Nights drifting away it's something to look forward to.



lol. She's a ball.


29 August 2010

According to an article from Gawker.com Justin Bieber is sick and has canceled his concert in Syracuse, NY

Justin Bieber has been working non-stop since he was like 12. All that hard work is getting to him: The Biebs has cancelled a Syracuse, NY show because he's sick.#getwelljustinbieber is going to be trending on Twitter for weeks.

Justin said on twitter that he just needs to rest and that he never wants to let his fans down.

im gonna be ok just need 2 rest but i wanted all of u 2 know i never want to let any of u down. ever. i really appreciate all the kind wordsless than a minute ago via web

The show is rescheduled for Wednesday, September 1.



Scott Mills Apologizes to Twitter Fans for Justin Bieber Comment
Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills appears to have created a bit of upset amongst fans of the popular micro-blogging website Twitter recently, after he decided to call Justin Bieber a “precocious little brat.” However, it seems that he has now apologized for his comment.

According to a recent article by in2town.co.uk, ever since he made the silly comment, Scott has been bombarded with tweets from fans telling him how out of order he was. After receiving a flood of complaints, Mills thought it was time to say sorry.

The DJ then took to his Twitter page, and responded to the complaints by posting a message that read: “I may have called Justin Bieber a brat in today’s metro!” He then added: “Just my experience of him, sorry…Getting few angry messages! (sic).”

It isn’t just people from the UK who have been complaining either. Fans from all over the world have been posting their comments about how shocked they were at Mills remark, even if they didn’t have a clue who Scott Mills was when they read his comment.


28 August 2010

With all the haters out there it's refreshing to see some true support from guys.



'Back To The Future' remake a big possibility if Justin can act

Justin Bieber is one of those celebrities that you either love or loathe. While most people old enough to drive seem to find the You Tube star turned pop singer Bieber to be annoying, his huge base of younger fans has made him a star.

Which might be why his newest rumored project might be taking on the Michael J. Fox role in a new reboot of the "Back To The Future" movie franchise.

Several British tabloids are reporting that Bieber is being considered for the starring role in the remake, assuming that "he is capable of acting at that level." When Fox took on the original role, he had a hit TV series ("Family Ties") and several hit movies under his belt.

Bieber is younger than Fox was when he starred in the first "Future" movie, and if took the role it would be written to reflect his younger age. "The most important part of the film is the time travel aspects," said one unnamed film executive. "In fact, some of the plot works better with a younger character."

The biggest problem with the idea might be that the three "Future" films are well-made and fondly remembered by audiences. Even if the remake does make it to the screen, odds are that it will face the same box-office fate as the recent remake of "The Karate Kid."


Update: Even though their argument isn't very solid,
Cinema Blend insists this news is not true.

27 August 2010




haha. He's such a joker. Love it when he's having fun.

26 August 2010

Call off the dogs – Kim Kardashian says she was not serious when she talked about potentially dating Justin Bieber.

“I was joking,” the reality star told Access Wednesday night, when asked about dating the teen singing sensation. “It’s like, ‘Come on, people,’ I would never seriously date a 16-year-old, an 18-year-old, a 20-year-old. It’s all in fun.”

“I like ‘em young,” she joked, at an event for LA Confidential Magazine’s Fall Fashion issue. “But even if he was legal, that’s still too young for me.”

As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, Kim caused a minor stir Tuesday night when she told George Lopez that a date with the Canadian cutie isn’t out of the question – at least, in the future.

“If he was of legal age,” Kim, 29, said on “Lopez Tonight” when asked if she would date 16-year-old Biebs. “He definitely has this swag to him.”

Kim said the controversy surrounding her “Graduate” themed ELLE Magazine photo shoot with Justin has been blown out of proportion as well.

“I’m so tired of talking about it,” she said. “I think everyone’s making a big deal out of nothing.”

The sexy stunner also revealed her fall fashion predictions to Access, saying she “can’t wait for fall.”

“I’m liking lots of like ponchos,” Kim said. “I got really cool trench coats…I love outwear.”

Catch Kim on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on Sundays at 10 PM on E!.




He said bullsh*t!  :o

Yah that's right. This is the girl whose face he kept licking.
And yes I did use a remote control to make sure she crashes into the wall. :p
Watch it again. It goes straight for the wall. lol

Thanks to Ashley for the videos. Subscribe to her channel for Bieber videos.



