17 October 2010

Poor Justin Bieber failed his driving theory test

The Canadian singer, 16, refused to get into his mum's car after flunking the exam - preferring to walk home in the rain and sulk on his own.

Super-confident Justin had expected to breeze through the test and earn a driver's permit.
That would have allowed him to get behind the wheel of his 16th birthday present - a Range Rover given to him by his mentor, RnB star USHER.

But the teenager, whose hits include Baby and U Smile, failed to make the grade and flew into a strop as his mum tried to take him home.

Justin said: "There was no way I was getting in the passenger seat, bawling like a ten-year-old. She kept calling me as I walked to the corner of the parking lot and stood by the street. I felt every car driving by was taunting me."

The fuming singer admits taking out his disappointment on passing motorists.

Writing in his book First Step 2 Forever: My Story, Justin adds: "Some girl drove by, putting on mascara as she weaved down the boulevard - but she sure had a driver's licence, didn't she?
"Some dude cruised by in a truck, smoking a cigarette, which he tossed on the street like the world was his ashtray.

"I bellowed after him, 'I hate you'! It felt so good. I bellowed at the next guy, 'I hate you too! And I hate you! And I hate you!'"

Justin passed his test a month later in April in Atlanta, Georgia, and has since been seen driving an array of top-of-the-range cars.

In related news...

COPS in British Columbia are reportedly probing claims that Justin injured a 12-year-old boy fan while trying to escape a gang of starstruck children who surrounded him at a laser game venue. Witnesses said it was an accident.





Justin Bieber was on the receiving end of the kind of hate-filled bullying that has made headlines recently --- during a laser tag match Friday night, he defended himself from an aggressive kid who referred to Bieber as a "fagg*t" ... sources close to the investigation tell TMZ.

Justin Bieber Victim of Homophobic Bullying

We're told that during the game of laser tag, one kid went out of his way to target Justin repeatedly (a violation of the code of honor of laser tag, if there is such a thing).

Sources say that Bieber became frustrated when the kid cornered him and wouldn't stop shooting and when Bieber told him, "That's enough" ... the kid responded, "What are you gonna do about it, fagg*t?"

We're told a shocked Bieber replied, "Excuse me?" Sources say the other kid responded, "You're a fagg*t" and then put his hand out toward Bieber and Bieber pushed it away as he left.

Contrary to several news reports, we're told Bieber never struck the other boy.

Law enforcement tells TMZ it was the boy's father who filed the complaint hours later ... and our source says the father was heard at the scene repeatedly telling people, "I'm a lawyer."

The police investigation is ongoing, but our sources say police already know the fault does not lie with Bieber.

Phewwww. Well that's a relief.


Awww! Don't you wish you were her?


Justin Bieber is reportedly being investigated by police in Richmond, British Columbia after an alleged incident at laser tag facility ... this according to various reports in Canada.

Justin Bieber Might Be Charged With Assault In Vancouver

Police are investigating 16-year-old Justin Bieber for allegedly assaulting a 12-year-old boy at Planet Lazer in Richmond, British Columbia the other night!!

Supposedly, Justin and child got into an altercation while playing laser tag, that resulted in Justin "pushing" the boy - A staff member at Planet Lazer, who wishes to remain anonymous, gave ZackTaylor.ca this exclusive statement on what exactly happened:

"The 12-year-old kid was surrounding Justin in the corner with his other little friends and shooting him during the game with their laser guns. Justin did what any other person would do during a laser tag game, and was just trying to get away from getting shot at and accidentally hit the kid while running away. The kid's sister said he started crying because he was hit hard, but when we saw the boy there was no marks or anything. Justin stuck around after in the lobby explaining what happened, when the kids parents decided to call the police. On a side note: Justin used the nickname, JOE DIRT, while playing laser tag."

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Richmond confirm that the boy sustained minimal injuries and did not require any medical attention at the time.

Tess Marti, the daughter of Michael Marti who owns Planet Lazer, had this to say to us about how the situation ended:

"Justin told police he accidentally touched the 12-year-old's face, and after police interviewed witnesses they let Justin and everyone else go. The next day the cops came to my house to ask a few more questions to my dad, but that was it."

With getting made fun of for having a new nail polish line coming out, Shawty Mane needed some better street cred.?! Sounds like the parents of the boy are trying to make a quick buck!!

UPDATE: I guess Justin paid for the whole gaming experience, in more than one way, as ZackTaylor.ca has gotten our hands on the receipt...

Justin Bieber Might Be Charged With Assault In Vancouver


You wouldn't see this posted here unless I made sure it's at least a real report. Both the local paper and radio news (now TMZ also) are running the same story.


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