12 June 2010

Even Miley Cyrus has fallen for Justin Bieber – for his pranks, that is.

“It sounded like a little kid,” Miley told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush in an interview for Access and “The Billy Bush Show” of the “Baby” singer’s recent late-night prank call. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I am so mad.’ Then I get a text, he’s like, ‘Haha.’”

However, Miley told Billy that she wound up laughing, too.

“I have him in my phone as Bieber Fever, so that’s always pretty funny when you get one of those [texts],” she said.

The “Can’t Be Tamed” singer said she can’t prank Biebs back – thanks to her little sister Noah’s crush.

“I can’t really be mean because my little sister is like, never ever going to have a boyfriend until it can be Justin Bieber,” Miley said. “She’s saving herself for the Biebs.”

And Justin’s not the only one with a nickname in her phone.

“My little sister is Mrs. Bieber in my phone,” she added.



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When it comes to Justin Bieber, his mentor Usher says he wants to be involved in his teen pop sensation's career for a long time.

"I felt like this was a story that I’d like to be involved with for the long haul, not just a moment," he told On The Red Carpet's Jason Morrell in a recent satellite interview. "To be able to build a career that will span for years."

Bieber, 16, captured the attention of industry executives several years ago by posting homemade videos of himself singing songs, including Usher's, on YouTube. This self-promotion eventually led to a meeting with Usher and a record deal.

Bieber is now one of the most popular pop artists today and lends his voice to a track on the soundtrack for the film The Karate Kid, which was released on Friday, June 11.

Usher made history on June 6 performing on two continents over the course of a day, playing in New York City and London. Bieber joined his mentor on stage for an impromptu performance in London, which drove the fans wild.

Last month, Usher released his ninth No. 1 single, "OMG", which features will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas.

Check out the video interview with Usher!



The 16-year-old Canadian pop star has been home-schooled since he shot to fame last year. He loves not having to go to school everyday, but enjoys reminiscing about some of his naughtier escapades.

The star says he used to lie all the time, and even changed his fail grade to a pass so his mother wouldn’t find out how badly he had done in an exam.

“I tell a lot of lies,” Justin told Top of the Pops magazine. “A couple of years ago. I had an F grade on a test at school, but I turned it into a B with the teacher’s pen!

“My mom had to sign that she’d seen it before I took it back, so she had no idea how bad it actually was!”

Justin has also lied to his mother about more trivial things. He once told her he had handmade a cake for her birthday, when he had in fact purchased it from a local shop.

“It’s not the first time I’ve lied,” he laughed. “I told her I’d baked her a cake for her birthday once, but I really just bought it from a baker. I would’ve if I knew how, but I was afraid I’d mess it up.”


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