30 June 2010

Or is she just trying to make it look like that to make everyone jealous?


A couple of people have pointed out this video to me telling me that they think Justin is crying in his DOWN TO EARTH performance in Cincinnati.

I know I'm probably gonna upset some of you (especially those who cried too when they saw this video) but I don't think he is crying. :p

Judge yourself:

You can see that he gets "emotional" perfectly at the point when the singing in the song ends and the guitar solo comes on which was meant to give him time to go backstage and change for the next set. This happens at all concerts. So it wasn't that he left the stage because he was crying but because he had to. Can anyone who went/going to his concert confirm that he always leaves the stage after performing DOWN TO EARTH?   If this is the only time then he might have been crying but I highly doubt it.

So did the song bring him to tears? Nah. Should JB win an award for his acting? Yes. :P

If you don't agree then feel free to leave a comment and tell us what you think.



Wow the interviewer is so unprofessional.

Here's another awkward but harilarious interview.


I was pretty sure when I watched the first fews videos that came out the opening night in Hartford but now I'm definite that JB lip syncs at least some of his songs during his My World tour. The question is couldn't they have just performed the song at a lower pitch? Because to me when you know someone is lip syncing a song at a concert it kinda ruins the experience.


Got this easy Twitter contest in the mail yesterday:

(click on the picture)

We wanted to let Justin Bieber’s fans know that his performance for Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular will air on NBC, July 4th @ 9pm. We have an exclusive video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YieJbrO31M) that we’ve put together on You Tube not only to give fans a glimpse of JB behind the scenes but also to announce our Twitter contest as we're giving away FIVE autographed copies of Justin's "My World 2.0" CD!

It's so easy to win! Just by having your followers tweeting the hashtag #JBMacys4th and following @BeEverywhere, fans are automatically entered to win one of five of the autographed CDs! The contest will end at 11:59PM EST the night of July 4, and 5 winners will be chosen at random on July 5. For more details, please visit this link.

29 June 2010


Justin Bieber Doesn't Shoot Fire Balls From His Ass

Justin Bieber has ridden to pop stardom in a short period of time, and with the fame comes a handful of rumors.

However, Bieber has taken to his twitter account to set them all straight. He tweeted, “let’s take some time to answer some crazy rumors….these are always fun…” He then proceeds to list off a series of rumors that are obviously false. They include:

- one…Im not dead. I had to check on this one…but it turns out Im alive

- two…my mom is a moral woman…let’s just leave that one for what it is…because that rumor just grossed and wierded me out…

- 3…I have not joined the Illuminati or any other cult. Im a christian and I pray before every show and am thankful for every blessing

- 4- Im not Peter Pan…Im growing up and my voice will change but no worries Jan Smith is the greatest vocal coach ever…stronger than ever!

- 6- I am not 10 feet tall and I dont shoot fire balls from my arse….that was BraveHeart

- 7 – yes we did skip 5….why??? I dont know….5 was chillin and didnt want to join the fun

- 8 – @asherroth is not my real big bro…he is just the big bro in friendship…we have Bromance. haha

- 9 – Im home schooled and not going to a high school next year in every city we have visited…

- and 10 – No CHUCK NORRIS is not my real father…although he did birth to Hercules

- and the truth is I LOVE MY FRIENDS, FAMILY, and MY FANS. Im the same kid I always was…there is just a lil more pressure. I luv all yall!!

So there you have it…all the fun facts about your favorite pop star. What else would you like to know about Bieber?




This is what happened when he showed up at JB's Cincinnati concert the other night.

This is a trailer for the documentary I'm currently filming about my brother Keegan who has a striking resemblance to Justin Bieber! The documentary will show all the crazy stuff that happens to him.* HE DOES NOT TRY TO STEAL OR COPY JUSTIN BIEBER HE JUST LOOKS LIKE HIM!! EVERYTHING WILL BE EXPLAINED IN THE DOCUMENTRY *


AHAHAHAAHAH. Look at him at the end. So into the singing as if nothing ever happened.

Love love love  <3

28 June 2010

Justin Bieber is one of the artists who really knows how to use his social networking skills to the max.

