18 September 2010


justin bieber's mom pattie mallette
Justin Bieber talks of the sacrifices his mother made to let him follow his dream

As a precociously talented, chipmunk-esque singing sensation, teen heart-throb Justin Bieber would find it hard to be any more adorable.

Yet the Canadian 16-year-old has pulled it out the bag yet again by admitting a striking dedication to the main woman in his life - his mother.

The tiny teen Youtube star Justin Bieber has talked about his struggle to treat his mother Pattie Mallette properly. Justin's parents divorced when he was young.

He's now revealed that he busked before becoming famous for smash-hits such as One Time and Baby in order to earn enough to whisk her away on holiday.

He said: "I often sat with my guitar and sang. After a while, I got so many tips that I could pay for the first ever vacation for my mom and me. We went to Florida."

Justin also said that his mother was the most important woman in his life.

He said: "My mom and I have a really good relationship because together we made it from rags to riches. Without her I'd never have achieved this much. She made a lot of sacrifices to make my dream of a music career possible.

"She's always there for me and I never want to let her down. She's the best mom in the world."



This was recorded in New York on August 31 and will be a part of the 3D movie.
I still can't believe how popular he's gotten in the last year.


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