24 February 2010

Justin will be releasing his song “Never Let You Go” on iTunes in just 6 days! He Tweeted:

“so i got some NEWS….BIG NEWS…
Its only 5 days until my Bday, but now its only six days until I release a new song off of MY WORLD 2.0 on ITUNES!! Wanna know which song??
NEXT TUESDAY after my bday (help BABY get to #1 for my bday!! lol) I will release “NEVER LET YOU GO” finally on ITUNES from MY WORLD 2.0!!!”

Why not "Pick Me"? That's becoming my favorite song.


I knew this was coming. Justin has just been announced as a performer at the Kids Choice Awards on March 27th. Of course this is a must! Who else is hotter than Justin at this moment?

This is his debut as a performer at an award show. Not only will this allow all Beliebers around the world to get more of Justin but someone will have a change to get up close and personal with Justin!

Nickelodeon is holding a contest. The winner will gets a free trip to Los Angeles, walk the red carpet, get to meet Justin, and also attend his rehearsal for the show. All you have to do is enter at nick.com/kca10 between March 3 and 10. Tell all your friends!

This news must be very fresh as there is no announcement on the site yet. I've already check. 

Are you planning to enter?


Some pictures of him performing in Paris February 23, 2010.

Th pictures below still work but the thumbnails are gone.

 Justin   Justin   Justin   Justin
 Justin   Justin   Justin   Justin

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