His latest single, “Somebody to Love” Remix featuring Usher has just been released on iTunes today and it has already hit #21 on the top singles. He tweeted today the following message to his fans, “SOMEBODY TO LOVE remix with USHER is climbing the ITUNES charts!! Let’s get it to #1!! COme on guys…WE CAN DO IT!! thanks so much.”

His music video for the song already has over 12 million views on YouTube. The single on iTunes may not even be a day old, but you can bet that with his twitter skills, the song’s going to hit the top 10 by the end of the week.


Just checked and SOMEBODY TO LOVE is now up at #17 on iTunes.




Justin Bieber nominated for 3 Teen Choice Awards

Choice Music: Breakout Artist — Male
• Justin Bieber
• B.o.B
• Jason Derülo
• Drake
• Nick Jonas and The Administration

Choice Music: Album—Pop
• My World 2.0, Justin Bieber
• Animal, Ke$ha
• The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga
• Here We Go Again, Demi Lovato
• The E.N.D., The Black Eyed Peas

Most Fanatic Fans
• David Archuleta
• Justin Bieber
• Miley Cyrus
• Glee Cast
• Twilight Cast

Vote for JB here (when voting is back up.)


Oh look, it's JB running around wet and shirtless. Can you blame the girls for screaming? That's the funniest part of watching JB videos. The screams. Let's face it. Girls turn into animals when we're around Justin.

At this point I am sure JB will lose his hearing by age 30.


Wow, maybe he sat down and did a bunch of these videos in every language. This time it's Indonesian.



Justin Biebers Yearbook Picture

Anyone wanna guess what year this was taken?


I guess JB's management must have discovered that "No Country Is More Interested In Justin Bieber Than The Philippines".

Thanks to Yhanie, the video below was posted on our Facebook Fan Page a few days ago but couldn't be posted here because it was a Facebook video. Luckily someone posted the same video on YouTube.

In the video Justin says 'Mahal Ko Kayong Lahat' which means 'Love you all'.

Justin is also on the cover of the current issue of Philippine's Total Girl teen magazine.

And you know Yhanie has her copy already. Here she is with it. :)

Follow Yhanie (she's a die-hard Belieber) on Twitter and add her as a friend on Facebook.

27 June 2010

Justin just lost both awards he was up for at the BET Awards. He lost the BET Fandemonium award to Chris Brown which is no biggie. Despite what happened with Rihanna, Chris Brown is still a very popular guy among the hip hop and r&b community.

What is a major surprise and has Beliebers starting to talk is how Justin could lose the New Artist of the Year award to Nicki Minaj. Before the award ceremonies started, Justin was leading the votes with 54% while Nicki was at 27%. It wasn't even close. And yet somehow Nicki's name was called at the awards ceremony.

A little fishy don't you think? Maybe someone decided they didn't want to give the award to a white boy from Canada.


Justin Biebers MY WORLD TOUR Setlist


Someone posted an 11 second clip of a guy dancing with a hat claiming to be JB. I personally think if this was real then the person would have more than just one 11 second clip which shows absolutely no face. idk. :\


Dave Reynolds is JB's Multimedia Manager

I want that pass.




Justin Bieber Drivers bieberlicense picture

hahaha. What's with the hair Biebz?

But the real question is who would take a picture of his license and leak it?
There's personal information on here.

26 June 2010

Justin Bieber joins the world in commemorating The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, even as he is taking a day off on his My World Tour.

On his Twitter account, one of Justin’s most powerful media tool, the teen idol expresses his admiration for MJ by changing his Twitter background. It now contains a picture of Bieber wearing a shirt with MJ’s face and with the words ‘Legends Live Forever’ splashed in front.

Together with the picture, Justin Bieber also revealed to his fans that there was a song in his album that was written with Michael Jackson as inspiration. The song was titled ‘Runaway Love’ and he offered it once again in memory of MJ with a wish that the pop icon would rest in peace.