NEW YORK, NY – Miley Cyrus has called it quits with her Aussie Hunk. She’s set her sights on a new target! Justin Bieber!

Miley Cyrus and Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth dated for over a year before calling it quits. Cyrus has been no stranger to the media, even at the ripe-old age of 17. She’s made a dramatic change from sweetheart on her Hannah Montana show to her sexier image today. Cyrus has not been afraid of pushing the envelope and needs someone who will do the same – Hemsworth wasn’t that guy.

The breakup comes just a day after news broke that Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian were dating. Cyrus and Kardashian share one thing in common – they crave the spotlight. Cyrus is in a rush to grow up and needs/wants all the publicity she can get. There is no doubt that Bieber is a magnet for media attention and Cyrus has zeroed in on the pop star.

“I’ve always admired Justin,” Cyrus told Weekly World News. “He is so talented and he’s just adorable. For some reason, I’ve always believed that Justin and myself were meant to be together. I’m following my heart on this one.”

WWN asked Bieber about Cyrus and her latest developments.

“Miley is very talented and it’s unfortunate to hear about her breakup. She’ll be just fine. As for me, I’m a one-woman kind of guy.”

haha. This article probably got some of you fired up. No worries Beliebers. JBiebz is a single man. This looks like a spoof. - Daisy


Not sure which soundcheck this is from but expect this to be part of the 3D movie.



I feel sorry of the one with the broken leg :'(


Find more pictures here.


How to Play Hit Justin Bieber Game

Let's be honest, we've all wanted to hit Justin Bieber in the head with a water bottle, but who wants to buy a ticket to his concert to do it? Now you can do it for free from the comfort of your home. With this game, It's just you and a water bottle vs his helmet of hair.
OMB! The hating never stops I tell ya. Well I must admit I tried the game out a couple of times. haha (Sorry Justin <3 you!!). Got a score of  510. Can you beat that? Click here to try it out.

Since this is a haters post I might as well throw this in:

25 August 2010

Justin Bieber Is Fond Of Tour Mate Vita Chambers

It looks like pop sensation Justin Bieber has discovered what we knew all along: Vita Chambers is epic!

Pop’s current hot boy was snapped holding an autographed picture of the Like Boom singer while backstage on his current My World tour. Although Justin appears to be very fond of Vita (check out that face!), there isn’t anything for you Beliebers to be freaked out over just yet. Justin isn’t randomly showing his adoration to the young starlet, he’s supporting his tour mate. Vita is currently acting as the opening act on his tour.

If the two’s friendship did take a turn, we vote for Vilieber as their couple name.


Justin Bieber Is Fond Of Tour Mate Vita Chambers




In case you guys aren't from Canada.... Ontario has two hockey teams, Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs so there's an obvious rivalry. Growing up in Stratford, which is a 2 hours drive from Toronto, Justin has always been a Leafs fan. Dan Kanter on the other hand is from Ottawa so he supports the Senators.


With nearly 750,000,000 upload views in less than one year, JustinBieberVEVO has become one of YouTube's most viewed and controversial channels. Tween and teen girls have fallen head over heels for the teenage heartthrob and have helped Bieber establish a big presence in pop music despite limited radio airplay.

His fans have also helped him earn YouTube's most viewed video. After surpassing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video in July, Justin Bieber has recently surpassed 300,000,000 views with his video "Baby." Having been out approximately six months, "Baby" has accumulated an average of 50,000,000 views each month, over 1.5 million daily views

Justin Bieber's views can't be entirely credited to his fans. Currently, "Baby" has a ratio of 268,329 likes to 211,900 dislikes. Baby has a sizable advantage as YouTube's most viewed video, but it's entirely possible that the dislikes on the video could surpass the likes within the upcoming months. The comments section of "Baby" and other Justin Bieber videos are also bombarded with negative feedback from critics.

Justin Bieber hasn't been the most successful artist in terms of airplay and popularity. However, add up all the support he gets from his fans, the verbal hatred he receives from critics who loathe what he has contributed to the music industry, and the lack of indifference, Justin Bieber has become one of America's most controversial and recognized stars.


Stepping out for a promotional appearance, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were spotted dropping by “Lopez Tonight” last night (August 24).

