06 December 2010

Justin Bieber on "DayBreak" UK


As the CEO of The Bridge Direct, Jay Foreman is in the business of celebrity dolls, but he’s no dummy. In the 1990s, working for another toy company, he flew from San Francisco to London to meet music mogul Simon Fuller, so he could secure the rights to the Spice Girls dolls. Later, he returned to England with prototypes of the five girls. When Posh Spice, AKA Victoria Beckham, saw hers, she squealed (according to him): “Oh my God! I’m a Barbie doll. My mum is going to love it!”

Actually, a lot of people loved them. The Spice Girls dolls went on to sell more than $300 million at retail and became a toy phenomenon. Foreman followed that up with Britney Spears (who pushed 7 million dolls) and more recently, the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana doll. Now Foreman has the Justin Bieber doll, which is expected to be one of the top-selling toys of the holiday season. Foreman spoke with NEWSWEEK’s Ramin Setoodeh about playing with dolls:

The Justin Bieber doll has a tattoo on his hip?

He’s got a seagull from Jonathan Livingston’s Seagull.

Does the real Justin Bieber have the same tattoo?

Yes. I haven’t seen it personally, but I hear that it’s there.

What about his underwear?

I would call Justin’s underwear boxer briefs. We got the sense that Justin wasn’t a tighty-whitey guy. We didn’t want to put him in a Speedo. We thought boxer briefs were cooler.

Why isn’t it removable?

We painted the underwear on, so we don’t have jokes or giggles. Next year we are planning on a boxer-short doll. Girls will be able to take off Justin’s underwear.

How big is the Bieber doll going to be?

He’s a really big celebrity. I can assure you, no celebrity fashion out there since the Miley doll will sell as many dolls as the Justin doll, because he’s just that hot. When we did Britney, a lot of pop dolls were out there. There was Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, Brandy. Britney sold 10 times more than all of them. It was all about Britney. The other girls were all talented—most people felt Christina has a better voice—but the kids loved Britney. They wanted to be Britney. It’s the same thing. Man, they love Justin Bieber. They want to be with Justin Bieber.

How many dolls do you think you’ll sell?

If history is any indication, we’ll sell 5 million Justin Bieber dolls next year. What really makes the difference is not just the dolls, we’ll have a Justin Bieber convertible car, a Justin Bieber concert stage set. Justin is strong enough that he’s going to carry a whole category.



Love how she's so frank.


Justin Bieber and John Waters

Teen heartthrob drew on his own pencil-thin mustache after meeting filmmaker

Baltimore's bawdy John Waters and teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber have a little something in common.

Facial hair.

Justin's, of course, hangs over his eyes — those famously floppy bangs. Waters' creeps across his upper lip.

And now, young Justin, one of the hottest stars on the planet, has let the world know he covets the filmmaker's trademark, pencil-thin mustache.

The two shared the sofa last week as guests on Britain's "The Graham Norton Show." Bieber was there being a heartthrob, while Waters promoted his book "Role Models."

Not long after the shrieking died down from Bieber's introduction, the 16-year-old asked if he could say something. He leaned across to Waters' end of the couch and pronounced as only a teen could: "Your 'stache is the jam."

"Thank you. Thank you very much," Waters replied, a big smile on his face. He then pulled an eyebrow pencil from his pocket and handed it down to Bieber, saying, "If you want to try it…. Can I draw it on you?"

Bieber took the pen but declined Waters' offer of artistry. "I'm good," he demurred. "Maybe later."

Sure enough, as soon as the show ended, while backstage Bieber drew on a version of the mustache, which Waters has said was inspired by Little Richard.

Waters said Monday morning that Bieber's tribute of sorts flattered him and cracked him up.

"It really made me laugh when I saw it," Waters said. "It was the last thing I expected."

Paparazzi snapped seemingly millions of shots of Bieber with the mustache, with no idea it had anything to do with John Waters. In fact, a story in London's Daily Mail sort of scolded Bieber for the drawn-on facial hair, calling it a sign of his immaturity, after reporters spotting the rock star leaving an upscale Indian restaurant with it — apparently he kept it on for dinner.

Waters said he's a Bieber fan, who already owns his first album and plans to purchase the second. His favorite hit? "Baby."

"I'm a fan of the whole phenomenon — being 16 and so famous you can't leave your house," Waters said. "I think he's the only person that can cause an international incident by trimming his bangs. I hope that his hair is cut hourly."

While together on the show, Waters managed to get Bieber to sign a bottle of Proactiv, the acne treatment that the teen star endorses. Waters said he not only admires Bieber's bangs, but his ability to keep his forehead blemish free beneath them."

"I am the only person in the entire world that owns an autographed, Justin Bieber-approved pimple medicine," Waters said, laughing. "I'm going to keep it. Are you kidding? I'm going to display it — and if I ever get a pimple, maybe I'll use it."



Justin Bieber admitted a girl has turned him down before - despite being one of the world's biggest teen heartthrobs.

Bieber Fever hit Daybreak today when Justin appeared on the UK breakfast show. He told presenters Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley he has 'kind of' got used to all the attention screaming girl fans pay him.

The 16-year-old said: 'It's kind of crazy to me that they are here so early, it's so early they are out there screaming.' He added: 'It's definitely a dream come true, you know being able to travel the world, before this I had never even been on an airplane, it's incredible.

Justin Bieber got turned down by a girl'I am travelling with so many great people, you know, the people that surround me are so close to me. My manager, everybody, we are all such a tight knit family it's really fun because I'm not only travelling with the people I work with, but they have become like my family.'

Bieber said even though he is living his dream and travelling the world, his mum still tells him off.

Justin answered questions for 60 seconds that were sent in by fans and in that minute admitted a girl has turned him down before but he can't remember her name.

The pop star also revealed he believes in love at first sight and loves British women, but if he had to be handcuffed to anyone for 24 hours, he would choose singer Beyoncé.

The U Smile singer insisted there aren't any worries about his voice breaking because he has been working hard with his vocal coach to ensure it stays the same.

He added: 'It's definitely changing but I have a really great vocal coach who is helping me.'


And now that girl is swearing in her head daily.

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