In addition, Justin Bieber is also participating in the 20/20 Michael Jackson special. The Canadian pop singer shared his wish that people would just stop talking nonsense about MJ and just remember the singer and dancer for his great talent. Speaking maturely as a true artist, Justin Bieber pleads to everyone to commemorate MJ for his contribution to the music industry. How Michael was a great entertainer and how he has influenced not only music but every person’s individual life.


Michael Jackson not only made what we now know today as pop music, but the huge popularity of his music forced MTV to do something they had never done before....play music videos by a black artist. He broke down the color barrier in music and his second album THRILLER became the biggest selling album of all time selling 110 million albums. A record that I guarantee you will never be broken again.

May you RIP MJ.


I also found this video on YouTube which was from the same interview:

What the hell do you mean "not at the moment"?


HARTFORD, Connecticut — On Wednesday night, swarms of teenage girls took over the XL Center in Hartford to check out Justin Bieber as he kicked off his first headlining tour, in support of his album My World 2.0. During the show, Bieber dazzled the crowd with fan favorites like "Baby," "Somebody to Love" and "One Time," but it seems the moment Bieber fans loved most was when he flew over the audience in a heart-shaped cage.

"I thought it was really cool when he came out in the heart," Kiera told MTV News as she was leaving the show. "It was, and he was, in the audience. That was pretty cool." Devin added, "I liked when he flew around in that heart thing."

The chance to get so close to their idol proved to be a highlight of the night.

With most of the glowing reviews from Bieber fans running the gamut from "great" to "amazing" to "loved it," even his older fans, like girls about four or five years older than the apparent median age of 14, caught Bieber Fever. Megan confessed, "I know I'm not supposed to be in love with someone that young, but I am."

Kristen added, "Well tonight's show was really fun, and seeing Justin Bieber in real person and [hearing him sing] was amazing."

Erin admitted that Bieber's family-friendly antics made the show even more enjoyable. "I thought it was really fun and it was really great for kids," she said. "I really enjoyed it. I kind of came in [like], 'OK, I'm not gonna enjoy it.' But I really had a lot of fun. It was a fun concert."

Bieber later tweeted that he really owed his successful first show to his fans. "When u have the support of the greatest fans in the world. U just end up smiling. Thanks," he wrote. "2nite was just...well...i was scared. Didn't want to let anyone down but the energy and the fans were incredible. Cant wait to do this again!"





Pattie Lynn Mallette turns down Playboy offer because she's a Christian

Just like I said, she's a Christian....

Justin Bieber’s mom won’t pose for Playboy despite $50,000 offer, says against religious beliefs

On Friday, a legal representative for Justin Bieber said the teen heartthrob’s mother, Patricia Mallette won’t be taking off her clothes for Playboy magazine.

Ravi Batra told Radar Online “While natures beauty in any form is worthy of appreciation, Justin’s mom Patricia is a born again Christian.”

He added “There is no truth that she would ever pose in Playboy, as it goes against her religion.”

Radar had reported prior that Mallette had been offered $50,000 to appear topless in an upcoming issue of the magazine.


25 June 2010


Check out a surprise and funny appearance by the teen pop phenom today when we were live video chatting with Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, on #PerezTV, above!



This week, Justin Bieber kicked off his first-ever headlining arena tour at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, and he isn't going at it alone. He is taking along collaborator and R&B star Sean Kingston as well as pop newbie Jessica Jarrell. Though Jarrell and Bieber haven't known each other for that long, they clearly have already built a rapport together. When they aren't hitting the stage together night after night for their duet "Overboard," Bieber has figured out a more devious way to pass the time, and Jessica is worried she won't be able to keep up.

"He's a goofball. Like we're always pulling pranks on each other," she told MTV News on the tour bus earlier this week before the tour's big kickoff show. "Actually, I'll tell you a secret: Him and his dancers, his side of the people, they walk around with water guns and water balloons and you know we're gonna have a war. We're gonna have a water gun war, which is going to be fun."

Fun, perhaps. But Jessica might want to hit up the water gun firing range before she takes Bieber on. Apparently she's not quite a sharp shooter yet. And apparently he's kind of got good aim. "I've got my water gun! No [I'm not good]!" she laughed about her skills. "So I gotta have some people help me. I'm bad."



