21 April 2010


Teen pop star Justin Bieber hasn’t allowed being away from the western hemisphere stop his album My World 2.0 from continuing to dominate the Billboard charts. Thanks to nearly another hundred thousand album sales last week, pushing the total to more than quarter million in its first month of release, the album is once again parked squarely atop the Billboard 200 album chart for the third consecutive week. His sales were more than fifty percent greater than the artist in the number two spot; MGMT sold about 66,000 copies of its new album Congratulations (and for using that album title, we congratulate them).
Meanwhile, Bieber’s previous album My World (My World 1.0?) is still on the charts, clinging to the number ten spot.


Justin Bieber gets really scared in elevators


Twist Magazine has all the deets on Justin Bieber’s secrets:
Bilingual Boy
Growing up in Canada, Justin studied french – he even recorded a French version of “One Less Lonely Girl.”
He’s Left Handed
Few people know Justin’s a lefty, though he can use his right to play guitar. “When I started playing, I used a right-handed one ‘cause that’s what my mom had,’” he tells TWIST.
Hairstyle Trick
Justin’s got a magic tough with his shaggy locks! “After I get out of the shower, I blow dry my hair and just shake it and it goes like that!” he dishes to TWIST.
Favorite Foods
What’s Justin’s secret favorite dish? “Spaghetti Bolognese,” he says. Plus, he’s a sucker for fast food. “In-N-Out Burger, here we come!” he tweeted during a trip to LA.
Biggest Fear
While he looks super-confident, Justin’s not fearless. “I’m a really claustrophobic person,” Justin reveals to TWIST. “I hate elevators, especially crammed elevators. I get really scared!”


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Hey Bieber maniacs! We’re incredibly happy to announce that Justin Bieber — yes, the Biebz himself — will be getting the coveted Newcomer of the Year award at our very own Young Hollywood Awards!

The biggest, most incredibly mania-inducing teen star in the universe, Justin Bieber, is coming to HollywoodLife’s Young Hollywood Awards May 13 at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in LA. And we’ll be presenting him with the Newcomer of the Year award!
Less than two years ago, we had never even heard of Justin Bieber — but then he was discovered on YouTube, signed by Usher and made a sensation overnight! His first album,My World was released Nov. 17, 2009 and blew up the charts with seven songs on the Billboard Hot 100 List…marking the highest debut by a new artist of all time.
The 16-year-old singer quickly became the obsession of teen girls around the world and even caused a riot at a mall while promoting his first album. “Bieber Fever” spread everywhere and Justin was asked to perform for President Barack Obama and his First Lady at the White House for the Christmas in Washington concert Dec. 20, 2009. Justin’s first full studio album, My World 2.0, includes the hit single ‘Baby‘ and debuted number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 March 23, 2010.


Justin Bieber Shut Out By His Own Country in Juno Awards 

The Juno Awards are Canada’s version of the Grammy Awards, yet Canada failed to issue one Juno award to number one teen pop idol Justin Bieber.

Bieber was a favorite for the New Artist award, but even that was denied him when it was awarded to Drake.

Apparently, Justin Bieber is a bigger hit in the United States than he is in his home country of Canada.

Justin performed his hit song “Baby” at the Juno Awards, and Drake joined him on a stage for a strange kind of re-mix of the song, combining Justin’s sweet vocals with Drake’s harsher rap voice. The two seemed perfectly content to share the stage and enjoyed their duet.

It’s too bad Justin didn’t get an award in his own country, but in the hearts of many Americans, he is top dog and his classy style plus inspired songwriting and sweet voice make him a winner anyway.


Justin Bieber was spotted in the audience at "American Idol" a few weeks back when his mentor Usher performed on the show. But Bieber himself will get the opportunity to perform on the "Idol" stage during Wednesday's (April 21) "Idol Gives Back" special. And the singer said he could have easily been one of the contestants on the stage if everything had worked differently.
"For sure! You know ... we used to watch [the show]. Me and my mom used to watch it when I was little and we were like, 'I could get on there, you know,' " he told MTV News. "When I turned 16, I might have went and tried out, but this was faster," he said of being discovered on YouTube.
Bieber also said that he stopped by the show to help out with charitable organizations and actually did not give advice to any of the "Idol" hopefuls. "It was great. I was just there. I didn't really work with any of the contestants," he said. "I was there supporting Usher when he performed."
"Idol" producers handpicked Bieber as one of the many artists to grace the "Idol Gives Back" stage. "I looked at that night as a good night for him to be on, because he's absolutely phenomenal," executive producer C├ęcile Frot-Coutaz explained. "And he's young and he's a real inspiration for [the] young generation, so it was a really good fit for him to be in that special episode."


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