28 June 2010

Justin Bieber is one of the artists who really knows how to use his social networking skills to the max.

His latest single, “Somebody to Love” Remix featuring Usher has just been released on iTunes today and it has already hit #21 on the top singles. He tweeted today the following message to his fans, “SOMEBODY TO LOVE remix with USHER is climbing the ITUNES charts!! Let’s get it to #1!! COme on guys…WE CAN DO IT!! thanks so much.”

His music video for the song already has over 12 million views on YouTube. The single on iTunes may not even be a day old, but you can bet that with his twitter skills, the song’s going to hit the top 10 by the end of the week.


Just checked and SOMEBODY TO LOVE is now up at #17 on iTunes.




Justin Bieber nominated for 3 Teen Choice Awards

Choice Music: Breakout Artist — Male
• Justin Bieber
• B.o.B
• Jason Derülo
• Drake
• Nick Jonas and The Administration

Choice Music: Album—Pop
• My World 2.0, Justin Bieber
• Animal, Ke$ha
• The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga
• Here We Go Again, Demi Lovato
• The E.N.D., The Black Eyed Peas

Most Fanatic Fans
• David Archuleta
• Justin Bieber
• Miley Cyrus
• Glee Cast
• Twilight Cast

Vote for JB here (when voting is back up.)


Oh look, it's JB running around wet and shirtless. Can you blame the girls for screaming? That's the funniest part of watching JB videos. The screams. Let's face it. Girls turn into animals when we're around Justin.

At this point I am sure JB will lose his hearing by age 30.


Wow, maybe he sat down and did a bunch of these videos in every language. This time it's Indonesian.



Justin Biebers Yearbook Picture

Anyone wanna guess what year this was taken?


I guess JB's management must have discovered that "No Country Is More Interested In Justin Bieber Than The Philippines".

Thanks to Yhanie, the video below was posted on our Facebook Fan Page a few days ago but couldn't be posted here because it was a Facebook video. Luckily someone posted the same video on YouTube.

In the video Justin says 'Mahal Ko Kayong Lahat' which means 'Love you all'.

Justin is also on the cover of the current issue of Philippine's Total Girl teen magazine.

And you know Yhanie has her copy already. Here she is with it. :)

Follow Yhanie (she's a die-hard Belieber) on Twitter and add her as a friend on Facebook.

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