06 May 2010

It's so sad that the My World tour is only going to 3 cities in Canada this summer. C'mon Biebz! I thought you love Canada? How about showing western Canada some luv?

Well sources are saying that Justin will be adding Winnipeg (why Winnipeg??) to this list of Canadian stops, which will make it the forth and only city to be outside the souther Ontario area. The date has not yet been set but it will be sometime in September.at the MTS Centre.

I'll keep you posted as I find out more.



4 New Justin Bieber Facts You Probably Didn't Know

1. Justin was always a bright student and can fix a Rubik cube in less than 2 minutes.

2. The violin is the fifth instrument Justin wants to learn.

3. His first kiss was at a school dance (at 13).

4. Justin promised himself that his wedding day will be on February 14, Valentine's day.

Anyone knew these already?



Not only is he part German but he got up close and personal with one.

If you can't handle the picture of JB kissing German Idol contestant
Steffi Landerer then make sure not to watch the video.

And here he is on German TV counting to 10 in "Jewman"

Justin on Twitter:
"Because I thought this interviewer in NZ said 'Jewman' instead of 'German' people think I don't know what German is?"
He later tweeted:
"I count in GERMAN and translate my own name. Guess I know what German is. Guess home schooling is working out. Do your research next time b4 making a lame attempt at hating on a 16 year old."

I talked about this a few days ago and now the hating is spreading everywhere. Yes the host did show JB the card but the accent was so strong he couldn't understand him. He thought the guy said "Jewman" which, to me, sounds like a racist term and we all now Justin isn't like that. That is why he said "we don't use that word in America". He wasn't trying to be a smart ass on national TV with that comment. He's just trying to distance himself from what he thought was a racist term. And why couldn't the host just say "You know as in Germany" to clarify?

Here is the clip again.... (Watch the full interview here.)

This small thing has become such a big deal because there are so many JB haters out there spreading it. Do you not agree?


Meet Kim Kardashian's current boyfriend. No, not Justin Bieber. But soccer (football) superstar for Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo:

cristiano ronaldo shops drops 04

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