15 September 2010

"[It'll] probably [come out] fourth quarter next year," he told MTV News on the VMA white carpet. "Drake is gonna be on that album; I'm not sure [who else]. I'm gonna ask him if he can get [Lil] Wayne on there."

Currently, Bieber is shooting the video for his next single, "U Smile," directed by Alfredo Flores. In new photos from the shoot posted on Idolator, Bieber is shown dressed in all black, trying to woo a teenage girl near a run-down movie theater.

"Been working on a new video for U SMILE today," he tweeted. "Different versions. Hope u guys will like it. Some water fights goin on. Good times."

Bieber fans can also look forward to the October release of his illustrated memoir, "Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story." "Every day I wake up and count my blessings. My fans have played such a large part in all of this and they help me live my dreams every day," he explained when the book was announced. "I'm excited to share just a little bit more of my world with them through this book. Between the behind-the-scenes pictures and the story I think this is going to be something they can all enjoy. This is just another way for me to say thank you to my fans."

Next week, Bieber will appear on "CSI" in one very "explosive" story line, and the teen star has said that his two episodes on the show (one airs on September 23 and the other early next year), are very "high energy."

"At the end of the episode, we're left with the question: Is Jason a good kid stuck in a bad situation or is Jason a bad kid hiding behind his cuteness? You can see why Justin was such a perfect choice to play this role," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn told MTV News. "It's an explosive story."

But Bieber isn't just taking his skills to the small screen. He's currently working on his 3-D movie, which is part concert film and part biopic.

"[It's] a movie for his fans, a movie for people who don't know him, and we're gonna tell the underdog story of where he came from," director Jon Chu told MTV News last month. "Because it's a really fascinating story, and it has a lot to do with our sort of digital lifestyle now. He was able to do what corporations try to do now when they use YouTube and they don't even know what to do with it yet. It's a pretty cool story for our time."

Really, there's no shortage of film work for Bieber. Manager Scooter Braun told Teen Vogue that Bieber will join the cast of the forthcoming top-secret Will Smith movie, and director Garry Marshall said he'd love to get the star onboard for the forthcoming, "New Year's Eve."



Justin Bieber has reportedly revealed that he lived in a cramped apartment after his parents broke up.

The singer said that it was a difficult time but he is grateful for his success.

He told Top of the Pops: "My parents split up when I was really young. I grew up with my mom - and not much money.

"After my parents split up, mom and I lived in a small, shabby apartment but despite our financial situation we were always a good team."

He added: "It's sad for a kid when a parent leaves, it doesn't make you feel very good but now being in the position that I am, when I look back, it's like, 'I'm so blessed'."



ahahahaha. This is so funny. If you haven't seen the original "Charlie Bit My Finger" then here it is. It's the cutest video on Youtube and the current #3 most viewed ever.


Celebuzz.com posted some more pictures of JB on the set of the "U Smile" video shoot. And guess what? They mentioned this website :) Remember what happened last time when Neonlimelight.com reported that JBShrine told Ke$ha to "SHUT HER MOUTH"?

Now this is bound to put a grin on the faces of Justin Bieber fans everywhere.

Fresh from his stunning victory at Sunday's Video Music Awards, the "Baby" heartthrob was spotted on the mean streets of downtown Los Angeles on Monday, filming a new video for his single "U Smile."

The 16-year-old Canadian troubadour offered some clues about the shoot via his Twitter account on Monday, cryptically noting, "Been working on a new video for 'U SMILE" today. Different versions. Hope u guys will like it...Some water fights goin on. Good times."

Click the gallery to see the Biebs in video-shooting action. And for spiritual guidance on all things Bieber-related, make sure to consult The Holy Bieble.

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