12 May 2010

Justiin Bieber oblivious to his own hawtness

Justin Bieber can’t understand why girls go crazy for him.

The Baby singer, 16, admits he has “no clue” why his female fans scream at him all the time.

“It’s been pretty crazy coming from a little town in Canada and now being able to travel the world and do what I love,” he said.

“I was just posting videos online for fun. I never really thought this was possible, so I never really dreamed of it.”

“It’s pretty hard to comprehend,” Justin said of the hoards female fans that follow him around. “Like everything’s just kind of surreal.”

He added that he doesn’t know why the girls scream at him: “I have no clue!”

Justin — who earlier this week went on a dinner date with fellow teen star Miley Cyrus — recently revealed that he’d like to date pop diva Rihanna.

“I asked Rihanna to go out… I just went in,” he said. “I mean I’m not dating her. Maybe in a few years.”



Just hours after her episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" aired, Charice sat down and taped her own cover of Justin Bieber's "Baby." The two appeared on the show on Tuesday, and just a day later Charice admitted that she's got Bieber fever.

"I just did that this morning," she told MTV News on Wednesday (May 12), just a day after her self-titled debut album hit stores. "And it was because I love 'Baby,' it's really a catchy song. I actually love covering some songs, but I think that's the best song I sang so far, 'cause that's my favorite song from Justin Bieber. I'm a fan. I love the story of his life. I love his attitude. I met him and he was really, really nice. I got the Bieber fever."


She's awesome! and so cute.


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Does Justin Bieber have the hots for Kendall Jenner?

Justin Bieber fans can sit easy for the time being. According to news, Kim Kardashian is in no mood to make the adolescent sensation fall for her. There would have always been questions about her chances of success, if she wanted to go for it. But she isn’t checking out right now.

But she isn’t going to let the boy off the hook so easily, either.

According to a report by OK! Magazine, Kim is trying earnestly to hitch Bieber with her little sister Kendall Jenner.

Jenner is just the age for Bieber as she is only 14. So the militant Bieber fans should ideally have nothing against this puppy love, if it matures into so.

Gather reveals that Kim first met the Canadian singing sensation at the President’s Correspondents Dinner and perhaps saw it at once that he may be the perfect match for sis Kendall.

That still remains some arrangements to be done. So she reportedly set a pizza date for the two. She, however, didn’t leave the prospective love birds on their own from the start, but rather thought it would be prudent she accompanying sis to dinner.

After dinner, however, Bieber ended up at Kim’s house and played some twister with little Kendall and …um, we don’t have any report just where Kim decided to station herself then.

But we do have news that the two teenagers are “texting like crazy” since Justin went out on his overseas tour. Some friend to Kardashian clan told OK! Magazine, “There’s definitely some puppy love going on.”


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