28 August 2010

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'Back To The Future' remake a big possibility if Justin can act

Justin Bieber is one of those celebrities that you either love or loathe. While most people old enough to drive seem to find the You Tube star turned pop singer Bieber to be annoying, his huge base of younger fans has made him a star.

Which might be why his newest rumored project might be taking on the Michael J. Fox role in a new reboot of the "Back To The Future" movie franchise.

Several British tabloids are reporting that Bieber is being considered for the starring role in the remake, assuming that "he is capable of acting at that level." When Fox took on the original role, he had a hit TV series ("Family Ties") and several hit movies under his belt.

Bieber is younger than Fox was when he starred in the first "Future" movie, and if took the role it would be written to reflect his younger age. "The most important part of the film is the time travel aspects," said one unnamed film executive. "In fact, some of the plot works better with a younger character."

The biggest problem with the idea might be that the three "Future" films are well-made and fondly remembered by audiences. Even if the remake does make it to the screen, odds are that it will face the same box-office fate as the recent remake of "The Karate Kid."


Update: Even though their argument isn't very solid,
Cinema Blend insists this news is not true.

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