11 May 2010

Turn the volume up on the first two videos.


Edmond's Sixth Grade Festival got a treat indeed when sixth grader Greyson Michael Chance took on Lady Gaga's hit "Paparazzi" a few weeks ago. Is this the new Justin Bieber? Or (dare we say) a new and improved Justin Bieber? A 2.0, if you will? The tweens sure seem to love him a lot, judging by the looks in the background, and Greyson definitely has the Bieber 'do down pat.

And it doesn't stop with "Paparazzi." Little Greyson has some original songs too. The first one is "Broken Hearts," which he says, "Still needs a lot of work." The second one is "Stars," which he says is "the story to this song is about a wife who dies of cancer but then she goes to heaven in the 'Stars' Then the husband shortly after her."

Awww! That's heavy stuff for such a young fella. He certainly is a talented singer and pianist. We think Lady Gaga should get on this cover right now.


In less than a year, Justin Bieber has gone from internet sensation to full-blown pop star. And, the 16-year-old stopped by "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Tuesday (May 11) to admit that he's still trying to comprehend his fame and success.

"It's been pretty crazy coming from a little town in Canada and now being able to travel the world and do what I love," he told Oprah. "I was just posting videos online for fun. I never really thought this was possible, so I never really dreamed of it."

"He's got such a great team of people around him," his mom, Pattie, said on the show. "[They] protect his character and treat him like a kid and make sure that he stays grounded and has fun. I think I would worry more if he was in high school where I wouldn't know what he was doing, whereas now I know who he's with and where he is all the time."

Bieber, who is currently filming a video for "Somebody to Love," is quick to add that the people in his entourage are a tight-knit set and that he's careful about who is added to that group. "We're really skeptical who we let on our team. We've grown to be kind of like a family. It's been incredible," he explained.

To ensure that he isn't too inundated by the trappings of his new superstardom, Bieber takes off one day a week to be a normal kid.

"We try to take off at least one day a week for me to be a regular kid, go play basketball, hang out with my friends and, you know, just do what I like to do," he explained. "Sometimes for that day I just sleep all day because the six days before I'm exhausted."

And while he usually spends his off days doing more "normal" things like basketball, sometimes he also gets the normal treatment when his mom grounds him.

"My mom takes things that I really like, like my computer, my phone. She takes my phone away for a couple of days and I'm like, 'Oh, I need that!' " he said, adding there's no way he could get out of it by saying that he's Justin Bieber. He added, "She'll slap me in the face!"

But, unlike most teen boys, they don't have screaming girls following them everywhere they go. "It's pretty hard to comprehend. Like everything's just kind of surreal," he said, adding "I have no clue!" why they scream at him.



We can get down with Bieber Fever.

While Justin Bieber was out shopping on Mother's Day at the Grove with—shocker—his mom, the most hysterical part about the fan sighting was what you didn't see on camera.

Like how he really makes the girls within a 20 feet radius utterly squirm...It's so friggin' Hollywood.

One twentysomething babe who saw the teen sensation in Forever 21 fills us in on the scene:

"I wasn't sure if it was actually Justin, because he is so small. I mean supertiny. I couldn't tell if it was him or not. Then I noticed a few teenagers, probably about 13 years old, on their phones snapping photos and text messaging away. I asked them 'Hey is that Justin Bieber?' and one of the girls looks up, straight faced, with her cell in hand and goes 'Duh, that's why we're, like, freaking out.' "

From all the stories you hear about J.B. mania, like how he had to have his Australian concert shut down due to safety concerns and had eager fans start a mall riot in Long Island, leave it to L.A. teens to consider calmly texting their friends while the heartthrob of their dreams is only a few feet away "freaking out." Que American.

Our source chatted briefly with The Biebs on the way out of the store and says Justin "couldn't have been nicer."

Still, not all girls were quite as calm, but still pretty cool. As our Grove source made her way to her car in the garage, you could hear "Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber!" being screamed from afar. No reports of mob rushes, so hope the singing ministud escaped unscathed!


Does that mean the saga is over?
I actually like it that they are hanging out.

May 10th, 2010: Superstars Miley and Justin were spotted in a Los Angeles Cafe. When asked if they would be working together in the future, Miley mumbled a 'Maybe'.


Justin Bieber Behind The Scenes at The Oprah Winfrey Show

Justin is on Oprah today. Make sure to watch. 4PM


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