13 November 2010

Thursday afternoon, San Jos̩, California. Justin Bieber sits in a dressing room that's usually home to the San Jos̩ Sharks hockey team. But there are 23 Sharks and only one of him Рa tiny boy in a huge room, empty but for a sofa, a documentary-maker pointing a camera at me (Jon M Chu, director of Step Up 3D, now making Justin Bieber Never Say Never 3D), his press man Mike, and his Xbox. He has, I notice, chosen for his Xbox avatar a small black girl wearing a plaid skirt.

One Day With Justin Bieber
Jon M Chu's 3D camera is capturing a circumspect, anxious me. My anxiety is due to the fact that Justin – being only 16 and by far the biggest teen star in the world, probably the biggest since Michael Jackson – tends to rattle off overly polished maxims in interviews, such as these from his newly published autobiography, First Step 2 Forever: My Story:

"Every one of my fans is so special to me... It all happened because of you. I wake up knowing I have the best fans in the world… My team is my family and they all deserve their time to shine too…"


Is Jasmine Villegas Justin Bieber's girlfriend?

I don't know. When Maria Menounos asked him if Jasmine V was his girlfriend he kinda shied away and started to blush.


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The Justin Bieber Pelvic Thrust

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