26 May 2010

justin bieber kissing new girlfriend

All of us here, of course, know that Justin Bieber is perfect in every possible way. But lately some mean-spirited rumor-mongers have lost sight of that fact, and have begun spreading ugly scuttlebutt about the 16-year-old My World sensation: That Biebs is rude behind the scenes. That he gets testy when people ask him about that sweet bird tattoo of his. That he's so dumb he doesn't even know what Germans are. (Okay, so that last one appears to be true.) [JBShrine: NOT TRUE. He knows what German means.]
But Justin Bieber can only take so much besmirching of his good name. So, even though he's Canadian and thus politeness is pretty much hard-wired into his DNA, Biebs has taken to his Twitter account to tell the big meanies to back off. In the nicest possible way, of course:
family time with my mom couldnt come at a better time....i was raised to respect others and not gossip...nor answer gossip with anger...i know my friends family and fans know the person i am. hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job i guess.
but i all i have to say is...kill em with kindness.
Well put, young Justin. Well put. And if that fails, maybe you can sic your army of rabid fans on them. That would scare even the most dedicated hater into adoring compliance.


Not only is Justin Bieber one of (if not THE) hottest guys out there right now, but it turns out he’s one of the nicest too! He seriously LOVES his fans. Whenever we hang out with Justin, he always tells us how appreciative he is of you guys and how he wouldn’t be anywhere without your support! But we don’t even need to tell you that–Justin ALWAYS shows his love for his fans via his Twitter and his YouTube!

For example, he recently gave 10 lucky fans something special on his Twitter! A few days ago, Justin decided to give 10 of his luckiest fans a free copy of his CD, My World 2.0 Bonus Track Edition on iTunes! It’s always great to see a celebrity give back to the fans that love them so much and Justin is definitely sending the love to his fans whenever he can! Were any of you one of the lucky 10? What would you have done if you were one of them?





Today at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York, Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, talked about the megastar’s usage of Twitter. It was brilliant. “What other way is a teenage boy going to talk to girls?,” Braun quipped.

Bieber currently has around 2.7 million followers on Twitter, making him one of the most-followed people on the service. But more impressively, Bieber has seemed to dominate Twitter’s Trending Topics area lately. Or rather, he did. Then something happened. “Twitter, if you’re here. You changed your algorithm,” Braun half-joked.

Braun noted that for most of the tweets it is actually Bieber tweeting. In fact, Braun is the only other one with the password to the account — and those tweets are clearly not from Bieber. And of course Bieber is going to tweet for himself: “He’s talking to the 2 million girls has at his disposal,” Braun said.

More seriously, Braun said that the usage of Twitter is actually pretty important. It shows that he’s ”the same person who was talking to them before he got huge, is still talking to them now,” Braun noted.

He noted that there may be a random girl in Iowa who never thought she’d ever talk to Justin Bieber, then he responds to her on Twitter. “That’s something she’ll remember for the rest of her life.”

Bieber spends a least two hours a day on Twitter, Braun noted. “He likes doing it. That’s what kids do.”




Things are not looking so good in Belieberland this past couple of days and it doesn't look like it's gonna get any better any time soon....

Seems the tattoo tantrum isn't the first time Justin Bieber has acted like a cry baby with Sunrise host David Koch accusing him of being rude to a staff member.

The super-cheerful morning host spilled the beans about Bieber's recent visit to the Sunrise set and his foul mouth on breakfast radio show Mike E & Carmela in The Mix.


Does this change your opinion of Justin?


If you're been coming to The Justin Bieber Shrine for a while you will notice by now that there are some "news" that we choose not to report on this site. These news are what we call FLUFF. Fluff is news that we recognize are fake and made up by people who simply want to report on fake stories in order to get attention for their site or magazine.

A perfect example is the 'JUSTIN BIEBER WANTS TO HAVE TAYLOR LAUTNER'S BODY' news that is going around. This story originated from the National Enquirer, a tabloid/gossip magazine that is known for making up fake news. They made the stupid claim that JB wants Taylor's body so bad that he has hired Taylor's personal trainer to train him through Skype and iChat which really makes no sense since Justin has the money to afford any trainer to come to his house to train him.

Below is a post from Gossip Cop who, like JBShrine, instantly recognized that this story is fake..

Hollyscoop has worn out the letters W, R, O, N and G on our keyboards with its poor reporting.

Today, the site posted a piece that began, “Justin Bieber has everything he could ever imagine as a 16-year old… except muscles!” And to rectify that, claims the bad blog, he’s hired Jordan Yuam, the same personal trainer “Twilight” hunk Taylor Lautner used.

Quoting the equally unreliable National Enquirer, Hollyscoop writes, “Justin’s positive he has the intensity and focus to get the same results as Taylor… He wants ripped abs, bulging biceps and cut thighs.”

The site concludes, “We laugh now, but seeing what Jordan [Yuam] did for Taylor Lautner, we may be looking at Justin Bieber in a whole new light soon!”

Speaking of laughing…

Gossip Cop can’t stop laughing at Hollyscoop, which ran this completely fabricated report, a full FIVE DAYS after we already debunked it.

As Gossip Cop noted back then, a rep for Bieber said, there’s “no accuracy to this story.”

Too bad Hollyscoop couldn’t lift one single muscle to correctly report this piece.

JBShrine can't stop laughing at Hollyscoop (or JB-Sour for that matter).. Hollyscoop is now on our blacklist.

At JBShrine, our goal is not to be the biggest or 'complete source'. We just want to be the trusted source for Justin Bieber news.


I was waiting all day for a response from JB about the Fearne Connor, tattoo, finger flipping incident.

Justin on twitter:

i know my friends family and fans know the person i am. hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job i guess. but all i have to say is...kill em

Personally I do believe that he gave her the middle finger but I think she deserved it. What I don't believe is him going around fingering random people in his buggy. Just doesn't make sense. I don't know.

What do you think?

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