22 September 2010


Michael Buble dresses as Justin Bieber

Michael Buble dresses up as various celebrities in the new version of his "Hollywood" music video. He made sure not to spare fellow Canadian Justin Bieber.

UPDATE: Here is the music video...


Justin Bieber in CSI Season Premier Sept 23 2010
The 2010 CSI season premiere is nearly here, and it will star Justin Bieber. Having Justin Bieber on the 2010 CSI season premiere will certainly help bring in some viewers who might not typically watch the show, and as long as he doesn't have a central role for very long, it should be fine with regular viewers.

The 2010 CSI season premiere is on Thursday, Sept. 23, as the CBS begins its fall schedule for Thursday nights. Again the 9 p.m. timeslot will be a tough one, with Grey's Anatomy returning on ABC at the same time. Right there is a reason to bring Justin on to the premiere.

In the spring 2010 season finale of CSI, Dr. Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne) had been stabbed by serial killer Nate Haskell after the team had finished taking out another killer that they had dubbed "Dr. Jekyll." The case was ready to be closed, when Langston went down to the holding cells at the CSI office to talk with Haskell one last time. It was at that time that we find out that the officer guarding the cells has been killed, and that Langston is at serious risk. He gets too close to the cells, and Haskell attacks him. Now we will find out if Langston survives, and if Haskell uses this diversion as a way to escape.

The previews for the CSI season premiere don't seem to indicate that the opening episode will deal with what took place last season for very long. Instead, it looks like CBS will open the show with a bang, as someone is planting bombs around the funeral of the officer who was killed. Will this killer claim new victims in the premiere? And what tie does Justin Bieber's character have to this criminal? If we have to guess just from the early previews, it could possibly be his dad who is involved somehow in this new case. Hopefully Justin can bring some energy to the premiere, and that the show starts off strong.



On Tuesday, photos of Justin Bieber kissing Jasmine Villegas hit the Internet causing a flurry of rumors, Twitter action and tons of hype. Beliebers around the world were buzzing about the spark between the two 'My World' tourmates, most of whom were not happy about the situation.

With so many JB fans tweeting about the kiss, Jasmine quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. Beliebers were tweeting at both the Canadian pop star and the California native asking about the incident, and even starting rumors about Justin's other rumored love interest Caitlin Beadles unfollowing Jasmine on the site.

For the most part, Justin's devotees were pretty upset about the photos of him and Jasmine kissing in Venice, Calif. "They dont match at all that should be me with him," JSYK reader KMSHAMU wrote in the comments of our original post.

Many fans made reference to the Bieb's song, 'That Should Be Me,' but others tried to put a more positive spin on the news by sending this message around on Twitter: "RT this if you are not jealous on Jasmine Villegas cause you know u'll marry Justin in the end."

Neither Justin nor Jasmine has made a statement about the incident, and Justin, who is usually super active on his Twitter account, has been relatively quiet on the micro-blogging site since the pics surfaced.



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Justin Bieber arrives in South Africa for a vacation

Yes it’s true! Sweet sixteen heartthrob Justin Bieber landed at OR Tambo this morning at 9.20, and heat was there to welcome the teen superstar.

Dressed casually and hiding his trademark mop of hair under a beanie, Justin was so low-key that he almost made it through the airport unrecognised… but your trusty heat sleuths made sure you get the pictures first!

We were expecting him to be surrounded by burly bodyguards, but the Canadian pop hero was accompanied by only a small entourage of friends – no other teens though… Bad news for fans is that he is not going to perform – this is purely a holiday.

heat spoke exclusively to Justin’s neighbour on the plane, an American tourist, who described him as a “very friendly, chatty kid”. Delfino Martinez, a 47-year-old nurse from California, had no idea who his famous, chatty neighbour was until Justin eventually told him!

“The rest of his party was back in economy, due to some mix-up, and in the middle of the night, Justin got up to let his manager sleep in his seat for about three hours. He went back to the manager’s seat in economy and sat there for that time,” said Martinez. Awwww, what a sweetie!

Have a great holiday, Justin!

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