26 June 2010

Justin Bieber joins the world in commemorating The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, even as he is taking a day off on his My World Tour.

On his Twitter account, one of Justin’s most powerful media tool, the teen idol expresses his admiration for MJ by changing his Twitter background. It now contains a picture of Bieber wearing a shirt with MJ’s face and with the words ‘Legends Live Forever’ splashed in front.

Together with the picture, Justin Bieber also revealed to his fans that there was a song in his album that was written with Michael Jackson as inspiration. The song was titled ‘Runaway Love’ and he offered it once again in memory of MJ with a wish that the pop icon would rest in peace.

In addition, Justin Bieber is also participating in the 20/20 Michael Jackson special. The Canadian pop singer shared his wish that people would just stop talking nonsense about MJ and just remember the singer and dancer for his great talent. Speaking maturely as a true artist, Justin Bieber pleads to everyone to commemorate MJ for his contribution to the music industry. How Michael was a great entertainer and how he has influenced not only music but every person’s individual life.


Michael Jackson not only made what we now know today as pop music, but the huge popularity of his music forced MTV to do something they had never done before....play music videos by a black artist. He broke down the color barrier in music and his second album THRILLER became the biggest selling album of all time selling 110 million albums. A record that I guarantee you will never be broken again.

May you RIP MJ.


I also found this video on YouTube which was from the same interview:

What the hell do you mean "not at the moment"?


HARTFORD, Connecticut — On Wednesday night, swarms of teenage girls took over the XL Center in Hartford to check out Justin Bieber as he kicked off his first headlining tour, in support of his album My World 2.0. During the show, Bieber dazzled the crowd with fan favorites like "Baby," "Somebody to Love" and "One Time," but it seems the moment Bieber fans loved most was when he flew over the audience in a heart-shaped cage.

"I thought it was really cool when he came out in the heart," Kiera told MTV News as she was leaving the show. "It was, and he was, in the audience. That was pretty cool." Devin added, "I liked when he flew around in that heart thing."

The chance to get so close to their idol proved to be a highlight of the night.

With most of the glowing reviews from Bieber fans running the gamut from "great" to "amazing" to "loved it," even his older fans, like girls about four or five years older than the apparent median age of 14, caught Bieber Fever. Megan confessed, "I know I'm not supposed to be in love with someone that young, but I am."

Kristen added, "Well tonight's show was really fun, and seeing Justin Bieber in real person and [hearing him sing] was amazing."

Erin admitted that Bieber's family-friendly antics made the show even more enjoyable. "I thought it was really fun and it was really great for kids," she said. "I really enjoyed it. I kind of came in [like], 'OK, I'm not gonna enjoy it.' But I really had a lot of fun. It was a fun concert."

Bieber later tweeted that he really owed his successful first show to his fans. "When u have the support of the greatest fans in the world. U just end up smiling. Thanks," he wrote. "2nite was just...well...i was scared. Didn't want to let anyone down but the energy and the fans were incredible. Cant wait to do this again!"





Pattie Lynn Mallette turns down Playboy offer because she's a Christian

Just like I said, she's a Christian....

Justin Bieber’s mom won’t pose for Playboy despite $50,000 offer, says against religious beliefs

On Friday, a legal representative for Justin Bieber said the teen heartthrob’s mother, Patricia Mallette won’t be taking off her clothes for Playboy magazine.

Ravi Batra told Radar Online “While natures beauty in any form is worthy of appreciation, Justin’s mom Patricia is a born again Christian.”

He added “There is no truth that she would ever pose in Playboy, as it goes against her religion.”

Radar had reported prior that Mallette had been offered $50,000 to appear topless in an upcoming issue of the magazine.


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