20 July 2010



I could recognize that smile anywhere. That is a smile of a lamborghini owner.



Since both Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have repeatedly sung praises for each other, people now try to hook them up by proposing a duet project.

Commenting on the idea, the "Wizards of Waverly Place" star said she would love to do it. "Yeah, I'll probably ask him if he wants to," Selena told M Magazine.

"He's really busy, especially since he's on tour, which I totally understand. I love that kid so much. He has definitely been an inspiration to me in many ways."

The Disney songstress further said, "Justin has become one of my best friends. So doing a duet together would be a dream come true for both of us. I think it would be so much fun, hopefully it will happen!"

Selena Gomez is currently preparing a sophomore set titled "A Year Without Rain". She eyes to release it in United States on September 28 with a lead single "Round Round" already embraced by music fans since last month.



Dream gift: P-Diddy promised to give Bieber his white Lamborghini as a gift for his 16th birthday

Justin Bieber only passed his driving test three months ago, but the teen singing sensation has already gotten himself a car that most grown men can only dream about driving - a Lamborghini.

And just to add to the envy quota it seems Bieber didn't even have to shell out a penny for the car, as it appears to be a gift from his close friend, rapper Sean 'P-Diddy' Combs.

Diddy had promised he would give Bieber his white Lamborghini as soon as he turned sixteen, although Bieber didn't seem to take the rapper's generous offer very seriously.

Cruising: Justin Bieber drove fellow singer Sean Kingston to get some frozen yogurt in Los Angeles yesterday

Back in March Bieber told People magazine: '[Diddy] said when I turn 16 he will give me his Lamborghini.
'But we all know Diddy's not going to give me his Lamborghini, he's all talk.' Seems Bieber spoke too soon as he was spotted driving around Los Angeles yesterday in a white Lamborghini. Bieber took the car for a drive with another of his musician friends, singer Sean Kingston, stopping off for some frozen yogurt along the way.

It's certainly beneficial to have mega-rich friends in high places - in addition to the Lamborghini Bieber also has a Range Rover. The 'Baby' hitmaker's mentor, Usher, gifted him with a brand new Range Rover when he turned sixteen on March 1st.

Meanwhile, Diddy is in the habit of gifting teenagers with ludicrously expensive cars. He gave his son, Justin Dior, a £220,000 German Maybach for his sixteenth birthday, including a uniformed chauffeur as the teen wasn't even able to drive.




Love Dubstep remixes.

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