02 April 2010

Before Justin Bieber was making tween girls swoon and scream, he was your average street performer!

When little Justin was only 13-years-old, he was performing for gazillions about five people on the steps of a school. Check out the video below of Justin’s Statford, Canada performance:

He seems so true to his roots, let’s just hope that the fame doesn’t corrupt him or go to his head. He’s still young, so he has time. But his success has been enormous with his new album, “My World 2.0″ already hitting number one on the charts.

Isn’t that video so cute? His guitar is about the same size as him. He’s like a pocket Bieber. I kill me.

Go here for more pictures.


twaezer  October 07, 2007 — I am not Justin Bieber; my class and I went on a trip to Stratford, Ontario in Canada in Sept. 2007 and just happened to see him singing there on the steps of the Avon theater. He was 12 at the time. We had no idea he would blow up on the music scene so fast or so soon after we met him, but we knew he was (and still is) incredible. Also, there is much talking and laughing because a play just got out and people were walking by. Trust me, no one was laughing at him. Actually, all of us were kind of obsessed with him when we saw him, so if there was talking among us, we were probably saying how amazing he is.

First song- Refine Me
Second song- I'll Be
Third song- one he wrote himself


Hop to it: White House adding JB to Easter

First Lady Michelle Obama is taking her campaign against childhood obesity to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Besides rolling eggs with spoons, children will get a dose of activities to promote healthy living and exercise, including sports, dancing — and even yoga. White House chefs will be on hand to talk about eating right.

Performers at Monday's event will include pop star Justin Bieber and the cast of the television show "Glee." J.K. Rowling, the author of the "Harry Potter" books, and Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno will also attend.

The Easter Egg Roll is the largest public event held at the White House each year, with 30,000 people from all 50 states set to attend.


Justin Bieber American Idol Performance to Air on Idols Give Back Show

Justin Bieber took to the American Idol stage last night and sang “U Smile and “Baby”, however we won’t get to see performance until this year’s ‘Idol Gives Back’ show.

Before he performed one young weeping fan rushed the stage and almost got to touch the cute teenage star. Unfortunately for her, Mike the Security Guard got in there first and escorted her out of the area.

As well as singing his little heart out, Justin finished his performance of Baby by taking over from the drummer and rocking the song to its end. We didn’t know that Mr Bieber could drum……. So all you fans are in for quite a treat!

Watch Justin on Aprils 21st’s Idol Gives Back show!


Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Kevin Winter/Getty
When it comes to a guy’s mane style, nothing’s hipper these days than the laid back hair swoosh. And no one does it better than “Baby”-crooning star Justin Bieber, whose shiny soft hair apparently naturally sweeps across his face. But when the 16-year-old appeared onAmerican Idol earlier this week, we couldn’t help but compare his hair to that of contestant Tim Urban, whose own eyebrow-grazing locks seem to be helping him sweep votes from young fans across the country. With both shaggy cuts suiting the singers’ styles–pop star and acoustic performer, respectively–we can’t decide whose we like better. Tell us: Who pulls off shaggy bangs best?David Yi
People Magazine



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