20 December 2010

The video was taken inside the hotel right before the picture (below) was taken outside the hotel.

Justin Bieber avoids mob as he leaves his Miami hotel

And yes I did notice his right hand. :p


Another leak?


This is not Justin. It's some guy who is trying to become popular by looking and sounding like Justin. All the videos in his Youtube channel are like Justin's. His channel name is "Kiddult" (which is like JB's Kidrauhl channel) and believe it or not his real name is Drew. I kid you not. (Look at his Youtube channel. All his videos are like JB's videos. This guy is sick.)

Here's another lame-*ss immitation song. He's even going for JB's look. Total copycat. (Remind you guys of the JBSour Monkey?)

Will keep you guys posted if I find out anything new.



I saw this cover a while ago but forgot to post it until I saw this pic of Avery at the
Tampa concert where she ran into Johnny Depp.


Thumbs way up to this girl. If you ever get a chance to meet JB in person don't waste the
opportunity of a lifetime. When he goes in for the hug just lay a big wet one on his lips face.

Why not right?

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