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” babes chatted about the fifth season of their hit reality show, and Kim even talked a bit about her buddy Justin Bieber.

When asked of she’d date the “Baby” singer, provided he old enough, Kim said, “Yeah, if he was legal age. He definitely has this swag to him.”

And as for her Elle magazine spread with Justin, Kim noted, "I thought the shoot was all in fun, we had a good time. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on it."


24 August 2010

Justin Bieber proved popular with the cast and crew of CSI — despite displaying an annoying habit during scenes!

The Baby singer — who makes his acting debut on the season’s first episode — kept silently mouthing other actors’ lines!

“It’s good Justin’s got everyone’s lines memorized so he knows where he’s at in the scene, but the camera keeps catching him lip-syncing when the other actors speak,” a source American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“It’s hilarious — but damned expensive!”

The 16-year-old will guest star on the show’s Sept. 23 season premiere. He’ll also return for the fifteenth episode of the season, which will air in Feb. 2011, producers recently announced.

“He plays Jason McCain, a troubled teenager who is faced with a difficult decision regarding his older brother,” CSI executive producer Carol Mendelsohn says of Justin’s role.

“We think he’s this really good kid who’s put in this very bad situation. But we will get a glimmer at the end of the [premiere] that perhaps he’s not the good kid we thought!”



With the founder of Pencil of Promises Adam Braun.

If you haven't made the connection between Justin and Pencil of Promises yet
then here it is. Adam is Scooter's younger brother.



Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith Never Say Never
The pair met after the young actor appeared in 16-year-old Justin’s music promo for Never Say Never, a track which featured on The Karate Kid soundtrack. Jaden landed his first lead role playing Dre Parker in a re-imagining of the popular 80s martial arts movie and also showed off his musical skills by lending his vocals to Never Say Never.

They have remained in contact since shooting the music video and Justin is keen for 12-year-old Jaden to perform alongside him. Jaden will reportedly surprise the crowd by appearing at Justin’s concert at Madison Square Garden, in New York, on August 31.

Jaden’s superstar parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are expected to attend the show to cheer their son on.

"Special security arrangements are being made for Jaden, who will appear onstage, and his family, including Will, to be in the audience for the concert," a source told the New York Post.

Other guests set to appear include Sean Kingston and Jessica Jarrell.



Hip-hop heads, DJs and fans alike are buzzing about the Kanye West/Justin Bieber/Raekwon collabo.

According to Rae himself, 'Ye and Bieber are currently en route to New York to make good on this weekend's Twitter love fest.

"Yall asked for it now we're gonna deliver," the Chef tweeted.

DJ Scream of Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 (and the region’s elite mixtape DJ) thinks that the collaboration could be huge.

"Even if it’s the wackest record ever created, it’s still a big record because you got the biggest pop star out right now, a hip-hop legend and a current hip-hop superstar. So you gotta at least give it a chance people. It could be the next big pop hit or it could be just a conversation piece."

He added, "I understand where the hip-hop purists might be coming from and I can imagine what their comments are. I wasn’t a big fan of the Kanye, Beyonce and Charlie Wilson record, but let’s hear it and if it’s garbage, then let’s talk about it then, but let them work."

Music journo Jozen Cummings calls the potential jam "a great look for music as a whole."

"Today's fan isn't as concerned about genres as they are about acts. As artists, they should be free to do what they want," he said.

But he’s still hoping that the song actually makes sense musically.

"I hope it sounds like something only Raekwon, Kanye, and Bieber can do. The last thing I want to hear is a verse from 'Ye, a verse from Rae, and Justin on the hook with a bridge. Any two rappers and a singer can do that. They need to make sure the song sounds as unique and different in the studio as it does on paper."

New York Hot 97’s DJ Bobby Trends says "I can see myself playing it on the radio…would love to hear [it] first…anyone can flop."

But, he knows it’s unlikely that this record will disappoint.

"I definitely think that this collaboration makes sense and can't wait to hear it. Three different generation artists together bring three different generation listeners…[I’m a] big Raekwon fan, I see Bieber’s hustle and whatever Kanye touches is usually spectacular!"



