09 June 2010

This is unbeliebable! I was checking out the statistics for the site today and I realized something amazing. In the first 3 full months this site has been open, over half a million pages have been viewed on JBShrine. Over HALF A MILLION!! Crazy!

Currently the site is averaging over 6000 to 7000 views a day (the record is 11,000 views in one day btw) and that number keeps going up. Thank you thank you thank you and more thanks.

Please recommend this site to your friends and hopefully we can reach 1 million by the time summer is over. And honestly guys, thank you very much for coming to this site. The last 3 months have been very fun and educational and the next 3 months will no doubt be just as awesome or even more so.

Thank you everyone <3


Oh my goodness. Our partner in Sweden did a post of 28 rare pictures that are awesome.

Go check it out.


Ummm, why would a 4th of July performance be on the 5th of June?

Just wondering.

(Update: Because it's pre-recorded for the telecast.)


You would think that there’s enough strife in the world that the National Enquirer wouldn’t need to create any more, but the supermarket tab claims Justin Bieber is in a full-scale war with his mommy.

According to the magazine, Bieber “is itching to break free from his overprotective mother,” Pattie Mallette, with whom he allegedly butts heads “over everything from his diet and computer access to his new tattoo, luxury SUV and dates with Hollywood cuties.”

As a so-called “insider” says, he “wants to enjoy the perks of being one of the hottest stars on the planet, and Pattie’s trying to keep him grounded.”

Among the problems are the tattoo Bieber got allegedly “without telling his mom” and the car Usher gave him for his birthday.

And then there are the ladies…

“She doesn’t approve of him hanging with Miley and Taylor,” says the alleged “insider,” referring to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

Mallette was supposedly “livid” and “raised holy hell” after her 16-year-old son went on a date (that wasn’t really a date) with Cyrus “without his mother’s OK,” and she also wasn’t too happy about him “reportedly caught catting around” with Swift.

So, how is Bieber taking it?

The Enquirer’s “insider” says, ”Justin’s been complaining nonstop about how controlling his mom is. He loves her, but he hates being treated like a child. He’s gotten a taste of freedom, and now he wants more.”

Does Henry Kissinger really have to come out of retirement to broker the peace?


A rep for the singer tells Gossip Cop “all” of the Enquirer’s story “is unfounded and false.”



Justin makes an appearance at 3:30


Justin Bieber Song About Parents Divorce

Justin Bieber chatted with TWIST about the intense emotions he went through when his parents divorced: 'My parents splitting up is definitely not one of the highlights of my life. It’s sad, (in a divorce) the kid experiences feeling like one of his parents left. It makes you not feel so good.'

Justin felt abandoned when his dad moved out but as he grew up, he was able to let out all his pent up emotions through songs: 'The most personal song I’ve written is ‘Down to Earth’ because it’s about how my mom and dad split up when I was at a young age. It’s just about everyday life and how there are struggles.'

Now Justin’s shared his song, he's come to accept his parents’ separation: 'I think a lot of kids have had their parents split up, and they should know that it wasn’t because of something they did.'




Three apple-cheeked siblings with small-town roots, pop-rock dreams, and a jaunty two-syllable surname? Familias Jonas and Hanson, meet your latest Band of Brothers inductees: Burnham, the Vermont-bred trio slated to open the second leg (Sept. 14-Dec. 23) of tween dream Justin Bieber’s North American My World tour.

Like the brothers Jonai, Burnham is fronted by its youngest member, 14-year-old Forrest (guitarist Alex is 18, bassist and keyboardist Andre, 16); and like Oklahoma’s Hanson, the boys’ sound is unabashedly MMM-boppy. They’ve also garnered a host of big names for production on their fall debut, including OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden, and Rihanna collaborator Brian Kennedy (he also co-wrote Chris Brown’s “Forever”).

Will they capture the rapturous attentions of the Bieber be-fevered girl nation? Judge first single “Catch Me If You Can,” :



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