28 November 2010

Armed police storm Rio favela

Some 2,600 police and army operatives swept through a Brazilian slum on Sunday, seizing 11 tons of marijuana and "a small arsenal" of weapons—including a missile—from a notorious drug gang. They also found a Justin Bieber mural.

Pezao, whom The Guardian describes as "one of the area's top traffickers," is apparently also one of the area's top Justin Bieber fans. Brazilian news outlet R7 published the photo, as well as several others documenting the narcos' "mansions." They'll need to update for Bieber's new haircut, obviously.

This Brazilian Drug Lord Is a Huge Justin Bieber Fan

The "unprecedented" operation, which focused on the notorious 70,000-resident Complexo do Alemao, took place at 8 a.m. By 9:30 a.m. it had been "conquered," (that's what the police said, at least), and in the afternoon the government troops "hoisted the country's green and yellow flag." The hope was to weaken the Red Command drug gang and capture some of its notorious members—like Zeu, the drug lord behind the samurai-sword murder of Brazilian journalist Tim Lopes. It's unlikely to be the last raid, though:

"The head of Rio's drug squad, Marcus Vinicius Braga, described the operation as "worryingly calm" and suggested further confrontations were likely. "We are winning, but we haven't won yet," he said.

And who said Justin Bieber is only made for teenage girls? The real question is what song these drug dealers like to sing along with the most.

Answer: "Kiss and Tell". ahahaha


justin bieber x factor 04

POP sensation Justin Bieber caused chaos outside the X Factor studios yesterday as a girl fainted while waiting for her idol.

The Canadian singer, 16, was greeted by hordes of teenaged fans.

They braved freezing temperatures to see him arrive for his performance on the ITV1 show last night alongside Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, 32, and boyband The Wanted.





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