14 October 2010

Like We told you guys. "Never Say Never" ;)


Alright, ah ha
Speaking in tongues
Yaba diba diba dada
Wala, I'm killing this sss ca-ca
Call up Lady Gaga
On my, on my telephone
Hela don,
You're my girl beats
No metronome
My new chick, she a yellow bone
I buy her yellow stones cus i like it when she got that yellow on

So I'm a rapter tearing it up like a tractor.
Matter of fact I'm killing this crap
You're a slacker
Sack like a slacker, Hello Mr. Brady
Tell em leave the hair for the guy who sings Baby
Baby, someone try to save me
Lately I've been hearing these things that sound crazy
like. da da da speaking in tongues

Alright stop, drop and roll Justin Bieber is on fire
It's time to realize it's time to call me young sire
You're the seller. I'm the buyer
You're the teller and I'm higher
I'm higher than the highest point
And yes I am flyer
When I'm wired to the game
Stay dry when it rains
I'm tired of the fame
Are you proud of the pain?
Yes, we're the same
Yes, I"m insane
And my mane hangs down
And my puppet got strings

I murdered that man
Shawty Mane
Shawty Mane
What you dong Shawty Mane?
I'm Justin Bieber
You guys might know me uh...
As the guy who sings baby
You know uh I'm a singer, a pop singer
I'm white
But ah you know I just wanted to do this
Justin to prove that you know uh I got skills
on on on the rap game so yeah
What up Julkeyz?
Yo I killed that
Alright Peace!


a JBShrine exclusive info.....


Our inside source pulled through! You heard it here first.

Thanks to everyone who tried guessing the title. Looks like someone guessed in correctly within 3 hours of the game starting. And of course it's STALKERISH Stephanie from the Philippines. I know you're a JB stalker Steph. Don't deny it. But hey at least you came to the right website. ;)

So what color car do you want? Kidding!!!



The blogosphere almost immediately began pitting teen pop sensation Justin Bieber against teen rap upstart, and Run DMC legend Rev. Run‘s son, Diggy Simmons against each other when Bieber unleashed his “Speaking In Tongues” freestyle this morning. But there’s no need to create negative competition between the two. Not only are Bieber and Simmons friends and shared the stage in concert in the past, they’re working on a new song together.

Producer Boi-1da, known for producing multiple tracks for Drake (“Best I Ever Had,” “Over,” “Forever” to name a few) and Eminem‘s “Not Afraid,” dropped the deets to Neon Limelight in a telephone interview yesterday (October 13).

After clearing up rumors that he was working with the Jonas Brothers (he hasn’t yet, but he’d love to. “I’d never be appalled to work with Jonas Brothers. They’re huge and they make good music,” he told us), the Toronto-based producer revealed that after tackling rap and R&B beats, he wants to take on pop. “I have some stuff in the works,” he said. “I’m actually working on a song with Diggy Simmons and Justin Bieber. It’s going to be crazy.”

Other details on the track — where it will appear, the title, etc. — are still being decided.
Diggy isn’t the only teen rapper Bieber is trying to gain more street cred from. According to VIBE.com, he’s also working on a joint mixtape with Young Money’s Lil Twist. That should definitely be enough to quiet the teen beef instigators for awhile.



So now that the reports of a confrontation between New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his former receiver Randy Moss over their appearances has been debunked by all concerned parties, you would think we had heard the last of Mr. Brady's hair issues.

Think again.

We already know Brady's supermodel wife, Gisele Bundschen, won't allow him to cut his flowing locks, but now teenage singing sensation Justin Bieber is going on record -- literally -- to stake his proprietary claim to the quarterback's hairstyle.

In his first foray into the rap genre, Bieber steps to the microphone in a video making its rounds on YouTube and while pretending to throw an imaginary football he raps, "Call up Mr. Brady. Tell him to leave his hair to that guy that sings 'Baby.'"

The name of Bieber's single is "Speaking In Tongues," and suffice it to say he better not quit his day job as Eminem and Jay-Z have nothing to fear. Still, the fact that a 16-year-old pop star is now taking shots at a three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback has got to be disconcerting to Brady.

At this point he'd be better off just getting it over with and grabbing a pair of scissors so that the focus can come off his head and back to the football field.



Watch when Justin was on that same Japanese show last May.


Justin Bieber To Host Online EMA Content new justin bieber pics

Justin Bieber has been confirmed as the official host of MTV’s online EMA content.

He’s gonna be making sure you lot are talking about the show on your mobiles, computers and of course on Twitter- where the star has over 5 million followers.

All the fun will be streamed live on www.mtvema.com as the star and his followers chat about what happens at the big Madrid ceremony.

Bieber has said: “I’m so excited to have all my fans come watch the show with me online... it will be like one giant, global viewing party at my house!”

The EMAs take place on November 7 with a host of massive acts including Katy Perry, Shakira and Plan B confirmed to play live.

As we revealed last week Eva Longoria will host on the night.



Name Justin Bieber3D Movie Title Game

Alright guys, this is a JBShrine exclusive.

The title of Justin's new movie is supposed to be a big secret but an inside source has told me what it is.

But instead of just announcing it we'll make a game out of it......

So this is how it goes: Every few hours I will reveal a clue and within the next 24 hours if nobody can guess the title of the movie then I will announce it. The first person to guess correctly wins a brand new car. I'm not kidding this time.

So here's the first clue:

1. You guys are all familiar with the title of this movie.
(Yah kinda vague but I'm sure someone will get it as more clues are given.)

2. The title says that "anything can happen".
ps. If you take a guess then leave your name in the comment so we know who to send the car to.

Wow, Stalkerish Steph got it in 2 clues. Good job. The title is "Never Say Never 3D"

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