27 January 2011

Someone's been working out.

OMG sorry but I have to analyze his hot shirtless body.

Arms definitely bigger. The chest is taking form too. Abs? Check! 6 pack no less.

Arggghhh that damn Selena. So lucky that she gets a piece of that!


Justin Bieber and old school rock god, Ozzy Osbourne, are shooting a Super Bowl commercial for Best Buy!

The biggest celeb in the country – Justin Bieber — is about to make an appearance at the USA’s biggest day of the year — the Super Bowl Feb. 6! The 16-year-old pop sensation is teaming up with Ozzy Osbourne for a commercial spot for Best Buy.

“Justin Bieber is the biggest star out there, but that’s not why he’s in the spot,” Best Buy marketing chief Drew Panayiotou said in a release. “He symbolically represents something important to the brand message.”

Even if it’s only a commercial, we can’t wait for Justin to spice up the football game, especially for young people…judging from the publicity photo, the hip teen is going to channel the future of both fashion and technology!

“Very rarely do you get a big brand looking to evolve into something else,” Panayiotou explained. “We want to get this brand to a different place.”

Now if only we could figure out what Ozzy is doing there…


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