15 July 2010

julkeyz | July 15, 2010
My first video into youtube... had to use it as an intro.. but I'm going to do videos in the future of me doing tracks and me being me. JULKEYZ..


Justin's last tweetphoto:

"Quick break. trying 2 figure out if my new angle on life is acute or obtuse.
When am I actually gonna use this stuff?

Oh JB. Your life is obtuse because it's larger than life.
The only thing that's ah-cute is your face. <3


Justin-teenvogue justin bieber teen vogue 04

Disney Dreaming reported today that Justin will be featured in the September issue of Teen Vogue. The last time it was simply a photo spread. This time it's the cover. Yay!


With 245,336,730 views, BABY is now officially the


Honors for this video (6)
#4 - Most Discussed (All Time))
#1 - Most Discussed (All Time)) - Music
#1 - Most Viewed (All Time))
#1 - Most Viewed (All Time)) - Music
#13 - Top Favorited (All Time))
#6 - Top Favorited (All Time)) - Music

Let's see:
 1) Most Searched on the Internet: Lady Gaga Justin Drew Bieber
 2) Most Viewed Video of All Time on Youtube: Lady Gaga Justin Drew Bieber
 3) Most Followed Person on Twitter: Britney Spears (5,339,640 and JB has 3,711,562)

2 down and 1 more to go before Justin can officially be proclaimed as the undisputed KING OF THE INTERNET.

Congratulations to JB for all your success. We'll be there with you every step of the way.


Earlier today Justin Bieber's "Baby" music video featuring Ludacris overtook Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" to become the all time most viewed video on Youtube. Before long, Lady GaGa fans went on the offensive and pushed her back into the number one position. GaGa's little monsters have also defaced the comments section on Justin Bieber's video. You'll have to go there to see it for yourself, many of the comments are too explicit to repeat here. The general theme seems to be that Justin Bieber is a talentless homosexual.

At the time of writing, Lady GaGa's video had 245,092,155 views. Bieber's "Baby" video had a pathetic 245,074,968 views. If you want to participate in the battle for #1, then watch the videos below. One helpful Lady GaGa fan suggests "if you ever get tired of watching just mute it and keep refreshing while you do other things :)"



The Canadian pop singer and teen singing sensation Justin Bieber may have faced many condemnable rumors these days. These rumors have not diverted the “Baby” singer from his career and the 16 year old singer shows his true professionalism in his singing and his public appearances. The singer is all set to appear in the second season of “Shaq VS” which will be featured on ABC channel from August 3.

The news that the singer will be a part of the reality show was announced yesterday where he will face off NBA star Shaquille O’Neal in non athletic challenge of a dance showdown. The player is said to have geared up for the new season and has started losing his weight to face the “My World” singer and the channel ABC is expecting that the show will be a huge success.

The channel spokesperson has said that despite the obvious size and height advantage Shaquille O’Neal has over Justin Bieber, the “teen heartthrob” has a shot at winning as the rules of “Shaq VS” has changed. The spokesperson also added that Shaquille O’Neal will not only use his athletic prowess to challenge the high profile athletes but also his energy and charisma to compete beyond the athletic in non-sports challenges.

Shaquille O’Neal in an interview said that he is all set to face the challenge and he would prove that he can compete beyond athletics. The player ended his interview by saying that “There’s no challenge” bigger than him. However, the Canadian R&B singer Justin Bieber was not found for any comments. The audience is waiting eagerly for their favorite celebrities face off against each other.


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