15 June 2010

Justin Bieber recently warned Selena Gomez about Nick Jonas and his wild ways. The Biebs tweeted, “Watch out for crazy Nick for me.” Justin, do you know something we don’t? And if so, tweet about that instead.

Is Justin Bieber kidding around or trying to be a gentleman? Because we can’t imagine Nick Jonas doing anything even mildly offensive, let alone crazy.

The Biebs also told Selena that Nick acts like a wild man... he can’t possibly be talking about one of the JoBros. They don’t even take off their purity rings in the shower!

What could Nick have possibly done to offend Justin Bieber?



Justin Bieber Kim Kardashian Airport Pair
From @arielhershy: At the airport I asked the security guard 'can we have a picture' and he said 'not now' then justin looked at me and then he licked his lips and I was like melting haha. Then he went into the lounge with Kim Kardashian.
I waved at them and they smiled :) They were on their phones and justin was on his PS3 and they took a few pictures of the fans :) Then the police made a path so they can get to their flight.
According to Heat, Justin's people are concerned that Kim may try and seduce him. A source revealed: 'Justin could lose everything if he hooks up with Kim.His fans hate her and the thought of Kim taking Justin’s virginity has everyone very worried. She is one of the most beautiful women on the planet and has moves that would drive the poor innocent kid out of his mind.'


Justin Bieber Kim Kardashian Airport Pair Justin Bieber Kim Kardashian Airport Pair Justin Bieber Kim Kardashian Airport Pair Justin Bieber Kim Kardashian Airport Pair



This is why you won't find garbage news here on this site.
Justin Bieber's case of syphilis was just a case of some monkeys with a computer playing a horrible prank. This prank however will give regulators more ammunition to push for greater internet regulation.

A member of 4chan.org, an image and message board, placed a post on the site encouraging everyone to google "Justin Bieber syphilis" in order to push it to the top of Google Trends. After that search reached the top it then took on a life of it's own. Every lowlife, scumbag tabloid site started running stories about how Justin Bieber had syphilis. These stories were all made up and full of lies. They had to be because the story was completely false and generated on purpose to cause a rumor.

Every single website that wrote a story on this issue without checking its facts and made it seem that Justin Bieber had syphilis should be threatened with a lawsuit from the Bieber camp. The message board, 4chan.org, where this whole rumor started should be also threatened with a law suit in order to force them to increase monitoring of what is posted on its site.

A story like Justin Bieber having syphilis is a serious issue. That is a story that could permantly ruin the reputation of someone. There will be millions of people who will never learn that it was a complete falsehood and will always think that Bieber had syphilis. It is stories like this that are the rising force behind the government pushing for greater regulation of the internet. If we want the internet to remain out of the hands of the federal government and to remain an uncensored media platform it is up to us, the users and the publishers, to find ways to regulate it ourselves. If we do not, we may find that one day our precious internet is no longer what we remember.

Believe it or not, a little while after JBShrine was attacked by EbaumsWorld during the whole Ke$ha contraversy, I found out that Chan4.org was also behind the 4 hour attack.

I don't get what drives these JB haters. Do they really have nothing better to do with their lives?


Justin Bieber needs his vocal rest

He is now one of the world’s biggest-selling artists but there are some days when Justin wishes he could lead a more normal lifestyle.

Yesterday was one of those days, with Justin being unable to talk despite being at an amazing party because he had to rest his voice.

“been resting all day. Vocal rest still sucks but needed. Gotta chill but trying to party. My baby jesus likes to party,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

Justin was feeling frustrated and grumpy by the end of the day, but was instantly cheered up when he ran into some of his fans. The teen girls had the singer laughing in seconds, and he thanked them in a short post on the social networking site a few hours later.

“my fans are a good time. they have amazing sense of humor and always lift the spirits. thanks for being there. vocal rest still sucks :)” he wrote.


WOW at how much his voice has changed :O, I LOVE IT <3


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