01 March 2010

In less than a month, nearly two million people have watched the YouTube video of a 3-year-old girl named Cody crying about how much she loves Justin Bieber.

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, Cody now has a smile on her face.

On last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host surprised the little girl and her sisters Sierra, 8, and Cheyenne, 13, with a visit from the pop star, who was in L.A. to celebrate his 16th birthday. (The segment was taped on Friday.)

"They all knew we were going down [to the show] and didn't know why," their dad Tyler, tells PEOPLE.

Before the big moment, the family was seated in a dressing room backstage and Kimmel popped in to say hello. His cell phone rang, and he handed it to Cody, who discovered the boy she had tearfully proclaimed she wanted "to be one of her family" was on the line.

"All she did was put her hand over her mouth," says her father. Then Bieber walked into the room. "[Cody] just looked at him and said, 'I knew you would come.' "

After Kimmel's cameras left, Bieber spent "probably a good 45 minutes" with the girls and their parents, "just hanging out."

He also serenaded Cheyenne, whose birthday was Feb. 25. "He sang 'Happy Birthday' to her, which was really nice," says Tyler. "And then he kissed them all on the cheek." The following day, the family visited Disneyland, courtesy of the singer.

And yes, there were tears – but not from Cody. "The two older ones did cry," admits their dad. "They were star-struck."


I wish you have a happy day with your friends and family.

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Monday (March 1) is Justin Bieber's 16th birthday, but before he opened his own presents, he gave a huge gift to one of his youngest, but most enthusiastic, fans.

Last week, 3-year-old Cody became an Internet sensation when her sister posted a video of her crying over the teen heartthrob on YouTube. In a pretaped segment for Monday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Bieber came face to face with the toddler. And in a fortunate turn of events, the encounter didn't make Cody cry at all.

Bieber posted a photo of their meeting and wrote, "Makin faces with Cody, Ciera, and @chynanny325 !! Awesome family and Cody isn't crying..haha. Happy to surprise them."

He later tweeted about how much he loved meeting his little fan. "I met Cody. She is even cuter in person," he wrote in response to Perez Hilton. And he wrote to Joe Jonas that the meeting occurred last Thursday. "Yep, Cody rules. Actually met her yesterday."

Cody's older sister, Cheyenne, also wrote about the meeting on the Twitter account she started in response to Cody's fame. "Hey guys watch us meet Justin on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Monday night...At midnight... He kissed me BTW... ahhh."


JUSTIN Bieber is sixteen!

The teen singer turned the big one-six on March 1!

But Bieber’s birthday celebrations got underway this past weekend with a three-day party in Los Angeles.

Justin reportedly enjoyed sumo wrestling, basketball, and paintball amongst other activities.

On the eve of his birthday, Bieber took to his Twitter page to thank his millions of followers saying, “surrounded by great friends and my birthday is almost here. thanks to everyone for the well wishes.”

Justin recently admitted he doesn’t like Selena Gomez.

“I think Selena Gomez is pretty — but I don’t like her,” he said last month. “I think she is cute. I think she is a cutie.”

Bieber’s celeb crush? Beyonce!

“I met her at the VMAs. I went up to her, said ‘I love your music,’ and she said, ‘Aww, you’re so cute’,” he said.

“She’s gorgeous.”

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber



Above: Justin Bieber celebrates his 16th birthday today (Pics: wenn.com)
ABOVE: Birthday wishes for Justin Bieber have become a trending topic on Twitter
ABOVE: Justin Bieber shot to fame after posting his own songs on YouTube
ABOVE: Justin Bieber has over 1.2 million followers on Twitter
ABOVE: Who's hotter? Twilight star Robert Pattinson or Justin Bieber?

JUSTIN Bieber is celebrating his 16th birthday today, sending tweeting Bieber fans into meltdown in an attempt to keep his name ‘trending’.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber, who shot to fame on YouTube last year and has since become a teen heartthrob, celebrates his 16th birthday today.

The star seems to have a constant presence on Twitter, spending an entire week at the top of the Trending Topics list earlier this month.

And it looks like Justin’s name is back, with ‘Happy Birthday Justin’ slowly making its way up the trending list.

One fanatic tweeter posted: “On March 1st, 12:56am. A baby boy was born, the most gorgeous, kind hearted, beautiful person in the world. That person is Justin Bieber.”

Another wrote: “A few years ago 'justin' meant timberlake, and now it means bieber”

And Justin himself kept the trend going, posting: “Surrounded by great friends and my birthday is almost here. thanks to everyone for the well wishes."

And in an attempt to get involved in the excitement, we want to know who you think is hotter; Justin Bieber or Twilight star Robert Pattinson? It's a tough one!

- okmagazine

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