This morning Angie from Fairfield Township showed she had the ultimate love for her daughters Miranda and Lila... she allowed us to SHAVE HER HEAD BALD for backstage passes, soundcheck passes, and tickets to his SOLD OUT show at US Bank Arena this Saturday night. Her adopted daughter Lila is going to meet JB!


justin bieber thanks screams 04

Justin Bieber shows off his purple pride as he performs at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, New Jersey on Thursday night (June 24).

The 16-year-old musician is having a blast on tour so far. Justin tweeted, “In Trenton…Stunners on stage now…we r rockin xbox in the back. Serious hockey battle going on. I’m canadian. Hockey is our thing. Another great night…thank you to all the fans that came and SCREAMED!!! hahaha.. I love u ladies.”

Also pictured is a sneak peek of Justin rehearsing for the 2010 Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular! Justin will be joining the New York Pops and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for the spectacular which airs on Sunday, July 4th @ 9PM ET/PT on NBC.



Legaci may sounds strange to you but not anymore as they will hit the road together with Justin Bieber's "My World Tour" which start this Wednesday June 23. Yup, Scott Braun hired them as Mr. Bieber backup-singers which means onstage they live between burst of spotlight and their camera time comes in blink and you'll missed flashes. Keep an eye of them always. Don't blink.

Legaci's members are Chris Abad 28, Delfin Lazaro 28, Micah Tolentino 30, and Dominic Manuel 28, where from San Francisco Bay Area has been blending their four part melody since they were in high school influenced mainly on Boyz II Men and Shai. They've been finger-snapping in Saturday Night Live, The View, Ellen DeGeneres and Today Show. They performed on stage on a blowout Wango-Tango by KIIS-FM in Los Angeles.

But success never came easy for them.

Same as any other striving new artist it is their dream to make it in the US mainstream and get noticed by major labels. The group tried the lame traditional route and performed in college campuses, clubs and got same lame results. In mid 2000's they released their own albums a mixed of their own compositions and few cover songs. They crank it up a notch by auditioning television talent shows like American Idol, America Got Talent and MTV's Top Pop Group, but to no avail.

They have one option left and that was YouTube, exactly same as their new boss did. By 2007 they started posting their group performance of any kind but mostly they cover songs of known artist.

Their views on Youtube rose dramatically same as their subscribers. Until one day, they decided to cover insanely famous screaming young teens fave hit song called "Baby" by teenage sensation Justin Beiber. In less than 24 hours after it went live on Youtube they got a call, a call that will surely change their life. It was a call from Scott Braun, the manager of Mr. Bieber.

The next thing they know they joined Justin Bieber live performance on MTV.

Asian-American maybe seen as foreign to mainstream America but Legaci had just joined the fleet of pinoys who set their feet in the door in the likes of Allan Pineda aka Apl.de.ap of Black Eyed Peas, Arnel Pineda vocalist of Journey, aspiring pint-sized pop sensation Charice and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger (pinoy dad).

Best of luck guys!



Justin Bieber Joined By Usher In Hartford

From Kayla: I went to Justin Bieber's concert last night in Hartford, CT and it was beyond amazing it was his first stop for his first ever tour. During the last song Justin was performing Baby and Usher came out on stage. The crowd was wild the whole time. All of a sudden Justins mom Patty walked by too. Videos under!


Justin Bieber Joined By Usher In Hartford Justin Bieber Joined By Usher In Hartford Justin Bieber Joined By Usher In Hartford Justin Bieber Joined By Usher In Hartford Justin Bieber Joined By Usher In Hartford Justin Bieber Joined By Usher In Hartford Justin Bieber Joined By Usher In Hartford Justin Bieber Joined By Usher In Hartford Justin Bieber Joined By Usher In Hartford Justin Bieber Joined By Usher In Hartford Justin Bieber Joined By Usher In Hartford

24 June 2010

A few months ago, Lady Gaga's video for "Bad Romance" surpassed "Charlie Bit my Finger...Again!" as the most viewed YouTube video of all-time. As of May 12, 2010 Lady Gaga had amassed 202,638,903 views in approximately six months. It didn't look like anything could stop it.

