19 September 2010

These are Justin's Filipino backup singers from the San Francisco area. Yesterday while eating with Justin at the WEM Hooters they asked the manager if they could get free deep fried pickles if they sing him a song. The manager instead offered to pay for their entire meal if they would sing to the whole restaurant. The video above is that impromptu performance.



There was a buyout in Edmonton yesterday and Justin made a surprise appearance to personally thank his fans.

surprised everyone at the @EdmontonBuyout 2day. thanks for all the support. @legacimusic was singing to the girls in hooters 2. nice boys


yummy justin bieber cupcakes

When I first saw the ultimate Justin Bieber birthday cake I didn't even want to touch it let alone eat it.
These delicious looking cupcakes are a different story. I can eat all of these.


Singing sensation Justin Bieber is surrounded by Hooters girls, from left,  Anisa, Kristi, Caitlin, Tania, Mandy and Courtney. during his surprise visit to WEM Saturday afternoon. (PHOTO COURTESY HOOTERS EDMONTON)
The boy with Canada’s most famous haircut, Justin Bieber, was swarmed by pubescent fans as he cruised through West Edmonton Mall Saturday.

Bieber stopped by Hooters restaurant to get a picture with the tank-topped servers, said waitress Tania Biggar.

“None of the (servers) really got to talk to him. He was surrounded by his fans,” she said. “That’s how we knew he was coming in, it was all 14-year-old girls. And they all kind of move as one.”

The pack of girls filled the aisle of Bourbon Street, one of the mall’s dining areas.

“The hair cut, I think that’s what made him famous,” said Biggar.

Bieber’s visit to Hooters was short, but four of his backup dancers hung out and sang for a free meal.

“We were talking about deep fried pickles, then they said they would sing to me for free deep-fried pickles,” said Biggar. “The manager said if they sang for the whole restaurant, he’d pay for their entire meal.

“They serenaded the girls. They were actually super polite. They were just awesome people to serve. They weren’t demanding or anything like that.”

Surprised or enamoured patrons took pictures and filmed the impromptu performance on their cell phones.

“Everybody that was sitting around them went over to talk to them. They told them they did an awesome job of singing,” Biggar said.

Bieber and his singers are in town to perform Sunday at Rexall Place.


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