01 October 2010

Should Jasmine Villegas be nervous about the new lady in Justin Bieber’s life? She’s beautiful, talented AND smart!

Justin Bieber’s music video for “U Smile” came out today, Oct. 1, and the buzz around Hollywood isn’t just about our beloved Bieber. Everyone has been wondering who the video’s leading lady is and here’s what HollywoodLife.com knows!

Anastasia Kassar is the lucky girl to snag the dream role as the fan Justin falls for and it turns out Anastasia is a true talent in her own right. We found out Anastasia is a singer/songwriter, actress and athlete. She speaks French, plays piano, models and knows six styles of dance! If that’s not enough to prompt jaw dropping and make J’s gf, Jasmine Villegas nervous, Anastasia tweeted a sweet thank you to Justin after they wrapped filming.

“@justinbieber,Working with you was a dream come true! I am sure all of your fans will love the video! Thank you for everything! :)”

Let’s not forget that Justin’s current real life love interest, Jasmine, was the leading lady in his “Baby” video. Oh and then there was Kristen Rodeheaver who he personally picked for his “One Time” video and briefly dated. Uh oh, Jasmine you better watch out! Your leading lady days may be numbered!





justin bieber There really is a Justin Beaver ahaha
The newly named Justin Beaver and his pal, Jose the Beaver, are seen in the Bronx River.
The beaver is the state mammal of New York but had long been thought absent from
New York City. Justin Beaver was named in a contest held by the Wildlife Conservation
Society in honor of teen singer Justin Bieber.

First, it was announced that Justin Bieber dolls would be hitting toy stores this holiday season, wearing some of the singer's outfits and playing short clips from his hits. The tween heartthrob reportedly also has a 3-D movie and his first book on the way.

But he's really hit the big time now: A beaver in the Bronx has been named after him.

The beaver is the state mammal of New York, but for years was thought to be absent from New York City. In 2007, one beaver was discovered in the Bronx River, and was named Jose the Beaver in honor of U.S. Rep. Jose E. Serrano of the Bronx.

The second critter was discovered in September, and the Wildlife Conservation Society held a contest on bronxzoo.com to name it. "Justin Beaver" won in a landslide.

The other names in the vote were Bobbie, Chompers, Castor (part of the Latin name for the North American beaver) and Wally, as in "Wally and the Beaver" from the 1950s sitcom "Leave It to Beaver."

“Everyone that lives and works in the Bronx should be proud of the ecological rebound that the Bronx River has made," said John Calvelli, executive vice president of public affairs for the Wildlife Conservation Society. "José and Justin certainly appreciate it.”


justin bieber There really is a Justin Beaver ahaha


...and again and again


Justin Bieber Concert Rider

Turns out Justin Bieber’s tour rider is as squeaky clean as the 16-year-old pop star himself.

No booze or hashish or condoms. The singer just wants concert promoters to outfit his dressing room with mixed nuts, potato chips, herbal teas, some Vitamin Water, and deli, vegetable, and fruit platters, according to this excerpt from Bieber's 2010 tour rider.

Young Bieberphiles may also be interested to know that the performer’s candy requests revolve around gummy treats: Swedish Fish (when the singer is in the U.S.) and Big Foot (for Canadian gigs).

The singer also requires one Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler, Purell antibacterial soap, and an assortment of plain white t-shirts and “lo-rise” socks. We’ll assume that the “XS” ones are for the pint-sized Bieber.

Grub destined for the performer needs to be covered with plastic, and the singer’s people request that promoters “exercise caution with easily spoiled items such as mayonnaise.”

Bieber’s backstage requirements are in keeping with the overly reasonable demands of other young stars like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Vanessa Hudgens, all of whom have yet to show Jennifer Lopez like symptoms.


Justin Bieber Concert Rider

Justin Bieber Concert Rider

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