It still doesn't appear to be stopped, but can it be topped?

As of June 24th, Justin Bieber's "Baby" video surpassed 211,000,000 views. This makes it the second most viewed YouTube video of all-time. "Bad Romance" remains in the lead with just over 233,000,000 views.

It sounds like a major discrepancy, but take note that "Baby" from Justin Bieber has only been available on YouTube for 4 months in comparison to "Bad Romance" being out 7 months. On May 12th, "Baby had only accumulated 132,580,445 views. Within 6 weeks, Justin Bieber has closed the gap from approximately 70 million to 20 million.

Comments on Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video already show fans worrying about Bieber surpassing her in the upcoming months. Comments on Justin Bieber's video could not be retrieved.

There are some interesting notes about this fight. Regular YouTube users are fond of users that invade other videos as trolls. Trolls barge into videos they dislike in order to ridicule the artists and fans who made or enjoy the work.

Usually, trolls aren't welcomed. In this case, any troll that can't resist his or her urges to trespass unto their competition's video will be giving them views. A fan of "Bad Romance" that trolls over to "Baby" is helping Bieber out by posting comments on his video, giving it more views.

Can "Bad Romance" maintain its role as YouTube's most viewed video of all-time? Will "Baby" continue its surge toward the top, effectively ending human sanity?


A month ago I wrote: 
JB's BABY will become the most watched YouTube video of all time by end of 2010

ps. Did you know Lady Gaga's manager is also managing Greyson Chance?



Justin Bieber's mom Pattie Lynn Mallette

He's managed to sky rocket to fame over the past year, and it sounds like Justin Bieber’s mom wants to follow in his footsteps.

According to a recent report, Playboy magazine has offered Pattie Lynn Mallette $50,000 to pose for a spread in an upcoming issue.

The big question remains: will she accept? It remains unknown if Pattie –who’s divorced from Justin’s dad- will accept the offer.

A rep at Playboy told Hollyscoop, "We’re not commenting on this at this time."


I'm sure that's never gonna happen. First Pattie is a Christian and doing it would only embarrass her super famous son. Imagine that. I don't care what you say but your mom is the last person on earth you would want to pose for Playboy. Besides $50,000 is nothing to Justin. He'd probably pay her twice as much just to not do it.


Justin Bieber was terrified before he took to the stage to kick off his world tour because he didn’t want to “disappoint” all his fans.

The 16-year-old Canadian pop star started his My World concert run in Hartford, Connecticut, last night. It is the first time the teen heartthrob has toured and he was extremely nervous because his stage show has been talked up so much.

Justin was so anxious, he even abstained from posting his every move on his Twitter page, visiting the site only minutes before he took to the stage to apologise to his fans.

“Sorry been away all day...first tour ever. Little nervous. Don't want to let u guys down (sic),” he wrote on the social networking site.

Fortunately for Justin, his show went off without a hitch, and he even received a standing ovation from the screaming crowd. He took to the internet after the concert to thank his fans for their support, declaring it to be one of the best nights of his life.

“2nite was just...well...i was scared. didnt want to let anyone down but the energy and the fans were incredible. Cant wait to do this again!

“When u have the support of the greatest fans in the world. U just end up smiling. Thanks. on the bus heading to Trenton to the next show...just trying to take it all in from 2nite. Just one of the greatest nights of my life (sic),” Justin wrote.



23 June 2010

Twilight fans do not like Justin Bieber

We learned something new today during Jimmy Kimmel's "Twilight: Total Eclipse of the Heart" special on ABC. Apparently the fanbase of "Twilight" has not come down with the Bieber fever.

An audience member asks the cast if they have Bieber fever and none of them get to answer because Jimmy Kimmel butts in with a "We have got to get [Justin Bieber] in the next movie."

What was the "Twilight" audience response to this? A resounding chorus of "BOOOOOO." Then Kimmel goes, "...or we could all kill him." and the audience cheered!

So there you have it. Twi-hards ≠ Bieber fever. Good to know. "Twilight: Eclipse" opens nationwide on June 30.


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