From Taylor:
Justin Bieber went to Mcdonalds after his concert on August 22 in London, Ontario Canada. He hung out with everyone there and took group pix. He was so nice & so down to earth. It was an unforgettable experience :)

Justin Bieber MCDONALD&#039;S MAYHEM Justin Bieber MCDONALD&#039;S MAYHEM Justin Bieber MCDONALD&#039;S MAYHEM Justin Bieber MCDONALD&#039;S MAYHEM Justin Bieber MCDONALD&#039;S MAYHEM Justin Bieber MCDONALD&#039;S MAYHEM Justin Bieber MCDONALD&#039;S MAYHEM

23 August 2010

Justin Bieber naked!! OMG so HOT!!

biebernaked justin bieber naked fake nude

Thank god there was a lot of water splashing. lol.

(I found this. If you know who made it please let me know.)


Justin Bieber Tops Twitter's Most Listed
As you may already be aware, Lady Gaga is Twitter’s most-followed user with more than 5.74 million followers. But who is Twitter’s most-listed user?

Now that 10 months have passed since the introduction of Lists, who reigns supreme as Twitter’s most-listed user? Is it Lady Gaga, Twitter’s most-followed user? Or how about Britney Spears, who previously held the crown? Or perhaps it’s Ashton Kutcher, the “king of Twitter,” according to Oprah?

No, it's Justin Bieber!!

1. Justin Bieber: 264,700+ lists
2. Lady Gaga: 106,900+ lists
3. Barack Obama: 98,700+ lists
4. Taylor Swift: 62,500+ lists
5. Demi Lovato: 61,700+ lists
6. CNN Breaking News: 61,000+ lists
7. Britney Spears: 59,900+ lists
8. Selena Gomez: 56,400+ lists
9. Ashton Kutcher: 54,100+ lists
10. Ellen DeGeneres: 53,700+ lists

Oh btw, Celebuzz is now saying that there's a good chance that JB will take the crown from Lady Gaga as the most followed on Twitter by the end of the year. JBShrine made that prediction a while ago. :p


ProActiv is giving you the chance to win a trip to see pop heartthrob Justin Bieber play in concert with their Justin Bieber Concert Sweepstakes. You could also win other prizes like autographed t-shirts and ProActiv products.

The grand-prize winner will receive a trip for four to Los Angeles, CA for a Justin Bieber concert including a meet and greet with Justin Bieber, $1,000 spending money, and more. The prize is worth $6,500. In addition, three first-prize winners will receive a prize pack including an autographed Justin Bieber tee shirt and a $1,000 donation in winner's name to Pencils of Promise, a prize worth $75, while 50 instant winners will each receive a Proactiv trial kit worth $72.

Entry into ProActiv's Justin Bieber Concert Sweepstakes is open to US residents above the age of 18 (use your mom or dad's name to enter!!). Enter up to twice daily through October 1, 2010.


Free Justin Bieber Ticket Giveaway is a Fake
Despite what a number of online rumors have stated there is no free Bieber Ticket giveaway going on. A number of fraudsters set up a scam involving free tickets, and were able to steal the information from a number of different people. They targeted people who followed Bieber both on Facebook and on Twitter for the scam, going directly at his fans.

A new scheme is targeting Bieber’s Facebook friends with a link to a bogus free ticket giveaway for his upcoming tour. No matter how enticing the offer seems, do not click any links to free Bieber ticket giveaway. The links are all fake, and any true giveaway would likely be announced by Bieber himself.

A statement from the online security firm Sophos said that the free giveaway was a trick for the fraudsters to gather information from unknowing youngsters. It will be interesting to see how Bieber responds to the threat and whether or not legal action will be taken against those that are involved. Young people who are fans of Bieber will probably be very excited by the link, and will be very quick to click on it. If you see a link to a free Bieber ticket giveaway, avoid it like the plague!

22 August 2010

justin bieber jessica jarrell 05

Justin Bieber gets close with his tour mate Jessica Jarrell as they perform during his My World Tour at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Saturday night (August 21).

The duo performed “Overboard” on stage where they were seen holding hands, hugging and getting very close to a kiss.

Justin tweeted just this afternoon about performing at Air Canada Centre, “Not gonna lie…I’m tired but just HYPED right now!! Freakin ACC tonight!! WOW!! THANK U THANK U THANK U!! WOW. 3 years ago I was on the side of the street busking in Stratford for anyone who would listen….2nite we sold out the ACC!! NEVER SAY NEVER!”

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