03 October 2010

justin bieber

Justin Bieber continues his rise to success and now his album is continuing to make it big for the young singing sensation. Bieber announced that ‘My World 2.0′ went double platinum by posting the news on his Twitter.

“[J]ust found out… MY WORLD 2.0 is certified DOUBLE PLATINUM!! WOW! Thank u all so much for ur support! THANK U!”

Bieber, of course, continued to thank his fans as he always does because he probably has some of the most hardcore fans out there who will do anything for the young star.


BTW: 'Double platinum' means that in the USA alone Justin's "My World 2.0" has sold over 2 million copies.


jasmine villegas justin bieber
Remember I asked you guys nicely to send some death threats Jasmine's way? Did you do it? What? NO?

Well why not? I know many of you say you're happy for JB but come on let's be honest here. If you had a chance you'd push her down a cliff.

Well have no fear my fellow Beliebers as many of you have taken that responsibility seriously.

Here are some rather interesting tweets sent to Jasmine V:

__OhM****ber___ : Oh Jasmine.. If you date Justin Bieber I’m sure beliebers’ll kill you (: @JASMINEVILLEGAS

WeHa****asemin: JASMINE WE HATE U WE KILL U leave JUSTIN!!!! @jasminevillegas

inn****dB: @JASMINEVILLEGAS IHATEU withALLMYHEART Uare UGLY Icant believethat JB can be withU;Ihateu more thanANYTHING!SLOT,WHORE..a bitch(: FU** YOU!

Fu******mine: @jasminevillegas STOP USING JUSTIN FOR HIS FAME YOU LITTLE WHORE!!!!

Fu******mine: @JASMINEVILLEGAS http://twitpic.com/1tf5em – you’re a fu**ing ugly whore!!!! don’t think you’re cool ugly bitch

liv****eebelieb: @jasminevillegas you’re so fu**ing ugly. You can’t fu**ing sing. And you’re a whore. Fu** off. Kbye.

boy****okatme: @JASMINEVILLEGAS i wud tell u to jump off a cliff buh it wud prolly run wen it saw ur ugly ass face!!! just sayin

Nes****x3: @JASMINEVILLEGAS You know what I hate you! You are soo stupid you destroy millions of teenagers dreams! BYE you ugly bitch!

Leila****arie: @justinbieber dont go out with jasmine v shes a BITCH
Ahhhh. Doesn't reading these put a bit of a smile on your face? Come on tell the truth. The truth will set you free!!  :p

Oh and it's not too late. @jasminevillegas Go! Go!


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