18 January 2011

Selena Gomez drops the purity ring for Justin Bieber; plans to get pregnant?

Selena Gomez pregnant is being searched right now and I am really not sure why. I mean I know the 18-year-old Disney star has taken off her purity ring for Justin Bieber but… pregnancy seems a little far-fetched. Gomez’ parents are already furious that she has taken the ring off, I doubt the onset of a pregnant rumor are going to calm them down.

It turns out that the recent Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating news has sparked an outrage with Gomez’ parents. Ricardo Gomez and Mandy Teefy are PISSED off that Gomez has stopped wearing the purity ring that she has had on since she was 12-years-old. They have said stated that Justin Bieber needs to stop seducing their daughter and are hoping that she doesn’t make a huge mistake; Bieber-Gomez babies out in the wild…what a scary thought!

It is said that even DISNEY has taken a stand and stated that the whole Selena GomezJustin Bieber underage love affair is completely out of hand. They even reference the recent sexcapades of the young Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus. Of course, Bieber’s mother has spoken out on the whole controversy and says that Gomez seduced Bieber!



Justin Bieber at Los Angeles airport

No one is immune to the increasing invasiveness of the TSA—not even Justin Bieber.

The 16-year-old “Baby” singer, fresh from his appearance at the Golden Globes, was singled out by security at Los Angeles International Airport as he made his way to a departing flight, and was even subjected to the controversial full-body scan.

Maybe the TSA employees were attempting to determine the exact location of his abundant but elusive swagger?

More pictures at CELEBUZZ.
Damn if I was airport security I would definitely do a full body search on him. Our airports must be protected!


News of boutique was leaked in November.

Plans for a Justin Bieber themed boutique at a Los Angeles shopping centre have fallen through.

The news was leaked to the media late in 2010 that the tenn singing star's management were in talks with The Grove, a retail hotspot in Hollywood, to open a themed clothes store stocking Bieber merchandise.

However, the singer's publicist has revealed that, in fact, the talks never got past the ideas stage. They had discussed the possibility but by Christmas the idea had fallen through.

Fans can already get their hands on Justin Bieber merchandise, like nail varnish and a new fragrance will be launched this year.



This is the house that Justin and Selena rented in St. Lucia during their lovey-dovey getaway. It's called the Akasha Villa and costs $3000 per night.

And this must be the bed they fooled around in....

Click here for more pics.


(NEW YORK) -- There won't be a Justin Bieber-themed Glee episode this year, but two of the 16-year-old's hits will be featured on the show.

Speaking to MTV, Glee star Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes, said that "Baby" and "Somebody to Love" will both pop up, though it's unclear if they will be in the same episode.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has already stated that one Bieber song will be used in episode 13, when Chord Overstreet's Sam sings it to win the approval of Dianna Agron's Quinn.

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