04 July 2010




On Independence Day Justin Bieber haters strikes again. But who is responsible this time? eBaums or 4Chan?

As I am typing this up YouTube has not found out yet but they have been hacked by either eBaums or 4Chan, the same guys behind the attack on JBShrine and Last.fm.

When I got wind of this news I quickly checked the BABY music video featuring Ludacris on YouTube. When the page loaded a pop-up message came up stating:

BREAKING NEWS: Justin Bieber died in a horrific car accident earlier this morning. Please visit the CNN home page for more info.

After checking to make sure CNN.com wasn't affected, I reloaded the BABY video page and this time the hack was changed from just a simple pop-up message to pretty much wiping out the whole page leaving just the music video and a background picture with the words "OMG FAGGOT" written all over it.

(As I get down to writing this part) YouTube has caught on and has changed the page back to normal except they have disabled their comment section. But luckily I was able to get a screen capture of what I saw:

I think it's now become a competition between the two hater groups to see who is the better hacker and the collateral damage here is JB and his fans.

The following is from the Murray Report:
The world's largest video sharing website, YouTube, appears to have been hacked this evening - as viewers who frequent the videos of teen singer Justin Bieber find themselves bombarded with hate messages and redirected to the infamous, pornographic and cult-followed video known as 'One Man; One Jar'.

Popular videos, such as Bieber's song 'Baby', have been obscured by pop-up windows that profess hate messages to all who wish to view.

Perhaps even funnier, the video for 'One Time' included a redirection to the webpage containing the video 'One Man; One Jar'.

Some of the errors and hacks appear to have been fixed by the website's administrators - for whom the time is 6:30 in the morning.

Furthermore, when visiting the page for 'Baby', viewers are presented with a pop-up window that reads:

BREAKING NEWS: Justin bieber died in a horrific car accident earlier thismorning, please visit the CNN homepage for more info


I just did some investigating and I can now confirm that 4Chan.org is behind the attack.

A message from their /b/ section:
Anonymous 07/04/10(Sun)10:41:01 No.247822XXX
Youtube leak. Comments sections are/where vulnerable too code injection. Hence people can run a Javascript on a page load.

One hour of total anarchy on youtube, youtube admins fixed it by shutting off the comments. But it looks like it's still vulnerable.

The instructions look pretty simple. Seems like you just copy and paste the codes below into the comment section of the video.

The likely result of all this? Justin's "Baby" will overtake Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" as the MOST VIEWED VIDEO of ALL TIME on YouTube in no time. :p

By the way, seems like someone on the inside left this comment:
Shaun said...

I wish to notify you that it wasn't hacked for the purpose of defacing Justin Bieber, nor was it hacked.

The /v/ section of 4chan stumbled onto a comment exploit (this is not hacking) and it started off with scrolling marquees on the popular videos, with various comments consisting of profanity and escalated from there to popups, cookie thefts and redirections.

This was NOT done for the purpose of defacing Bieber's accounts (kidrhaul and Vevo). Now, obviously when you have a community that large filled there will be Bieber haters. But this exploit was not discovered and used for the purpose of bad naming Bieber or upsetting his fans.
July 4, 2010 7:02 AM

So in other words this was more an attack on YouTube itself and JB fans should not take this personally as it was done to other artists' videos too. It just so happens that JB fans were most affected because we are a large portion of the people who use YouTube.

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