24 May 2010


This is too much to handle for one day. Looks like we're gonna be hearing a lot about this past weekend in the UK.....

Justin Bieber behaves like teenage diva at Radio 1's Big Weekend
Justin Bieber always seemed like a sweet sort of boy to us, but after what we witnessed at Radio 1’s Big Weekend we’re not sure he’s as sweet as he looks. Justin’s “people” had made it very clear that nobody could ask him about his rumoured birthday tattoo, but Radio 1’s Fearne Cotton couldn’t resist a little question. After all, she’s a pretty big fan of tattoos herself, and that’s probably the only thing she has in common with a 16-year-old boy.

Anyway, Justin didn’t like her breaking the rules one bit, and after refusing to reply he got up and stomped out of the interview. Oo and er.

Later that same day, Justin also commandeered his very own backstage buggy and drove around flicking the finger at everyone, including the likes of JLS, Diana Vickers, Dizzee Rascal and Cheryl Cole, who were also performing at the event. However, karma came back to bite him on the Bieber-hind later on when he took to the stage and was promptly greeted by boos. See, Justin - diva behaviour will get you nowhere!



Justin Bieber Ryan Butler Eminem

Damn Ryan sure is a lucky guy. Doesn't he ever have to go to school?


The people at 3AM in the UK were given a chance to ask Justin one question. Apparently they were allowed to ask him any question EXCEPT about the tattoo. (I wonder why?)

Anyways, they could have asked him any question and the one they chose to ask was:
There are so many websites dedicated to Justin Bieber. Have you seen the website lesbians that look like Justin Bieber dot com?
For real?

And they also made a really nice list to boot:
Oh and we learned five things about Justin over the weekend...

1) The Welsh don’t appear to like him very much, they booed him when he was on stage
2) He keeps his sunglasses on indoors
3) He’s even smaller, but with bigger hair, in real life
4) The most exciting thing he could come up with about Wales was that it has lots of trees
5) He chomps on chewing gum like Alex Ferguson

I guess you never know when a hater is looking straight at you in the face.


Who are these girls? I think they are Korean?


Justin Bieber booed at Radio One's Big Weekend
The Canadian teen heart-throb was jeered just before he took to the stage at Bangor, Wales.

Justin performed three songs on the main stage on Saturday and the boos were soon drowned out by the screams of his loyal fans.

30 Seconds to Mars' frontman Jared Leto defended the singer saying: "He's a young kid. He'll be able to charm the crowd."


Really? Anyone know first hand if this is true?

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