25 April 2010

For those of you who still do not believe that Justin's tattoo is real well here is undeniable proof that it truly is The Bieber Family Tattoo.

Read the original post that broke the news to the world about Justin Bieber's tattoo and the meaning behind it: 



Looks like he's got problems Down Under.

Justin Bieber grab crotch


Justin Bieber Shirtless in Sydney Beach


Justin Bieber fans in Australia are just as crazy as the ones here in the U.S.


A performance scheduled for Monday morning (time zones, people!) on Sydney Harbor had to be cancelled over concerns for the safety of the fans. Fans had been camped out since Sunday night to see his only scheduled performance in Australia.
  1. Justin Bieber I'm beyond grateful...that was incredible. Thank u for such an amazing warm welcome Australia...I told you I wouldnt let you down. Thank U! via web

    1. I love my fans...I love it here in Australia...and I want to sing...


    3. I love my fans....and I am just as disappointed as everyone else with the news from this morning. I want to sing for my fans


justin bieber sydney zoo 04

Justin Bieber gets a little excited to see the animals at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia on Sunday afternoon (April 25).

The 16-year-old musician took a private tour of the zoo with his entourage, stopping off at the giraffes, monkeys and elephant exhibits.

Justin tweeted a pic of him and an crocodile having the ultimate staredown.

Remember, Justin will be performing TODAY Westpoint Shopping Centre in Blacktown, Sydney on @ 3PM.

Justin-bieber-zoo justin bieber sydney zoo 01Justin-bieber-zoo justin bieber sydney zoo 02Justin-bieber-zoo justin bieber sydney zoo 03Justin-bieber-zoo justin bieber sydney zoo 04Justin-bieber-zoo justin bieber sydney zoo 05



Justin Bieber takes actress Elissa Sursara on secret Australian dateJustin Bieber takes actress Elissa Sursara on secret Australian date

Teen singer Justin Bieber and 22-year-old actress Elissa Sursara have sparked a second wave of dating rumors, following a late night out in Sydney, Australia on Saturday. Despite attempts to cover their faces, Bieber was instantly recognizable amidst the slurry of eager fans and journalists, who had been awaiting the teenagers arrival.

While the Canadian singer is visiting Australia for a promotional tour, some speculate he has used the opportunity to catch up with his highly publicized crush.

The 'One Time' singer was first linked to Sursara in late 2009, after meeting the actress on a Los Angeles set. According to reports published in October, Bieber became "smitten" with the starlet and expressed interest in asking her on a date. Bieber later announced that he had been 'turned down' because of the six year age difference and tweeted that he was still "single".

Reports claimed the 16-year-old had chosen to hold out until his eighteenth birthday in the hopes of romancing the 22-year-old Sursara.

Google search queries for "Justin Bieber and Elissa Sursara" soared, while one Facebook 'hate group' for Sursara was shut down by the social networking site for posting hateful content.

Bieber, who landed in Australia less than 24 hours ago, explored popular Sydney beach, Palm Beach, before heading to a date with Sursara, also visiting Australia.


Baloney. They are just friends.


Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber to woo Aussie fans / AP
POP phenomenon Justin Bieber delighted a Sydney fan at Palm Beach today in a chance meeting when he sang to her for her birthday - and Tweeted about it.

At a well covered-up visit to Palm Beach in Sydney's North, where hit soap Home and Away is filmed, Bieber Tweeted that he had enjoyed meeting the fan and hoped she had a great birthday.

"Happy b'day to Prudence who we met today by the beach. glad we got to sing for u."

The usual throng of media was not present at the beach, instead just a handful of media were there, indicating Bieber's security is effective.

Later that night, the Baby singer ate at Bondi Beach and went home to write some more songs.

Earlier on Saturday, Bieber and Slash arrived in Sydney after becoming good buddies while travelling on the same flight from Tokyo to Sydney and already, 16-year-old Bieber has invited himself to a meal with the former Guns N Roses superstar.

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