08 February 2010

Justin Bieber

How awesome is Justin Bieber's life? He causes riots wherever he goes, he gets kissed by Rihanna and, oh yeah—he drives a $200,000 car, despite not being old enough to drive yet.

Check out the 15-year-old "One Less Lonely Girl" singer looking all sorts of swagger-iffic behind the wheel of his Ferrari F430 as he departed from his luxury hotel in Miami Beach on Sunday. Can you imagine a more magnificent or appropriate sight?

You go, little man. You go, and don't you ever stop.

As for the rest of you, check out the always-stunning Biebs in our photo gallery.


Justin Bieber has revealed the kind of girl that gains his interest.
15-year-old 'One Time' star Bieber was taking questions from fans during a radio interview on Atlanta's WWWQ-Q100 99.7, when he was asked to describe which girls catch his eye.

Justin told listeners that a potential girlfriend has to have "nice eyes and a nice smile" and be "a girl that can make me laugh, because everybody likes to laugh."

Bieber also explained how he styles his long floppy locks, revealing: "After I shower, I blow dry my hair and just shake it and it goes like that."

One listener then told him: "I love it when you shake it!", to which the singer joked: "I could say the same thing about Beyonce."

Of course this isn't the first time Justin has admitted to having a thing for Knowles - last year he said he wants a date with Beyonce!.

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