10 October 2010

new Justin Bieber Shirtless pictures in Hawaii

Fresh off of celebrating his guitarist's wedding, Justin Bieber made his way to perform a few shows in Hawaii over the weekend.

Making the most of his downtime, the "Baby" singer tossed on his swim trunks as he joined rumored girlfriend Jasmine Villegas for a boating excursion on Friday (October 8).

Hopping aboard a Hawaiian catamaran, The Mai Tai, Bieber and Villegas were joined by Jaden Smith and family members as they cruised the waters off of Waikiki Beach.

Tweeting his Hawaiian excitement, Justin happily wrote, "Hawaii great night and great vacation here. me, jaden, and @JASMINEVILLEGAS all had a great time. thank u. cant wait to come back!!"

Also noting his upcoming plans, the 16-year-old tweeted on Sunday (October 10), "off to Japan 2morrow!!! Flying in fans from all over Asia! Looking forward to seeing everybody"

Shirtless Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber in Hawaii on a boat

Justin Bieber vacationing shirtless

2010 Justin Bieber Shirtless pics

Justin Bieber shirt off in Hawaii


sexy Justin Bieber on the beach

New Justin Bieber Shirtless in Hawaii Pictures


Justin Bieber goes to pick up Jasmine V at the Airport
Justin Bieber gives rumored girlfriend Jasmine V a big hug as she arrives in Hawaii on Friday afternoon (October 8).

The 16-year-old musician, who is coming out with a nail polish line, played two sold-out concerts while in the state capital of Honolulu.

The next day, Justin met up with Jasmine V and best bud Jaden Smith for a boat ride on a catamaran called Mai Tai.

Justin tweeted, “Hawaii lets spend some more time together. Sick day out on the boat with the whole crew. Little Jack Johnson playing and some sunshine and some sea turtles and dolphins. Great day.


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