03 July 2010

First they stole his hat. Then they pushed his mom to the ground. Then they made fun of him because he misunderstood "German". Now they do this. Hahaha. NZ never stops.

Think he'll be coming back anytime soon?


Justin Bieber fans shouldn't be surprised that the love of the entertainer might find him a special place in New York City or Los Angeles. Or maybe both. According to a video released Thursday, the Madame Tussauds in New York City is working on their next project and it appears the lad is up next.

At the unveiling of Kim Kardashian's wax figure, the spokesperson talked a little too much on who they were working on next for Madam Tussauds. Saying it was a 'he' and 'young' on camera and then off camera the staff is saying they are working on an 'entertainer the girls scream for' this could only mean Justin Bieber. Many of the celebrity columnists have put the two together and are 99% positive Bieber is up next as he is the pop culture choice for the demographics of the wax museum.

Let's hope Justin Biebers wax figure has hair was can touch (like Robert Pattinson's figure) and clothes as cool as Ushers (who has some fine threads on his wax figure.) In addition, the dog tags have got to be part of the fashion too.

While some wonder if he will have a place in NYC or LA, the safe bet it to have a wax figure at both places for fans to appreciate, but don't be surprised to see Justin Bieber in Times Square first. All the cool celebrities head there for the debut.

In the meantime, hopefully you have some tickets for 'My World' the latest concert tour of Justin Bieber who is on the road until December.



He's such a joker.


The beatboxing sounds incredible.



I don't know if this makes Justin the pervert or these girls the pervs.

Yesterday two fans staked Justin out at the hotel he was staying at while performing at his concert in Moline, Illinois. But they weren't looking for the usual photo op like most fans. Oh no no no. Instead they wanted to pop their boobs out and asked JB to sign them.

Justin Bieber will sign your boobs

This is what one had to say:
omg YES! the whole week i would ask my friends 1039394875 times a day whether i should do it or not haha. everyone was like cmon its justin- he will haha so i was like alright. and im glad i did it!! i will never forget his expression. i dont even know how i controlled myself. he immediately did it! a big smile popped onto his face and he bit his lip as he signed it. i melted inside haha <3333.

Now when I first looked at that picture I kept trying to make out his signature but it obviously looks like initials instead. Even still, I can't make out the JB. Can you? If anything it looks more like a JB upside down. Look at it. So did they stand on their heads as JB signed their boobs? Or did they sign it themselves?
ok...? well we're not lying. lmfao why would we lie?

So are there any other pictures?
he had NO time to take pictures he was only signing. We have a meet and greet tonight so we wern't worried about pics.

What? I can't believe they did not take any other pictures. Doesn't matter if there's a meet and greet later, going to see Justin without taking pictures is against Belieber law. Especially when Justin Bieber is touching and signing your boobs. You definitely want that on camera.

Plus, even if they do come up with meet and greet pictures from later on that day, doesn't really prove that JB actually touched and signed their boobs earlier in the day.
We met SO many people! Jessica Jarrell Tinashe Scooter Legacy Dan Kanter Ryan Good Kenny Mitch Justin ;) Pattie and probably more :)

Even if this isn't true I expect Justin to get a lot more of these "special requests" in the future and somehow I really don't think he would mind it.

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