05 September 2010

Who is this businessman?

Justin Bieber trying to attract more cougars 1

And why is he so shy?....

Baby Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber kissing girlfriend 2010

Aww it's just Justin trying to attract more cougars fans!


Justin Bieber YouTube Fight With Hater

According to @bieberhope, Justin commented on YouTube video 'Baby' back to a hater. '@JBISFAGGOT u really made a YouTube channel just to hate on me? who is the dumbass now? how does it feel living in your mothers basement the rest of your life? HI HATERZ. :)'


Justin Bieber YouTube Fight With Hater


ahahaha, the short girl in the purple has both her arms completely wrapped around him!
Creepy! :p

Don't you just love it when his hair is flying around in the wind? So smexy!


Justin Bieber fights back at baby music video haters

Justin Bieber has asked his fans to fight back at "haterz" of his Baby music video.
The promo gained over 300,000 more dislikes on YouTube than it did likes, and the 16-year-old pop star has blamed pranksters for voting it so low.

Writing on his Twitter page, Justin told his fans to help get the number of likes back up. He Tweeted: "Let’s take on the haterz! Everyone hit the like button and get it back! HI HATERZ! haha.
"Haterz thank u for noticing me… I luv u too. Still the small town kid still having fun. HI HATERZ!"

Justin did however, see the funny side of it all. "Got 2 admit… The vid got 200,000 dislikes in 1 day. I’m a prankster myself so I can appreciate a good hacker prank even from my haterz. haha," he later wrote.

"But dont mess with my fans… they are the greatest in the world!!!"

Just checked the video and from what I can see Justin's tweet hardly even made a dent on the "dislikes" lead. :(


Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith aren't usually rivals -- but TMZ has learned the two young superstars went toe-to-toe a few nights ago ... in the form of a dance-battle at a NY bowling alley.

TMZ has obtained pictures of Biebs, 16, and Smith, 12, in action at the Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge on Tuesday night ... following their concert at Madison Square Garden.

We're told the dynamic duo got down to Kevin Rudolf's song "You Make the Rain Fall" -- and the whole thing was captured on tape by Bieber's documentary crew.

Our sources say both guys "killed it" on the dance floor ... but we're told Bieber was the clear winner ... when he busted out a moonwalk!


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