23 June 2010

Twilight fans do not like Justin Bieber

We learned something new today during Jimmy Kimmel's "Twilight: Total Eclipse of the Heart" special on ABC. Apparently the fanbase of "Twilight" has not come down with the Bieber fever.

An audience member asks the cast if they have Bieber fever and none of them get to answer because Jimmy Kimmel butts in with a "We have got to get [Justin Bieber] in the next movie."

What was the "Twilight" audience response to this? A resounding chorus of "BOOOOOO." Then Kimmel goes, "...or we could all kill him." and the audience cheered!

So there you have it. Twi-hards ≠ Bieber fever. Good to know. "Twilight: Eclipse" opens nationwide on June 30.



kinda nervous and hyped right now. today is the 1st day of the MY WORLD TOUR!! We still have a lot to do... but this SHOW is CRAZY!!!
It's almost showtime!! Hartford CT the MY WORLD Tour starts tonight!! 
- Justin Bieber 


Justin Bieber as Alex Van Helsing
As vampires are the hot stuff on TV and films (think Twilight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood), it will definitely be phenomenal if the teen pop sensation Justin Bieber will join the bandwagon. Well, he’s got that Robert Pattinson swagger in him, alright. I guess producers are now grabbing their idea machines right now to bank in Bieber in some vampire-related gig.

Well, there’s one of our readers who tipped us that Justin Bieber “might” just be doing a famous fictional vampire hunter in movies. Ricky Anillo chimed in that: “I heard from someone at Harper that Justin Bieber is up for the part of Alex Van Helsing, teen vampire hunter from the book series”. That might be a cool idea if it is really confirmed, ain’t that right, Bieber fans?

Just like the Stephanie Meyer books, Vampire Rising series by Jason Henderson has a lot of cult following. Alex Van Helsing is a 14 year old decendant of a vampire hunter. He’s trapped in a boarding school near Lake Geneva in Switzerland. This is where his adventure began as he uncovers a secret school for vampires. That’s kind of Harry Potter-meets-Twilight, huh?

Are you digging the storyline for this supposedly Justin Bieber flick in the future?



Vanessa Price: The Stylist Behind Jusitn Biebers Hair

Ok....everybody freak out, because I've got the scoop on Justin Bieber's fever-inducing mane, straight from the source. Vanessa Price, the creator of his famously floppy, swoopy, shaggy bowl (which is now covering more than one famous head) checked in with us about what it's like to work with the Bieber himself. I had to really restrain myself from asking what his hair feels like (probably spun gold and bunny fur), or if his eyes sparkle magically in real life (probably they do), and a million other questions for the benefit of you crazed Bieber fans, but still I got some good insight!

How long have you been working with Justin?
I met Justin about a year ago, when we were shooting the artwork for his first album, My World. It's been a whirlwind ever since!

What do you guys listen to when you're working together?
When I'm cutting Justin's hair we usually have some music in the background, but I prefer it when he sings to me!

What's it like working with him?
Justin and I always have a lot of fun. He always has a clear idea of what he wants, and I get to execute it and make it look better. It's always been a collaborative project.

Why do you think Justin's hair has become such a "thing"? People are obsessed!
I don't know why people become obsessed with something like a hairstyle! I think it's more about the entire package. He's so handsome, and such a talented young man, so who wouldn't want to look like him! Oh, and the swagger. He's got swagger.

What products do you use in his hair?
Believe it or not, I never use any product in Justin's hair. It just doesn't need it! But for guys wanting to get his look, I might suggest using a texturizer with shine, like Davines' Defining Texturizer or their No. 1 Finest Oil Non-Oil.



He actually does a pretty good job. I like I like. :)


Canadian pop star Justin Bieber’s voice is changing as he goes through puberty and it could ruin his career. He’s reported to be working with a voice coach, but can no longer hit the high notes. Is his career in jeopardy?

While his trademark fringe haircut has remained the same, Bieber, 16, confesses his voice is changing, as he goes through a growth spurt.

“I’m not like some super human whose voice doesn’t go through puberty,” Justin told reporters at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto. “Everyone goes through puberty.”

Bieber’s training with his vocal coach, Jan Smith in Atlanta, to work through any issues stemming from his changing voice.

“He’s gone from a Michael Jackson high to more of a dark-mocha tone,” Smith tells USAToday.

She adds: “In some ways, Justin is just a normal kid going through puberty: He doesn’t want to study (Bieber travels with a tutor and does three hours a day of schoolwork), he likes girls (he was recently crushing on Kim Kardashian) and loves to watch movies.”

However, Bieber is also more grown-up in a lot of ways because he’s a professional entertainer, she says.

“He’s very mature around adults, and we are all here to make sure that he’s not harmed by an industry that is known to eat up young kids and spit them out,” says Smith.

Still, Bieber has the some of the same concerns other teenage boys his age have.

“Thanks to the music industry, I’m going to be really short,” jokes the 5′6″ singer, referring to his around-the-clock performing and travel schedule that cut into his sleep time. “[I'm working] in the middle of my growth spurt.”

To keep from going crazy, Bieber takes off one day a week to relax and hang out with friends.

“We try to take off at least one day a week for me to be a regular kid, go play basketball, hang out with my friends and, you know, just do what I like to do,” he says. “Sometimes for that day I just sleep all day because the six days before I’m exhausted.”

In addition to basketball, Justin also enjoys hockey, bowling, going to the beach and playing football.

Despite his incredible rags-to-riches story, Bieber remains fairly centered.

“I come from a small town of 30,000 people, and I never thought I’d do anything other than maybe take over my dad’s construction business,” he says. “In that sense, my story is something I can share with others to say anything is possible.”

Thanks to his busy career, Justin has little time for romance.

“Right now, there’s no one, I’m single,” he confesses. “Maybe I’ll get a girlfriend soon, but it’s hard because I travel so much.”


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