30 May 2010

Travis Garland admires Justin Bieber

“I really admire Justin Bieber right now. I really appreciate his talent, and I can really respect someone who handles the kind of success he’s received so well. I respect his maturity.”
- Travis Garland, when asked who he admires in his age range.


Jaz turns 2 today and Justin was back in Canada to help celebrate

family is always a top priority....2day is my lil sis bday....told everyone i couldnt make it....then put on my disguise and SURPRISE!! haha - Justin Bieber

@justinbieber got jazz a great birthday gift and delivered it himself ") what a great bro! - Jeremy Bieber, Justin's dad

Love seeing pictures of them two together. It's so cute!


Back on January 17, 2010 Justin performed at the Science Museum in London. Even though Hayley (above) was lucky enough to hang out with him before and after the show, she said she felt goofy, weird, and shocked when, in the middle of the performance, he pulled her from the audience and serenaded her in front of everybody.


....magazine cover. :P

A New Zealand magazine


Poreotics is one group of dancers hired for the SOMBODY TO LOVE music video.

Here they are messing around with Justin.

And here they are messing around at the dance rehearsal.

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