20 May 2010




Justin Bieber with Mike Tyson's tattoo
Justin with Mike Tyson's tattoo

Justin Bieber with Travis Barker's tattoo
Justin wih Travis Barker's tattoo

Justin Bieber with Lil Wayne's tattoos
Justin with Lil'Wayne's tattoo

Well now that everyone knows about JB's seagull tattoo, MTV has decided to Photoshop tattoos of other celebrities' to see how it would look like on Justin. To see the rest, go to MTV.

Thank god these are fake cuz I'm totally not a tattoo person.



P. Diddy (l.) says Justin Bieber (r.) deserves to be on BET stage.

Pop star Justin Bieber may be raising eyebrows for receiving a BET award nomination, but Diddy's got his back.

"The awards are important to hip hop and to show [hip-hop artists] in the right light," the mogul said at the network press conference on Tuesday.

"But the beauty of BET is, if Justin Bieber's hot, then he deserves to be on that stage," said Diddy. "Sometimes, at other award shows, the color of your skin or the type of music you make takes away from getting the accolade you deserve."


It's the music and not the color of your skin that counts. A white person should be eligible to be nominated if they make R&B music. Just like a black person should be eligible to be nominated for a country award if they sing country. Simple.

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