15 February 2010

It was less than a month ago that Justin Bieber’s “Baby” was delivered to the world, and now we’re mere days away from watching the fluffy love song’s music video. We know you Biebheads have no patience when it comes to waiting for your teen dream’s projects to surface, so luckily we have a behind-the-scenes preview video for your amusement. See the heartthrob attempt to bowl! Watch the Twitter teen hit on his co-star! Witness Drake inexplicably stop by to show his support!


Set in a bowling alley, Justin explains the the video was loosely inspired by other than the King of Pop. “We’re kind of going off of ['The Way You Make Me Feel'] video by Michael Jackson, where I’m following her around and trying to get the girl,” says The Bieb. “I’m chasing her and she’s really, like, not interested.” Be careful

For the record, here is what the teen pop star has to live up to:

Good luck, Bieber. You’ve got your work cut out for you.

Some naysayers might shrug off the Ferrari mascot as a flash-in-the-pan pop star, but he’s not only big enough to land the opening verse in “We Are The World,” Justin’s songs are inspiring their own cover versions. Indie electro/hip hop trio Menya did their own version of “Baby,” and not only did they give it an extra beat, they added some age-inappropriate naughtiness to it. (Inappropriate for Justin’s main demographic, anyway.)

We like the synthesized take, as well as the the lyric switch from the repetition of the word “Baby” in the original into “let’s make some babies… I just want to bump and grind.” We’ll let Justin’s parents explain that one to him.


From Lexi L: I went to Justin Bieber's concert last night at the Hollywood Palladium. We camped out since the early morning. It was general admission, which means standing room only with my friend Val. We were all the way in the front, pushed up against the barricade hard. We were seeing Justin as close as we could, so we didn't care about getting hurt. Then as he was performing his third song of the night 'Never Let You Go', punches to the face started being thrown. It got CRAZY.

Soon, fans were getting pulled out by security because so many were passing out due to no breathing room at all. I got pulled out because I couldn't handle it anymore, then Val got pulled out about 5 minutes later. I started to get dizzy and couldn't stop shaking, so Val & I went into the Medics room of the Hollywood Palladium. By the time his show ended, there were about 40 girls in there hurt. Two had seizures. One was using an oxygen tank.

Me & Val weren't anywhere as close to that bad, but I couldn't stop shaking & we both were hurt. So, in the end we went home fine. Luckily, before we got pulled, we got to see him perforn 3 songs up close and he saw our sign. We wish we could have seen the concert though. That would've been WAY more fun than being in the medics all night. But it was a very intense and crazy concert expierience. I couldn't believe what I saw. It's amazing how us Bieber Fans will go through ANYTHING, just to see Justin.

From Liz: 'I went to Justin Bieber's concert at the Palladium last night and a it was packed! 32 girls wen to the hospital and many more passed out! Other than that the concert was amaing, it as like Justin's voice got better, there was also a preview of some songs from MY WORLD PART 2.0 (:' BABY under!


Justin spent yesterday doing what he should be doing on Valentines, and that is to spend quality time with his biggest admirers, his fans. He played last night at the Hollywood Palladium and supposedly got there quite late.

Too bad I spent Valentines alone. :(  And he even picked a girl out of the audience and sang to her. Arggghhhh!!

More pictures in the new gallery.

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